Of Ainathlas



Some information contained in this story is taken from the Silmarillion and, of course, The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Disclaimer: (*sigh* Everyone has these, so I suppose I'll just throw mine in.) I don't own anything except my imagination and all the characters belongs to the god of all writers, JRR Tolkien.

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"My....Lord......it's......here.......it's.......time........I........have.. ......seen.........it.........with...........my...........own..........eyes . ......." A breathless messenger nearly collapsed in front of King Thranduil from dead exhaustion. Running back and forth from a village in Gondor to King Thranduil's realm wasn't exactly as easy as it sounded. Perhaps a horse for next time.

"Legolas? Should I go with you or would you prefer to go alone?" Thranduil turned to Legolas who had been patiently waiting for the message by Thranduil's side.

"I would prefer to go alone, then on to South Ithilien where my ship is awaiting Gimli and I, Thranduil King," As how royal sons call their fathers in the Silvan tradition.

"Very well, Legolas," Thranduil said nothing more, a burden of a heavy loss appeared in his already-weary grey eyes. They seemed emotionless now. One child of his has gone long ago. His last one leaving for the Sea. He had counted on Legolas to inherit his throne for he was weary on Middle Earth. Never mind, perhaps his sister from the mountains farther south would take over for him. Thranduil planned to go to the Grey Havens soon after travelling to Rivendell and Minas Tirith. For although the last boat was said to have been departed for that place, there was discovered one more. He would be journeying with Celeborn in Rivendell. Being immortal had its downsides. He gave a deep sigh and went to his private chambers to rest. He was often tired.

Legolas mounted a sleek, brown horse that was waiting beyond the doors of Thranduil's cave palace and hundreds of Elves, the subjects of Thranduil's realm, followed. For it was that time of the year again.


Within 5 slow, but rest-less days, Legolas and his company halted in what looked like a normal village among the forests by the Anduin. But Legolas knew otherwise. This village, Nimloth, named after the White Tree, delivered a white sheen at night when the moon had risen. The night flowers bloomed and a certain feel of the stopping of time shadowed over the village. The people of Nimloth dressed in white silk and wore no shoes, although they were not hobbits themselves. No troubles, no worries, no surprises had ever entered that hidden village, of course hidden no longer. Not ever since the Finding.

Legolas walked through a crowd of Nimlothians to get to a small, silver pavilion (erected by the builders of Gondor), built gently in the middle of the village. The crowd quickly made way for him. They have seen him several times and knew who he was. They bowed their heads in respect towards him. However, it seemed as if he did not even know they existed. His eyes were fixed on the pavilion. Inside the pavilion, the floor was made of polished oak and a mound of dark earth rose from the center. Not a large mound, but not a small one either. The floor was half covered with freshly picked night flowers: tokens of respect by the Nimlothians. However, one single flower rose from the mound of earth, stretching towards the roof of the pavilion. The bud was closed, for it was a night flower, the only night flower of its kind: the ainathmir. The Elves of Thranduil's realm stood silently near the pavilion as did the Nimlothians. The men of Gondor were still to arrive. Legolas dared not touch the flower but spoke softly to the grave.

"Ainathlas, I am going to Sea and not returning. Watch over Thranduil King for me, can you? I have apologized, but not enough. I was wrong. But no more of this will I say. Rest in peace. Let us hope we will meet each other soon," At that moment, the men of Gondor arrived, with no armour or weapons, for this was a time of peace, sorrow, and reunion. As the men proclaimed their arrival and the hailing of Lord Faramir, Legolas's mind wavered back to the Third Age and falling of his sister. Rivendell. Yes, that was where her fate was already decided, yet he was too blind to notice...