Naruto the fox demon

Chapter one: A demon is born

Shiki Fuujin

A ghostly hand reached into the hand of minato namikaze, the fourth hokage of konoha. The same ghostly hand stretched forward into the forth's opponent the nine tails fox and pulled out the soul of the beats which was then sealed away into a baby that was brought by the forth. The baby was none other than naruto uzumaki namikaze. But no one would know he had a child except tsunade, jiraiya, and the third hokage. He didn't want to leave both naruto and his daughter natsumi in danger of his enemy so he told a select few about them. He knew that they were going to endure a lot and would most likely be alone. His wife kushina uzumaki had died holding down the fox, jiraiya left to operate his spy network, and tsunade didn't want to be near the village at all. She had only come to deliver the baby and that was all she did before leaving.

He hoped naruto would watch over his sister and used the power of the beast to protect her and the village. He also hoped that they saw him as a hero who saved the village but little did he know was that his latter wish would be spit on.

As the power of the beast started settled in, he noticed naruto started going through a few changes as well. His hair became more untamed, he grew tiny baby tooth, his once human ears were replaced by blonde fox ones and he grew a blonde tail. The six whiskers on his face darkened giving him a feral look.

Also one other thing he notices was that the fox was screaming in pain. It wasn't the type of pain that was just from an injury but one of death. The fox grew deathly silent which indicated one thing, the seal not only took the fox's power away but it also killed it. A small kanji for memories appeared on his forehead signifying that he did not have access to the demon's memory yet which was a good thing. He was not sure what the fox did in his life and did not want his son to know either. There were also several other seals that started to appear but unlike the first, each had a different number on it from 2 to nine. Little did he know was that the seals weren't meant to hold forever. What he didn't notice was that a slither of the death god's power went in as well and started mixing with the current ones in the infant's body.

Right as the last energy left his body, he wore a small smile on his face. The changes did not change his opinion on his child. With that last thought, he landed on the floor with his arms protectively around naruto. The chief toad poofed away leaves a beautiful scene. This was the scene in which the third hokage saw and sneered as soon as he saw the appearance of the baby.

Right as he saw the tail and the ears, he wanted to kill the baby. But what would happen if he killed it now. Would the fox regain his body back? He couldn't risk that. He would have to wait until the demon got use to the human body then kill it. It wouldn't matter since minato had a little girl as well. She would make sure that the uzumaki and namikaze bloodline don't die off.

He picked the baby up and went to make the announcement which would lead to naruto's life going straight to hell.

After an hour of waiting for the villagers and shinobi to gather, he cleared his throat to get their attention before making his speech.

"People of konoha, I have brought to you good and bad news. The good news is that the demon is now in a helpless body and in about 10 years, we can finally kill it. The bad news was the cost in doing so was the life of out leader and because of this, I will retake out position and with the help of jiraiya watching our enemies, and we will rise again to prosper." The crowd erupted into a cheer. Things were certainly getting better for the village.

The third went to the meeting room to decide the faith of naruto and his sister which he wanted to slip them up which is exactly what happen. Not one person in the room voted against the idea of splitting them up. They didn't want the demon near any kids. Danzo, an old war hawk wanted to turn the boy into a weapon but the third hokage repelled the idea saying they didn't want the demon getting too strong. He then decided to placing naruto in a cage then sent it to the orphan to isolate until he turned 10 which he would be executed while natsumi was taken under his care. He would teach her to hate her brother just as much as he does. Of course that would have worked except the fact when the kyuubi attacked during kushina's labor, they somehow ended up with a connection to each other in which would allow them to talk to each other telepathically when the connection was ever to be discovered.

Four years later

Naruto walked through an alley with a sick over his shoulder with a small sack tied to it. He was just kicked out of the orphanage just minutes ago. When he asked why, they would tell him he was a demon. He didn't understand why he was treated the way he was. Was it the way he looked or his awesome abilities? Maybe they were jealous that he could pull water from mid air or even glide inches away from the floor while the others can't. Maybe they were aware of his abilities with the shadows but he didn't hear them talking about that one so maybe it was the former ones. But was that the reason why they called him a demon too?

He just didn't understand. He's been hated since he was one years old which he remembered due to the fact that his mind could hold so much. He used that ability to learn how to understand their language. It wasn't that hard for him. When he did finally understand them, at the age of two, he found how much they hated him. As a matter of fact, their hate only increased when he started walking at two and a half which they muttered things like 'should have expected a demon to do that'.

He also grew up without anyone touching him at all. He stayed filthy until he turned 2 which by observation, he learned how to wash himself. He learned many things through observation like reading, writing, and talking. This further upset the adults around him further thus leading up to the point where he was kicked out in which they used poles to hit and chase him with until he ran out the door. They then used gloves to throw his things out at him while throwing strings of curses at him.

Naruto was so into his thoughts that he almost did not sense the danger in time. He moved his head slightly to allow a kunai to pass by harmlessly. Then out of the shadow came an anbu with a boar mask.

"So the demon decides to show its true color" He spat out like it was venom. Naruto didn't respond but just coked his to the side with confusion in his eyes. This aggravated boar more.

"Not responding are we demon? I guess it's time someone taught you a lesson in respecting your betters." He pulled out a katana which naruto's heart skipped a beat then started beating faster. He turned around and high tailed it dropping his things in the process. The anbu gave chase to the little fox boy. Naruto ran from alley to alley trying to lose him. He even got on all fours to pick up speed. For anyone else, this wouldn't be possible but for him, it felt natural.

At first it started out as one anbu but quickly became a mob which consists of five anbu, three jounin, and three chunin. The chase went on for thirty minutes before they managed to corner him.

Naruto could sense he was in danger but couldn't find a way to escape. His head swiveled left then right only to come up with one solution. He crawled up into a ball and awaited the pain which came quickly. They all took turns venting their anger on him. Naruto was hit with blades, fire jutsu and physical attacks. Naruto was out by then. The attacks then came to a halt. Boar spotted the kanji for memories.

"Hey guys look at those, do you think the demon uses those to restore is memories I mean they do seem dumb. And I'm betting the others are where his power goes which is why he isn't attacking. He must be saving up until he is strong again." Bird also took a look at them.

"I bet if we release them, he would be as dumb as a baby. Hey everyone, prepare to release them all at once so it will inflict massive pain on him." They each located a seal and formed the ram seal. "Alright guys, on three. One….two….three ….. They all channeled chakra into the seals to release them.

The effects were instantaneous. Naruto's mind was flooded with memories of the kyuubi's life, experience, skills, and other things kyuubi had up to the point he died. His body became flooded with so much chakra that his skin started peeling replacing it with a new type of skin that looked the same as the old one but was compatible with the youki. He screamed in pain as his skin was being replaced. There were three chakra sources wiped around him violently which was red, blue, and black. The three then came together before become one. The newly black chakra swirled around him while his appearance changed. His ears and now 9 tails changed black. His blonde hair had small amount of red and black streaks. He once again blacked out but not before thinking of an area he would rather be than this.

While the transformation went on, the third who felt it seconds before it happened was running to the scene. He was terrified of what might happen. He knew who it was from and hoped no one tried to kill him now. He had not yet turned natsumi against him yet. He told her the demon took over her brother's body and it was up to her to kill him but she stated that it was now the demon's job to be her older brother since he did kill him. This infuriated him. She was too pure to jump to violence unless it was the only way. He tried to say it was but she didn't want to listen. She was just too stubborn for her own good. He would need more time convincing her.

As he neared the alley, he noticed people running away in terror both citizens and shinobi. He turned the corner and had tenzo, a guy who had a weaker version of the mokuton an ability to suppress demon chakra to put a leash on the demon. But what happened next was not something he expected to happen. A shadow tendril shot out of the corner and impaled the anbu in the head thus ending him. The chakra around naruto dispatched and then without warning, more shadow tendril shot from the shadows of the alley then wrapped around naruto protectively. When the shadow moved, naruto was no longer there.

The third cursed his luck. The demon could be anywhere at any time now. All that was left to do was crank up the security and train natsumi more. He would teach her shadow clones to speed up her training then try to get her to kill the demon again.

Naruto appeared outside the walls of konoha where he subconsciously wanted to be which led to the shadow taking him there. It seems that naruto having got some power from the death god gained control over darkness.

His eyes slowly opened and were greeted to the area he thought about. 'How did I get here, this is the place I thought about. Did someone throw me here? He looked around to see if there was any sign of anyone here. He noticed there was no footprints around which were weird because he didn't even see his. He knew he didn't glide here that was for sure. He didn't remember much to see so he thought back to his feelings. He remembered feeling pain and a rush of greatness overwhelming him. Then he remember nothing which was the same feeling he got when he use to sink in the shadows before appearing in the same spot. 'Maybe if I stand in the darkness and get that feeling to appear again, then I could see what happened'.

He stepped in the shadow under a tree and let that feeling flow through him again while closing his eyes to get the maximum feeling. Slowly he began sinking in the shadow. When he opened his eyes, he was no longer in the same area he was in. Instead he was in an all gray area with shadow shapes. When he looked closely at the shapes, he noticed it looked just like the area he was just in but without colors. He cut that feeling off and watched as everything came back into color. He was in the same spot as before but everything had color again.

He let that feeling come back but this time kept his eyes open. He sunk in much faster than before but this time he thought of a place that he wanted to be. The area around him shifted showing him an outline of the alley he came from. He emerged from the shadow to the spot he was beaten in before going back to what to call it now. 'That's it, I'll call it 'grey zone.''

He reappeared in the forest with a smile on his face. 'I wonder what I could do if I train with my abilities more. Maybe I could fly instead of glide or draw an ocean's worth of water instead of a glass. There is so many possibilities that I could do with the abilities like these. I could be the greatest ninja ever. I could also make those who have wronged me or try to suffer.'

With that last thought, he began practicing his technique what he now dubbed 'shadow walk' for the rest of the day.

Meanwhile, the third was contemplating on what to do. He had just gotten back from the meeting with the counsel and they too were pretty upset. He demoted those that were involved with what happened. Now that the demon was free, he would get stronger then attack the village again.' I need to make sure natsumi is prepared to help defend us. If the demon attacks innocent people, then she would kill it. Yes this is a great plan indeed.' With that last thought, he grabbed a few scrolls on the basics.

Morning had arisen and naruto was slowly getting up. His stomach grumbled telling him he was hungry. He began looking around for a rabbit using his sensitive ears. He picked up on the sound of rustling bushes to the left. He cocked his arm back and threw it forward. An arm made from black charka shot forward and grabbed not one but two rabbits. This was a skill he learned from kyuubi's memory. It turns out kyuubi did not use handseals of any sort. He used pure fire on different temperature levels and winds with different strengths. He also had knowledge on different fighting styles which naruto was now in possessed of. His memories and kyuubi's now flowed as one. Whether he noticed it or not, he started acting more and more like kyuubi. Kyuubi was the one he was technically learning from the most since he had his memories.

To go into details about kyuubi's memories, it had things such as the many people he ate. The many times he had sex with nibi no bakeneko and the fights he had with hachibi no kyogyu. The sex part was something he didn't understand. He was four still so when he saw a big fox sticking something you peep with in a hole a women had, his mind went blank. 'Perhaps I will try that later since kyuubi did it too. Maybe it was some kind of ritual. Maybe it will make sense by then. And why do I look older.' Yes it seems that his body aged four years older than he was thus making him look like eight years old. With that last thought, he went deeper in the forest where.

Two years later

It's been two years since naruto started training in the forest. He had a den just as the foxes did. In the den were things he stole from traveling merchants. They of course never knew that since they usually find out about their missing things after they reach their destination so they assume that they accidently dropped it. Naruto took things from black clothes for his stealth, jewelry because it was shiny, and food.

Over the two years of training, he learned a few things on his own. He learned how fly for a little, pull enough water for a small pond and use shadows to transport throughout the forest as well as create weapons from them. He even learned a jutsu from a silver hair ninja that was coming toward the village which was called shadow clones.

He made a single hand seal which he memorized then poof, a solid clone of him came into existence to help him carry his injured comrade back. Naruto saw this from the shadows when it happened. His stealth skills had shot beyond anbu considering that many ninjas went through the forest thus forcing him to adapt. He also learned that when a shadow clone is dispelled, the memories came back when one of his clones got mauled by a wolf. He used this as a way to scout the forest faster.

When he looked back at his success, he couldn't help but smile at his success. He was on his way to get stronger indeed.

During his night scout, one of his clones dispersed alerting him that there were two guys heading into the village. Two people who were a complete mystery to him. He shadow walked to where he saw them enter and waited there in the shadows until they came back.

They came back 30 minutes with a sack over one their shoulders. Without thinking, he threw a chakra arm thus decapitating them then claimed the bag. He sensed several people coming his way so he slung the bag over his shoulders then sank into the shadows.

Hiashi and his guards ran full speed hoping to catch up with the kidnappers of his daughter hinata. How did this happen. All he knew was that he had a sudden feeling to check on his daughter when he spotted no one and the window open. He ran and check outside the window when he saw a foot print. Activating his byakugan and checking it, he notices a residue of chakra left. He then summoned all his guards to look for the culprit. He spotted two shadows going out of his eyes range which led him to run in the same direction they were heading taking along his guards.

When he goes there, he was greeted to the sight of two headless bodies and no hinata. Using his byakugan, he checked the area and still found no signs. It seems that he lost his daughter so he called off the search teams.

Naruto appeared in his den and opened the sack which and was surprise to what he found. It was a blue haired girl with no pupils in her. Her eyes were white with tint lavender in them. Her mouth was gagged with a cloth and her hands were bound behind her.

He dumped her out of the bag to see it there was anything else. Hinata landed on her front but since her hands were behind her, she hit her face but managed not to get cut. She then tried to get on her feet by using her feet to push herself up.

When naruto looked at what she was up to, he saw her raise her but in the air which reminded him of the fox and the cat plus her hair was blue too. 'This is what it looked like with kyuubi. Plus it looked fun for others too.' He had caught women with purple hair and a guy with silver hair doing it. They seemed to be having fun until he was done which he told her he don't want to do it with her anymore. As soon as he called her a whore, she sent snakes out of her sleeves in which he managed to escape.

He quickly took his clothes of behind her. As soon as she fell flat, he grabbed her pants and panties then drew them down. This action causes the girl to tremble with fear. She didn't know why someone would pull her clothes down.

Naruto looked for a hole that could fit his meat pole in. He found one but it didn't seem like it could fit. He then found the other one and pushed himself in her just as the fox did feeling such a warm feeling. He lifted her bottom half of the body before repeating what the fox and cat did. He felt a resistance but pushed through ignoring the muffled screams. He thought it was a good sign. He didn't even notice the blood dripping between her legs. He subconsciously sped up enjoying the feeling he never experienced before. That's when he felt a built up as he was about to pee. This felt like an appropriate place so he chose to pee in her. He grunted before releasing. The pleasure went through his body like shock waves. He then leaned over to her neck then bit down channeling some of his chakra. She blacked out in pain. A strange mark appeared on her neck where he bit her. It was shaped like a pair of animal teeth. This was a mating mark based on his information and by doing this he would mark her as his own. Yes she would be fun to play with indeed. The seal faded away sinking into her skin. He removed the ropes from her arms, the clothes she had on, and the cloth from her mouth. He picked up and move her on his bad made from leaves and branches. He lay down then placed her on top of him inserting his stick in her before going to sleep.

When hinata woke up, the first the noticed was something sticking inside of her and someone's body under her. She move which caused him to moan a little. She also felt weak in the knees which cause her to fall back on his manhood. This awakened him. She stood there petrified at him. He smiled with his razor sharp teeth.

She felt him stiffen again. She knew she would have another painful session unless she begged.

"Please let me go. I want to go home to my family." Her eyes watered up. Naruto was going to say no regardless but then he thought about it. He could get her anytime he wanted so why not.

"Sure but first get dressed and don't tell anyone ok. Tell them a mysterious man saved you and let you go when it was safe enough ok. Also you are now officially my sex slave in which you will fulfill my desires." He pulled out a little before pushing back again. He put two fingers near her mouth. "Suck on it now my slave." She complied with sucking on his finger. "Pleasure me and I might release you. And don't cry." She started bouncing just a little so it would be painless but he started moving his hips too. She thought this would go one for hours but 10 minutes later he came. He placed a finger on the spot where the seal was and applied a little chakra. He was now accessing her emotions. Her emotions ranged from fear of him doing whatever he did to her and then to anger for him hurting her. He laid her on the bed and pinned her down.

"Now, now my little sex kitten, it hurts now but you will end up doing this later. What is my kitten's name anyway?" He grazed his sharp teeth against her neck to make her shudder.

"Hi-Hinata hyuga" she replied fearing what he might do if she didn't answer him.

"Come one hinata, don't fear me; I only did what you would have done later on. It would have still hurt when you did. It always hurt the first time now it won't hurt anymore." While he said this to her, he was feeding a little youki into her slowly making him the object of her desires. He wanted to make sure this blue headed beauty becomes his to please and sure enough, it seems to be working. Her anger at him vanished and all was left was fear. He started adding more chakra to her desire but not too much as to harm her.

"Look my little kitten, I will release you so don't fear me." He used his tongue to lick the spot where the seal is while applying a small dose of chakra and her fears were now gone. All he had to do was pump youki into her desires a few more times and she will be his and only his. He then slammed his lips into hers sticking his tongue in hers tasting her sweet vanilla taste from her mouth. He broke the kiss with a smile.

"Oh man you are some good stuff. You may leave now but remember, I'll be there another time so go." She got dressed and ran as fast as she could.

As soon as she was at the gate, the guards sent someone to alert her father. They questioned her happened in which she told them what she was told to say.

Three days later, the raikage of kumogakure supposedly caught wind at his ninja's dying. He sent demands to have the body of who killed his ninja's. Leaf however did not know who did it. They sent images of the scene that they were killed by something rather than someone. The raikage didn't believe them until he sent a few ninja's to investigate. He was angry for not obtaining the hyuga and since leaf didn't kill his men, he couldn't get compensation from them. He wished he knew what killed them since they were jounin. He would have to try again but next time it would be without the help of kumo as he was replaced by someone else who wasn't obsessed with the byakugan.

He himself would travel there with his two most loyal men. He couldn't wait to grab the little breeding machine and get his kage position back. He laughed internally at the thought of hyuga warriors in kumo. The trip for him took two days to get to the forest near the village. He knew going there right now was a bad idea so he decided to sit around for a few days before commencing his operation. He sent his two men out for hunting as he himself went off to sleep never to wake again due to the fact that a tail came from the shadow on the floor behind him and punctured his heart killing him instantly. His stealth had indeed improved. He creates two clones and had them kill his two men when they were in a position where they couldn't defend themselves. Now that he had three bodies, he wanted to try something he thought of.

He used of his guards first. He used youki to access his memories. He gained a little before he accidently melted the brain. He used the second guard but less youki. He went through his memories which showed up like a screen. He looked through the ones about his village, things he learned such as things from a book called the bingo book which naruto had several different ones, and other information naruto looked for that he thought was important. He did the same for their leader and got a lot more information out of him.

With the knowledge he had, he got dressed in all black with a white fox mask he stole. It seems as if there were people willing to buy these bodies. He looked in the bingo book about the third raikage which had a bounty of 10 billion dollars. The other two wasn't important so he took the raikage body top where they get the cash from which was a place not too far from where he was. He put the body in a bag and slung the body over his shoulders then using the wind to keep himself standing upwards, he went to the spot where he saw a man at the counter. The man at the counter saw him then of course the bag. The boy looked about ten years old.

"Hello young man, how may I help you? Do you need any help?"

"Yes I would like the cash for this man." He dumped the body on the floor which caused the man to gasp. There right in front of him was the raikage who was just replaced. Did kumo kill the old leaders and dump those places. He didn't know about how they run things but right now he had a chance.

"Ah yes, please come to the back of please." He led him into a back area where he inspected the body. There were several things he needed to expect to make sure it was real which after spotting them, it was confirmed that this body was no fake.

"Alright young man, I'm going to wire this to an account in which I will create for you. I need you to come over here and give me your name or an alias. First give me a name."

Naruto thought about it. This would be a name that he would be known for when he became the greatest. He thought of his abilities and a name which would compliment them. He looked up to the man and replied "Shadow demon". The man wrote it down.

"Is there anything else you want to be known about you?" Naruto shook his head 'no'. The man filled in the other information himself before creating an account for him then wiring the money to it.

Name: Shadow Demon

Age: ?

Village: ?

Description: As for description, He put boy dressed in all black and wears a white fox mask.

Brought in the body of the third raikage

Naruto left the spot 10 billion dollars richer than before. Now he had enough money to get himself a large home but the next question is where.