Title: Incomprehensible

Disclaimer: Not mine, though I am pining.

A/N: This is another one for hawaii_5_0_100 and so clocks in at exactly 500 words. The prompt this week was scar, which immediately gave me many ideas. What I wrote, however, doesn't even remotely resemble them :) Still, thanks to geminigrl11 for the beta.

Summary: Danny's a walking contradiction, a strange amalgamation of disparate ideals that Steve is still trying to figure out.


Danny Williams is the most frustrating person Steve McGarrett has ever met. Steve's worked with some extreme types before, but he can honestly say there's never been one like Danny. Danny's a walking contradiction, a strange amalgamation of disparate ideals that Steve is still trying to figure out. He rants and complains and says the stupidest things and still does some of the best damn police work Steve has ever seen.

He hates pineapple on pizza but will eat anything if it's deep fried and fattening. He'll pull his gun to protect a crime scene but doesn't want to go in without backup even when they've got a solid lead. He wears a tie and tucks in his shirt impeccably but lives in a place that looks worse than most college dorm rooms.

Danny yells at him for hanging a perp off a building and pulls a gun at a football game when his daughter's hiding in a bathroom. He's moved cross country for his daughter and whines when they have to even get close to sand. He'll ream out his wife's lawyer, bad mouth her husband, and then answer the phone and tell his daughter without hesitation Danno loves you, even when Steve's sitting right there.

Danny's ridiculous, in every sense of the word. He talks about hippos to kids he's never met and uses ergo in sentences. He has ring tones that reflect his mood and desperately needs to hear I'm sorry and thank you before he can move on. Danny hates sun and sand but will spend time on his hair so it looks like that.

Most of the time, Danny is almost incomprehensible to Steve, and just when he thinks he may have the guy figured out, Danny opens his mouth and starts speaking and makes Steve start wondering again. Wondering if he picked the right partner, wondering about life in New Jersey, wondering if Danny's daughter has a chance of being normal, wondering if they'll kill each other before any bad guy has the chance.

Danny's frustrating and annoying, difficult and moody, melodramatic and snide, and sometimes Steve wonders if this partnership thing will work between them at all.

Because Danny Williams tells Steve how much he hates him, and still comes to work, day after day, right on time, ready for anything. Danny mutters how there's something wrong with Steve, and he still protects Steve's back better than anyone he's ever worked with. He bemoans Steve's tactics in everything from interrogation to roundabout flirtation, and he's got a scar on his arm, the nick from a bullet that Steve knows really is his fault.

Danny's pissed and moaned, punched and grumbled, ranted and raved. And in all of this, Danny's still there, tirades and quirks and scars and all, and that tells Steve everything he really has to know.