I have absolutely no clue. Sleep Dep plus Headache plus Reading Horror Fics plus A Chatty Jeff Muse equals This. Adam was just an average kid growing up in an average neighborhood until a strange kid named Jeff showed up & slowly started to corrupt him. The problem is; Jeff's only real to Adam. Very confusing, lol. Underage mostly, manipulation, Jeff basically in control of Addy. Some sexual stuff as usual, non-con, fondling, etc. Adam's bottom. Jeff/Adam, some Jay/Adam snuck in there. Major AU, OOC, non-wrestling. It gets a bit darker as it progresses.

I own nothing but the confusion! And really I don't own that! I make nothing!

Chapter one/ 'Trouble Maker'
Rated; M/ L, (some non-sexual corporal punishment, borderline incestuous flirting)

"One day you'll be mine." The spry young blond-haired boy said to the other with the wavy golden locks.

"What if I don't want to be?" The golden hazel-eyed child questioned defiantly as he sat on the swing, hair blowing softly around his neck, his head down and eyes rolled up.

"You will. I'll make you." The younger boy's lips curled into a dangerous grin that sent a chill down the other's spine.


Adam Copeland lived with his mother Judy, her boyfriend David Heath and his adopted son Jason Reso. They lived in a nice house in an average neighborhood and Adam and Jay had a big backyard to play and roam in. Typically Adam was a normal kid living a normal kid's life.. That was until he met the strange little boy named Jeff. The boy was at least a couple years younger than the 12 year old Adam, but damn if his domineering attitude didn't make Adam feel younger.

Jeff was different and unique. Jeff climbed trees and recklessly rode his bike and Jeff was certain to be Adam's death. Jeff had no rules but his own.

Jeff got Adam in trouble a lot.

"Adam, I said no." David said, straightening out his newspaper, holding it in both hands as he sat in his favorite recliner in the living room. The blond haired man had been courting Adam's mom for awhile now and while they never agreed to get married, David was the closest thing the boy ever knew to a real father figure. The man took care of them anyhow. Worked and helped with bills, took care of Adam and his mom and even if Jay wasn't like a best friend of sorts or anything to Adam, it still all worked out.

Adam stood fidgeting with his hands in front of him as his foot twisted and dug into the carpet. "But Jeff said.."

David shook his head and shot Adam a warning glare. "Jeff, huh? Who's this Jeff? I've never saw a Jeff."

Adam opened his mouth and began to talk. "He's the boy that.."

"Adam." David called sternly, meeting the young boy's gaze as Adam blinked his eyes up at him. "I said no. Now go wash up for dinner. Your mama made meat loaf and I hear it's almost ready."

Adam knew to be quiet and drop the issue. Jeff kind of scared him, but David's belt scared him more and he wasn't taking a whipping on account of Jeff wanting him to do something silly.


Adam was sitting in his swing when Jeff strolled into the backyard.

"So, did you get permission?" The now blue-haired boy asked. Adam knew it was summer, but he didn't know of anybody whose parents would let them dye their hair blue and walk around like that. Jeff was just different. Jeff didn't seem to have a set of rules to follow, or a curfew or anything.

"Papa said no." Adam said lowly.

Jeff sat down on the swing that was beside of Adam's with a funny sound in his throat. "Ugh, Adam.. jeez.. sometimes I wonder why I bother with you." Jeff sighed and pushed the front part of his hair back, containing a snort at Adam's small 'sorry'. "Eh, no matter. We can find something else to do."

That something else was playing a game of ding-dong-ditch. The two boys would run up to someone's door, ring the doorbell and then run away before anyone could answer. As usual, Adam was skeptical at first, but slowly eased into it and started having fun. On the last house on the block, Jeff ran off before Adam did and when the blonde turned his body half way around to look, Adam tripped over his own two legs and fell flat on the porch. He caught himself with his hands and had surely skinned his knee in the process.

When Adam turned over to his butt to attempt getting up, he looked up and gulped loudly as he saw one of his last years school teachers Mrs. Whitaker staring at him with utter disdain and disapproval. The tiny, old and very much stubborn (since she refused to die and leave kids at peace) and incredibly stern woman folded her frail arms and shook her head at the blonde. She never did seem to like Adam in class and repeatedly tried to make life hell for the skinny blonde. He spent many of his days trapped with his nose in the corner or in detention all because the Crypt Keeper biddy thought he was a trouble maker.

"And just what are you doing here, Mister Copeland? Do I need to call your mother and tell her what you've been up to?" She smirked dryly, cruelly.

Adam shook his head. "N-no.." He looked back for Jeff, but the younger boy was gone.

"Oh, really? Then tell me why exactly you were ringing my doorbell. I know it couldn't be of significant importance." She asked, tapping her fingers on her elbow as her arms were still crossed.

"I-I.. Um.. sorry, Ma'am.. Really.. Me and.." Adam paused before he could say the name Jeff. "My friend and I were playing a game.. we were just funning. Honest."

"Hm." Mrs. Whitaker said with a unimpressed, and rather snotty, huff. "So you think it's funny to disturb people for no reason? I'll be having a little talk with your folks. You can count on it."

Adam gulped and tried to start to protest, but the crotchety old teacher just went back inside and slammed the door. Adam dreaded going home. He knew both his parents thought Mrs. Whitaker was wonky, but she could be hateful and annoying. And Adam had been getting in more trouble lately and David was getting to be intolerant of it entirely.


As soon as Adam got home David grabbed the smaller blonde by the arm and jerked him into the bedroom, pulling him over the bed, a belt in his hand. Adam was thankful he only got a few swift licks, but they still stung and they still brought tears to his eyes every time the thick leather belt connected with his bottom.

"I told you, Adam; Jeff is gonna get you in trouble." David snarled as he struck the whimpering boy a couple more times across the behind. David turned Adam around and held him down by his arms on the bed. "Do you hear me?"

Adam sniffled, feeling the tears run down his cheeks as he looked up at the much larger man. "Y-yes.. yessir.. M'sorry.." He wiped at his face as David let him go.

"Good. Now you're going to wash up for supper and you're going to come straight down. And for this little stunt, you're grounded for a week. No TV, no going outside and no visitors. You'll stay in your room and that's it. Are we clear?"

Adam sniffled again and wiped his nose with his wrist before nodding. His ass was aching a bit and he kept himself from turning over to rub it. "Yessir.."

"Jeff will just have to stay away." David muttered as he left, closing Adam's door behind him.


Judy sighed as David entered the kitchen. She turned the water off and dried her hands on a dish towel. "Was that really necessary? He's just a kid."

"Now, Judy, we've talked about this. Adam's.." David sighed. "He's just worrying me. He's blaming his problems on a boy that doesn't even exist. And he's a little too old for an imaginary friend."

Judy shook her head. "Still, you didn't have to go that far about it. Grounding him would of sufficed."

"I just wanted to get his attention. Besides, I didn't hit hard enough to have hurt him. His feelings maybe. Boy's too soft." David muttered, running a hand back through his hair.

Judy put her hand on her hip and looked down. "Yeah. And that's probably my fault." She said with dripping sarcasm.

"Now I didn't mean it like that."

"I know." More sarcasm in her tone.

David dropped his head and let out a breath as Judy walked over to set the table. A chore that was supposed to be handled by Adam and Jay. David wasn't abusive and he tried to be a good father to both and a loving companion to Judy.. but with Adam's recent behavior he was starting to become worrisome. The boy wasn't acting right and not how he was brought up to act. He was disobeying and getting in trouble more. David was just scared for the worse to turn out of him. He wanted to chalk it up to a kid being a kid, but it just felt different this time. David couldn't explain the feeling he had, but it bothered him a little.


Jay walked in the room to find Adam laying on the bed pouting. "Poor baby, want me to rub it?" He smirked, strolling over to the bed.

"Screw you." Adam huffed.

"Hm.. I dunno if you're my type.. I mean, you're definitely pretty enough, but.." Jay pushed Adam onto his back and grabbed his arms, poising over the long-haired blonde as Adam began to squirm.

"Jay, quit it! I'm not in the mood!" The boy shouted, trying to pry his hands from Jay's grip.

The shorter haired blonde only looked down with mischievous blue eyes. "Shh, Adam.. don't wanna scream too loud now, Daddy'll hear us and not be happy." Jay leaned down to kiss Adam on the side of the neck.

Adam tensed and struggled harder, growling as Jay's tongue traced over a vein in his throat. "Jay, stop it!" He shoved the other boy off and sat on the side of the bed, glaring daggers back at a laughing Jason as he pushed his long hair back.

"You're such a freaking prude, man." Jay panted, standing up and touching his hand to gently blot his lips. His jeans only a little tighter.

"And you're fucking sick." Adam scowled, rubbing at his neck where Jay had been slobbering all over him.

"What? It's not like we're real brothers or anything." Jay sat back down and reached out to grab Adam's arm, recoiling as Adam jerked it away. Adam only glared heatedly at him, his bottom lip twitching in frustration. "Oh. That's right. You're saving yourself for Mister Right." Jay let out a snort and rolled his eyes. "Probably for Jeff." He said mockingly.

Jay then smirked as he saw Adam's top lip curl up in a snarl. The beautiful blonde was almost shaking all over in agitation.

"Oh, get over it. You wouldn't be the first or the last. And if I did want you," Jay placed his hands on the bed and leaned forward to stare Adam in the face. "I'd fucking take you." He grinned as Adam twitched. "And there'd be nothing- or no one- to stop me." Jay ended by blowing a strand of Adam's hair off his shoulder before standing back up and walking out of the room with a smirked grin spread across his lips.

Adam swallowed and rubbed his hands over his face as his hair fell down in front of it. His heart pounding harder in his chest. Before this night was through Adam was certain he'd have a heart attack and die. Jay liked to mess with him and do shit like that to make Adam uncomfortable. He didn't know if Jay was serious or not, Adam didn't think so.. but deep down the blonde was scared one day Jay would act on his threats out of spite.

This fic is half finished as it is. I know where I am headed with it and was initially gonna finish it before I started posting, but eh-well.. I changed up the lineage just a bit. David (Gangrel, only non-vampire) is sort of a surrogate father to Adam, and Jay's adopted as usual. I don't really want David abusive, just stern. I may fail. At first Jay was supposed to be Adam's typical best friend/brother, sticking up for Adam and always being there for him (gawd how I admire those two's bond) but when I started writing a darker shade of Jay came out and I really liked it :P This fic is confusing. Me and my Jeff muse want it to be. We want it to seem not right. Jeff's only real to Adam. Useless side-note; Okay I read on the Wiki (I depend on that too much for shit) that in Canada Ding-Dong-Ditch is called Nikki Nikki Nine Doors, which I could of swore I heard somewhere years ago, and I almost changed it in the fic since Adam is Canadian, but didn't. I almost made the teacher Vickie. I refrained. She's based on a bitchy 2nd grade teacher I had.