Chapter 6: Chuunin Exams pt 2

He looked in the direction of the source to find a few mist Nins around anbu level messing with a teen that looked about 17 years old boy whom looked like he was related to a fish. The teen had a distinctive shark-like appearance; complete with pale blue skin, small, round white eyes, gill-like facial markings under his eyes, gills on his shoulders and sharp triangular teeth. He had spiky, dark blue hair that reached to his back like a porcupine.

"Why don't you die, demons like you aren't accepted in our home. The only reason you aren't dead is because we don't want to be the only ninja village without a demon as a weapon otherwise we'd kill you for being the son of a traitor and a demon."

"Not even Kisame his own father wanted him. No one wants a demon as their son. "Naruto watched the teen ignore them. Looking closely at him again, the teen did look like a mini version of Kisame Hoshigaki. 'A warrior that can breathe under water and a jinchuriki to a water demon is surely someone worthy of the tower. I'll need to meet him alone if I am to get him to join me.' He moved in the shadows then as soon as he was sure the teen was looking his way, he motioned for him to follow him before sinking away not wanting the others to see him.

"I'm going for a dip" he said walking away as they protested for him not to leave. The teen made his into that direction and stopped when he saw a teen that looked about 17 years old with black fox ears and nine tails.

"So what did you want me for? I know you didn't make fun of my inhuman features as you don't look too human yourself."

"Your right about that; what is your name by the way?"

"My name is Shachihoko Hoshigaki, what is your name?"

"My name is naruto uzumaki. Now as to what I wanted, I want you to join me in my battle towers or become the leader of one. I can offer you a place where your jinchuriki status will not get you any bad treatment. I have yet to reveal them to the world but I will do so soon. I also need to know where your skills lie at."

"My current level without my demon is at elite jounin which is why I have anbu on my tail or rather 4 of them. They are elites and are able to counter all of my attacks so I can't leave. There is also the death seal on my neck which is connected to my heart and brain. With one hand seal, they would be able to activate the seal. The seal would explode ending my life. But with my demon I am easily kage level. I guess it's a perk for carrying a demon."

"Well how about I take you to the towers while I keep them busy for a while. I can get a seal master to remove those seals for you if you join my group. We don't have a name of our group yet and the names of the tours are named by the leader. So you get your freedom and a tower to slaughter as many people as you want and all I ask ion return is for you to join us." Shachihoko thought about it for a while.

"Alright I will accept your offer. Let's remove this thing before they get nervous of my disappearance and activate it." Naruto created a chakra reinforced shadow clone and had him henge into Shachihoko. He grabbed him by his should and sank into the shadows where he introduced Shachihoko to the others and leaving him for kushina to remove the seals.

While that happened, the mist anbu watched as 'Shachihoko' swam around for a few hours. They grew tired of watching so they called him to come back on shore. When he didn't listen, one of them took this as a sign of aggravation towards them and made the hand seal to kill him only for nothing to happen. They tried over and over until 'Shachihoko' vanished in a puff of smoke. This caused them to panic and fan out. Little did they know that they would turn up empty at the end of the day until it was too late?

After having the seal removed which turned out to be a simple design, Naruto showed him the tower where he would make as his own.

"So Shachihoko, do you have any idea what you would name your tower and what you want in your tower. I would select something that would complement your water ability if I were you." Shachihoko thought about it for a while.

"Well since I could breathe under water, I would like you to fill my entire tower with water. That way you would need special requirements to fight me under water unless they have gills like I do. This will give me a big advantage as I would be able to drown out my enemies. Also I want my entrance to be placed at the top at a distance where as my enemies wouldn't know if there is any water down here until they actually travel down there and slippery sides so no one would be able to use chakra to walk up the walls to escape me."

"Wow you really have you tower planned out. Ok when I fill your tower with water, I want you to fill the stones located throughout the tower with your chakra and also your host's chakra. You will see what it does later on." Before he could ask how he was going to do it, Naruto reached his hand in the air and pulled the moisture out of the air. He pulled out a lake's worth dropping it in the tower. He seal off the sides of the tower as a way to ensure the water doesn't leak out anywhere not that it had any place to go. Shachihoko could only stare in shock as he pulled water out of air just like the Nidaime hokage did. Naruto turned to him and told him to start making his tower more like home. He went to the main tower where his mother walked up to him and gave him a ring.

"This is a way for us to communicate with each other. All you have to do is apply a little chakra and think of the person who has a ring too. I've been thinking about this project of yours and realized that this entire complex needs a name and not a name we will come up with. We'll let the ninja villages chose that name for us. We also need a name for our group since we are all going to be living here along with a place for people to sit and wait for their friends or loved ones if they should enter the tower. I've already worked on our uniform and name for our group. We will be known as Kurai shin'en and our colors would be all black anything if that's ok with you." Naruto nodded at his mother's idea.

"It sounds ok and as for the building for the people, I think we should add an electronic board that shows their life status, you know whether they are alive or not. This way the people would be able to tell if they are dead or not. Also I need you to create a special sword for our new leader."

"Don't worry Naruto, I've got that part covered. Just give Garra-ko his ring. I'm almost finished with the sword anyway." She gave him the ring and watched as he reapplied the henge of a kusa Nin and sank into the shadows.

Naruto went straight toward the tower just in time for the preliminary round to end. He dropped the ring in Garra's pocket and whispered what the ring does before leaving. Temari and kankuro didn't say anything but they wondered why that same kusa Nin was talking to garra. They guessed that they were close friends and met each other some time ago. They were right on the money about them being friends but not the part of him being a kusa Nin.

Naruto's eyes traveled to his sisters group where natsumi was deep in thought. She looked exactly like kushina except she had blonde hair as oppose to the red. Her hair was tied in pigtails and reached her back. Her hair looked soft and silky. He smiled at his sister's beauty and thought of how he would need to use a stick to beat off the guys who would try to date her. Sasuke saw the 'kusa' Nin staring towards them. Following the line of his gaze, he noticed him staring at his future wife's face as the Sandaime told him it would be. Thinking about it more, she was strong enough to bear his Uchiha heirs. He growled at the 'kusa' Nin before putting his hands around her making her uncomfortable. Naruto turned his head so he did not see that. He made a promise to take her out after they left this room. He was sure that if he did so now, the third hokage would send someone or a group to go after her. He would finally get to test the tower out.

He ignored the hokage's speech about the final exam a month from now. After the speech was made, Hiruzen made his way to natsumi and took her away. Naruto cursed his luck for this and walked out of the tower only to meet Kurenai along with Tsume and a group of Inuzukas. Kurenai pointed at him.

"That's the bastard who hurt Kiba. He tried to kill him but luckily Hayate was fast enough to stop him. The little snake whore enjoyed seeing your son's blood spilled on the floor." The enraged mom snarled at naruto.

"So it seems kusagakure tries to take out our shinobi during the chuunin exams. Your guys are all pitiful and weak. How about we kill you right here and now? No one will care about a kusa Nin dying since they are a weak country."

"Konoha isn't that strong either besides, kusa isn't one of the 5 great shinobi villages plus they don't produce good warriors so comparing the two is something only a weakling would do." Tsume was about to resort until something he said didn't make any sense.

"Why would you talk so bad about Kusa Nins when you are one yourself?"

"That's what you think dog breathe. I'm not a kusa Nin. I came here to kill anyone for fun but I got bored so now I'm leaving." He made a dash for it not giving them time to respond.

"Go after him and kill the bastard." The group made chase after the now fake kusa Nin hoping to maim him to death. Naruto took glances at the group as he made his way to through the forest. Several of his chasers were slowly being left behind indicating just who the strongest ones were. After several minutes of high sped chasing, only Tsume was left chasing him and she didn't seem to notice. She was making herself a sitting duck in open waters. He weaved from tree to tree leading her deep into the forest of death. While he led her away, he covered their trail by ripping out a few odor plants and dropping them in the path where he led her thus no one would be able to find her for a while. He soon began formulating his plan to subdue her until he came up with an idea.

Tsume was so busy trying to kill him that she didn't notice the fact that her pack was gone or the fact that he was leading her in a specific direction. She zigzagged through the trees thinking he was trying to lose her. Soon she came to another opening though this one was dark only to find no kusa Nin. She turned to move back only for shadow tendrils to pin her and her partner down. The sound of his yelp was heard and then silence. She was slammed against her back and her arms and legs were spread apart. The kusa Nin walked over her causing her to growl at what he could possible do with her in the position she was in. The kusa Nin began to morph until there standing in his place was the last person she would have expected to be here, the demon boy she hated so much.

"Look what we have here, a trapped little dog."

"Fuck you demon boy I'll kill you for killing my family members, the Yondaime, his wife, all those villagers and the Yondaime's son thirteen years ago. His daughter will kill you if I can't and were making sure of it now." Naruto chuckled.

"Oh well I guess I have to make sure I have at least one legacy in this world now won't we." Her body stiffens in fear as he used his sharp razor nails to shred away her clothes until she was bare as the day she was born.

"I'll kill you and this child demon so it won't matter. I'll make sure any children you have are killed."

"But then he will be the last child you will produce which that much I will ensure after I'm done with you." He slipped his pants down to his ankles and got on his knees. He lowered his hip and let his penis descend towards her opening. As soon as it touched her opening, she shivered in fright and bit back the tears threatening to bust forward. He slipped it in forcing past her attempt to block him out. She soon felt pain from trying to block him out. Knowing any attempt to block him out will only result in more pain, she let all resistance drops and allowed him to easily slide in and out of her. Naruto started at a slow pace and picked up speed as he went along. He enjoyed each time he thrust in and then out. He growled and gripped the grass beneath him as his thrust became more primal.

Tsume's body slowly gave into the pleasure she denied it for several years causing her to moan. When his thrust turned wilder, it reminded her of the pleasure she didn't receive from her husband. Her pussy got wetter and soon her pain turned into pleasure. Despite the fact that he was raping her, she couldn't help but feel dominated and satisfied as he fucked the brains out of her. Her insides clamped around his dick as juices squirt out of her. Her muscles had a spasm for a few seconds but this did not stop the wild beast. This actually encouraged him to thrust harder. As he added more power behind his thrust, her need to grab onto something overpowered the shadow connected to her arms. With her now free hands, he dug her claws into his back drawing blood. Her nails scraped downwards as her orgasm washed over once again. He never slowed his pace or showed any signs of stopping soon.

Naruto felt her have her orgasm several time but would not stop until he filled her with his cum. He fondled with her breast and sucked on the other. He switched between sucking on both breast. He did so and after 30 minutes, he came in her filling up her womb. His eyes rolled back as he released a large amount of semen filling her womb. Tsume saw this and did the only thing to ensure he wouldn't kill her. She sunk her teeth into his neck and pumped chakra into his neck. As she did this, she was now able to access memories of him. This allowed an Inuzuka member to see what their wife and husband did throughout their lives thus no secrets were kept from them. She would look for any weakness she would be able to use against him later.

Random memories flashed painfully to her. The first being the death of kyuubi thirteen years ago, his horrible treatment, the murder of the third Raikage, the truth of what happened to kushina, and everything that happened from the moment he entered the village again. She released her hold on him and stared at him in complete shock. Naruto grabbed his head in pain feeling as if he was mind raped. He lost his bearing and fell backwards on his bottom. Two red downward fangs appeared on his neck indicating their clan's symbol and the fact that they were now married. The mark would influence him strongly to protect her and never to harm her.

Tsume couldn't believe that for 13 years she thought that the kyuubi was naruto only to find that he was not the same demon who attacked the village. He took the demon's power and memories thus becoming a demon. Then that means he was still the Yondaime's son. Then there was the fact that Kushina his mother and her best friend didn't hate him at all. She raised him after being out of a coma. Tears flowed down her eyes as she weakly made her way to him. The pain had by then washed away and Naruto looked up to see a naked Tsume with tears flowing down her cheek. She crawled towards him and Naruto tried to leave only for the seal on his neck to freeze him in his tracks. The sudden feeling to protect, mate and comfort her came upon him. He did not move from his spot as his body would no longer obey him.

Tsume weakly grabbed him and pulled herself into his lap and rested her head against his shoulders.

"I'm sorry naruto" was all he heard before a blunt force to the back of his neck put him out. Hana stared in horror at the form of her naked mom on the demon. Seeing the semen leak out of her made her want to kill him but she would leave that choice to her mother. She placed all 10 suppression seal then had her partners help her carry her mom and the demon to the compound before placing 60 more seals on him. She placed chakra cuffs on him placing his hands behind his back and cuffs on his feet as well. Then there was the electric color for bad animals being trained to act well. She dropped his body in the basement and tends to her mother's care. Tsume's eyes opened the next day as she recalled the incident. She tried to stand only for a voice to stop her.

"Don't get out of bed mom, your still injured from the rape incident. If you're looking for revenge then you do not need to worry. He in the basement tied up with chakra cuffs, 70 suppression seals, and an electric color."

"I need to see him Hana plus there is new information that I have discovered about him. I need you to make sure he doesn't leave. I'll meet you down there in a second." Hana was confused by her request but did as she was told. She waited for her mom who limped down the basement steps. Tsume moved over to the unconscious body as tears built up again. She gently stroked his hair then kissed him on the forehead.

"Mom, why are you kissing kyuubi? He just raped you yesterday." She was completely confused especially when she was raped by the demon yesterday.

"Hana, he is not the same demon that attacked our village as I found out yesterday when I placed our special mate mark on him so he wouldn't kill me. There was a memory of kyuubi's death plus other information such as the fact that Kushina loved him and raised him as soon as she was out of the coma. For 13 years I have treated the Yondaime's legacy like shit just as everyone else has. Kushina was my best friend so to treat him like this is unforgivable. I'll make up for the damage I've done to his life. If you don't believe me then go ahead and mark him as your own. This will allow you to see what I saw yesterday." Hana was hesitant at first but hearing her mother say this made here think. She sunk her teeth in his neck causing another rain of fangs to appear but this one appeared upward instead and under the previous seal. The two seals now look like one seal the form of a mouth. She too experience what Tsume had when first entering his mind. After learning the truth, she recoiled back.

"Hana we really screwed up badly and we need to fix this now. We are Inuzuka and are supposed to be loyal to those we align ourselves to. We were allied to the Namikaze clan so for us to treat him like this isn't good. Then there is the fact that our sandaime hokage wants to use the Yondaime's daughter for a breeding machine. And don't let me get started on who his grandfather and grandmother is. How far have we fallen to do such horrible things?" Hana did not know how to respond to that at all.

"But mom, we can fix this since we are now his wives. How about we satisfy his sexual desires? It seems he has quite the appetite for sex plus we could include Anko and Hinata. If we are to make up for what happened then we need make him as happy as he can be." Tsume saw where she was going.

"What are we going to do with this information? I'm sure I can convince the rest of our members that Naruto isn't the kyuubi no kitsune but we won't be able to do the same with the others."

"Well then we'll just have to keep this a secret now don't we plus I think he is waking up now." Naruto's eyes fluttered open and saw the two in front of him. He felt suppression seal on his along with the fact that his hands were tied. He pulled the cuffs apart breaking them on physical strength along then peeled off the seals and breaking the collar. They had yet to make any move as he did all of this.

"May I ask as to why I'm not dead? Surely there is a reason why I'm not dead. Let me guess, you want to know if I prevented Tsume from having kids so I could fix the problem or you want me awake so you could kill me while I'm wide awake." Both flinched as he said this so casually. Tsume regained her bearings and replied to his statement to straighten some things out.

"I'm sorry for mistaking you for the same demon that attacked 13 years ago. We haven't made any move because we saw the errors of our ways and would like to change. We as Inuzuka's will offer you our bodies to please you to show you how sorry we are for treating you badly. You may do as you please and be as wild as you want to any women in our clan though we don't have many members after 13 years ago. Our clan has a total of 10 members 9 being women and 1 being the only guy whom would be my son you injured during the preliminary exams. I noticed how you didn't hurt him out of hate but out of entertainment but could you please spare him further injuries. Will you forgive us for our past treatment against you Naruto-kun?" Naruto was about to reject that idea only for his resolve to crumble under her sad expression. He cursed the seal for making him submit to her feelings and wondered if that was how Hinata felt after he placed it on her. These seals can really manipulate someone to a certain degree.

The only way he would have the seal removed from his neck was if a stronger women with the ability he or the Inuzuka clan had came and marked him. The only person who could do that was his mother since she was part demon and he was not about to have kids with his mother. This means he would have to keep Tsume as a mate and protect her and since he would be with her, then he would have to forgive her. He was pretty sure the seal wouldn't allow him to stay mad at her indicated by his anger slowly leaving him.

"I forgive you Tsume but it wouldn't matter since your seal wouldn't allow me to stay angry at you or Hana. So what are we going to do now since I won't be staying in the village for long?" Tsume thought about it for a while until a thought occurred.

"What about that area you are constantly around. There was a tracker on here but it might have been destroyed. We found your scent coming from a cave but we never went in. Do you live inside of a cave or is there a tent inside?" This showed that despite knowing his location, no one went into the tower.

"I have a tower built inside the cave but I wouldn't advise you to go in unless you have a death wish. You will find one tower as soon s you walk in but that one tower leads to several other towers each containing battle ready people. I'm making a battle zone where legends will be born." He paused for a moment as his ring glow light green.

'Naruto this is Shachihoko here. I just got my ring and a name for my tower. I want to name my tower Ocean Depth. My tower is ready now and so is my sword. Kushina-sama also wants to move up the day you are to take back Natsumi seeing as she don't want the old geezer to use her as a breeding stock with some prick. She wants you to get her as soon as she is out of the Sandaime's sight. I'll see you around soon.' The ring stopped glowing for a second then glowed purple for a second.

'Hey Naruto-ko, this is your kaachan speaking. I'm here to tell you about how to tell who is contacting you. My color is purple, Shachihoko is light green, Garra is tan, Han is white, Fu is orange, and yours color is black. Whatever color is displayed will show who is contacting you and also there is not limit t who could talk at the same time just as long as they have their rings. I want to know what your status is right now.'

'I'm in a tough situation after having fun with Tsume of the Inuzuka clan. She placed a mate mark on me and now it's influencing me to protect, comfort, and mate with her as did her daughter Hana. My anger for them just seemed to vanish and for some reason, I felt compelled to forgive them. She offered me to please myself with her clan thought it had 9 women and 1 boy. I think the guys went to the frontlines to protect the women but never came back most likely due to the slaughter they suffered.'

'Well I did say I want grandchildren but seeing as you have so many women, why not repopulate our clan. Anyway, I have the tower prepared so only a few people could enter the tower at a time so we won't get overwhelmed. I want you to grab Natsumi and come towards the tower without sinking into the shadows. I want you to lead a few contestants towards us. It is time the towers emerge to the shinobi world.' The ring stopped glowing. Tsume looked confuse as to what happened.

"Hey Naruto-kun, what is that ring for and what just happened?" Naruto blinked for a few seconds then turned to Tsume to answer her.

"It is a way for me to contact certain people which I was currently speaking with a few associations of mine. It seems that I have a few things to do now but I will be seeing you all soon anyways." Naruto sank into the shadows leaving behind a confused Tsume and Hana.

Naruto appeared outside the compound and searched for his sister. He found her training as she was being watched by a man with dark hair and his trademark sunglasses. He is wore standard Konoha shinobi outfit, albeit without the flak jacket. He also wears his forehead protector like a bandana. Naruto smiled at the perfect kidnapping opportunity. He jumped out into the opening and grabbed his imōto by the waist then took off. Ebisu watched in horror as the demon fox took away the Yondaime's daughter. He reached for a flare gun and shot off a red flare indicating immediate danger.