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"So walk back home on every road
On every road we cross alone
We're thinking of those we left back home
So follow the lines and I'll be your guide
Cause were the lucky ones on every road."

Every Road

Jamie was coming home for the summer and I could tell that Paul and I weren't the only excited ones. Jake tried to hide his smile when Paul told him the news, but I caught it. Unfortunately he was still set in his ways and didn't want to ruin her future with imprinting, but I had a feeling that the summer was going to bring about a lot of changes around here. For one thing, Jamie would be finishing her degree online over the summer here in La Push.

It was early May when Jamie's classes ended and she packed up her car and headed to La Push to the house that I currently shared with Paul, Rex and Belle. Paul had insisted on moving in after two weeks of us being together and although we shared a bed, nothing had happened yet. Kim hated that. With her pregnancy hormones in full effect she loved talking about sex all the time and unfortunately I was the one who had to hear most of it. Hearing about Jamie's theory on the guys' muscle obsession would be a nice break after the crazy pregnant lady sex talks I had been forced into lately.

It was Jamie's first morning in La Push and Kim and I were sitting on the porch having yet another sex talk. As usual Kim was trying to persuade me to get an early start on the baby making process and she was winning. My desire to have a baby had not waned with my divorce from Finn or with Grams' death, if anything my desire had only grown stronger. But despite Paul's wolf instincts to get me pregnant as soon as possible, I wasn't sure if that's what human Paul really wanted yet.

"I'm just saying that no one is going to persecute you if you happen to have your baby a few months early, Mar." Kim grinned and then continued on with a wink, "In fact I think we'd all be happy to welcome an early baby."

"She's right." Jamie stated as she walked out onto the porch with Rex and Belle at her heels.

My eyes lingered on Belle longer than usual. Maybe it was just me, but she seemed to be getting a little fat. The two of them were fed and exercised equally so how was it that she looked about ten pounds heavier?

Jamie followed my gaze to the dog and I watched as a smile lit up her face, "I think Belle is pregnant! Either that or Paul has been feeding her one too many beggin' strips."

"Oh my gosh, she is Mar!" Kim laughed.

"Shit, I knew we needed to get Rex into the vet to get fixed." I sighed.

Jamie smirked, "This is a sign, Mar. You need to have a baby to play with the puppies."

"Oh my gosh, seriously?" I rolled my eyes and beckoned Belle over. I rubbed my hands over her belly and confirmed our suspicions. She was pregnant…this was not the work of beggin' strips.

"How is it that the dogs beat you two to the punch?" Kim laughed, her hand cradling her swollen belly.

I chose to leave that one unanswered.

Thankfully Jared came to fetch Kim shortly after that which left Jamie and I alone on the porch with the two dogs. Paul would be getting off of patrol soon and when he did he would be scheduling Rex's appointment to get fixed and Belle's to get checked out.

"Their puppies are going to be so cute." Jamie stated with a smile.

"True…we'll have to keep at least one."

"And give one to me of course."

"Of course; and another to Kim and Jared."


"What are you two talking about?" Paul asked as he walked up the stairs onto the porch. He sat down next to my chair and smiled when both dogs immediately came to his side to be petted.

"Hey Paul, notice anything about Belle?" Jamie asked curiously.


"Come on, look real close."

The two of us watched as Paul's eyes narrowed in on Belle's belly and the possessive way Rex seemed to be watching over her as Paul examined her.

"She's pregnant."

"Yes, which means it's time for Rex to get fixed." I replied.

Paul laughed at that, "I don't see why we can't wait and see how well the puppies sell."

"I like the way you think Noels." Jamie stated. "But my puppy is free."


Belle's pregnancy really had me thinking even more about having a baby of my own. Did I really want to get pregnant before the two of us were married? What would Grams say if she were alive? If I really thought about it though, I think I knew the answer to the question. While I knew that she would welcome any baby, I was sure that she would prefer if the two of us were married. However, that wasn't exactly in the cards at the moment.

Not that I wouldn't marry him; if he asked I would say yes. But I wasn't about to bring the idea up, he needed to be the one to ask.

However, babies weren't the only thing on my mind at the moment either. In the week that my sister had been home I had spotted Jake lurking about the woods that surrounded the house on more than one occasion. It was obvious that he was desperate to be around her, but he was forcing himself to suffer with only brief glimpses and her faint smell.

It was pathetic, and really starting to annoy the hell out of me. I wasn't dumb though; I knew that my sister was not ready for a relationship of that intensity with him. However, she deserved his friendship and I hated that he was denying both of them the opportunity for something great that didn't have to involve romance.

Sadly it seemed that most of the other wolves had given up trying to nonchalantly talk sense into their alpha. Obviously it was going to take a woman…an imprint…to get the job done. So when I spotted him in the woods in the back of the house where Jamie's window happened to be, I walked out of the house and headed in his direction.

He saw me coming right away, but didn't move or remove his gaze for more than a second from the second story window where he could see my sister dancing around to some song she was obsessed with at the moment. I chuckled a bit at the fact that she would be embarrassed if she knew we were watching her spin around and sing. However, I personally was sick of the damn song, so I didn't care too much that I was seeing her act like a weirdo. But, if I had to continue to hear that song much longer, I'd have to repeat the Hercules tape incident from our childhood and feign ignorance when she tried to find it.

"You're being pretty stupid you know." I began once I was close enough to the pathetic looking alpha.

"I didn't want to imprint you know, I would have been happy if I never did."

"You're an alpha, you had to know that you would imprint one of these days."

He nodded, "I hate it, I hate the whole situation, but I can't hate her."

"Maybe that's why you should just be her friend." I suggested. "Look I don't know your history with that Bella chick, but you can't let her ruin the rest of your life. I'm not saying you need to have some sort of romantic relationship with Jamie right away because she's not ready for that, but I see the opportunity for you two to be good friends. And I think both of you need that friendship."

He was quiet as he digested my words, his eyes still trained on Jamie's window. When a few minutes had passed and he still had said nothing, I turned and headed back towards the house, leaving Jake in the woods staring longingly at my little sister.


"I want to talk to you before you fall asleep." Paul whispered from beside me in bed.

I pushed the covers off of me and sat up in bed, so I wouldn't be tempted to fall asleep while my boyfriend talked to me. I'd done it once before and he had been seriously offended the next morning. Of course it had only taken once kiss to make him forget all about it.


"You want a baby." He stated.

"I did, but-"

"Shut up, I know you do." He smiled. "And I want a baby too. So let's make one…right now. I know you still haven't gone back on the pill and chances are, if my nose is right, that we can conceive tonight."



"But we're not married."

"So? We can be in a few months." He replied as he pulled a ring off of his bedside table to present to me. "I know this isn't some grand proposal, but I love you Mar. I want us to be a family and that includes a baby."

I smiled into his warm brown eyes. He was so sexy when he was sentimental. While he stared at me in anticipation of my answer I moved over and straddled his lap, his hands immediately coming to rest on my hips. "I don't need a grand proposal, Paul, I already had that once. This is perfect…this is us."

I held out my left hand and smiled as he slipped the simple white gold engagement ring on my finger. The diamond was smaller than my first engagment ring that was currently nestled in my jewelry box waiting for the day I would give it to my daughter, but I liked Paul's better. It meant more than Finn's ever would and would remain on my finger forever. Just like Paul would remain at my side forever.

"So what about the baby idea?"

"Kim will say I told you so, but I guess I'm okay with that." I smirked before I wrapped my arm around Paul's neck and pulled his lips down onto mine for a kiss.


Jamie's eyes narrowed in on me immediately the next morning. She continued to stare at me as I poured myself a bowl of cereal and sat down next to her at the table. I was almost to the point of asking what was wrong with her when she finally spoke.

"You look different this morning." She stated right before her gaze locked in on my left hand.

"He proposed!" She screamed. "And oh my gosh you two had sex last night didn't you? That's what that noise was! And it explains the satisfied smirk on your face."

My face turned red at that and I busied myself with scooping cereal into my mouth with my spoon. Jamie didn't say anything else on the matter, but that didn't stop her from sending satisfied smirks my way. I was sure that once I left the kitchen she would grab the phone and call Kim to tell her the news. Knowing the two of them they probably had a bet on how long it would take.

"All teasing aside, Mar, I'm really happy for you; Paul is a great guy."

I smiled at my little sister, who I hoped someday would be in the same position as I was with her own wolf, and replied: "Thank you Jamie, you have no idea how much that means to me."

Jamie chuckled a little, "Too bad Grams isn't alive to collect her twenty bucks."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I guessed that it would take you guys until next Christmas, and Kim guessed September, but Grams was pretty much spot on."

To be continued…