A/N: Ok, so, after taking a look at one of my fictions, I looked deeper into the characters and the flaws I'd over done, or over looked, and I decide to write a sequel to it. Taking place after "Melted Hearts of Ice" the first Rei/Minako/Ami pairing I made, this is an almost direct sequel. If you haven't read that, I would highly suggest you do so before starting this one, or you may become confused.

There will be an Inuyasha character in this fiction in later chapters, but don't worry, it isn't Kagome or Sango, or any of the obvious main characters, and even if the character (Personality and all that jazz) is in here, the story is still very much Sailor Moon.

Summary: After the events of "Melted Hearts of Ice" the girls realize that their love doesn't only affect them, but also their fellow Senshi, their families, and their princess. When the chips are down and Rei needs understanding on all fronts? Can Ami and Minako pull through? Can they move past the emotional walls and learn to love each other? What about Usagi? Can she accept Rei's difficult situation without Luna making it worse? I guess you'll need to read and find out.

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Chapter 1: Routine.

Life. Such a simple word usually tends to mean a world of trouble. It isn't easy at the best of times and it's more painful than any perceivable hell at the worst of times. However, when it's mundane, when the little things don't really matter and the big things rarely leave a dent and hardly a memory, that's when such a word makes the most sense. For one such as a Sailor Senshi there are more meanings for the word than just any dictionary would give. Thankfully, recently there was no new definition of which to speak of.

Rei would wake up, a girl in her arms. Sometimes she was naked, others fully clothed. The scent of rain or strawberries filled her nose each and every day, and for that, Rei was grateful. The sun rose in the dawn, set at night, and for the most part things were starting to become normal for her. The morning always started the same, the three of them together in the bedroom or kitchen, one with coffee sitting at the end of the bed or at the stove cooking breakfast, the other dealing with Rei's adamant refusal to leave the warmth of the covers or in the shower getting ready to start the day.

The body pressed into her side was always a woman, although the type was subject to debate. There was Minako, her long time lover of over three years and the forever wise and caring Senshi of love and beauty. While Sailor Venus was a high ranking Sailor Senshi, in the romance department when it came down to her and Rei, her word was almost always effective law. Rei liked it that way. It wasn't that she wanted to be told what to do, but she did like the fact that she could be weak in Minako's arms.

Then there was Ami. Her frame was smaller, her voice and actions normally more discrete, the perfect example of a little woman. She would meet the sunrise in a good mood, her logic and rational outlook both quick and efficient. She would cook simple, easy meals, get things done in an orderly manner, and more times than not, she was off in a corner. When Rei did manage to anger the woman, Ami was almost too much to handle, the icy anger worse than Rei's own hot temperament. Her words were sharper in a voice of liquid venom used if such time called for it.

The contrast in the three women was what made the relationship interesting…and very difficult. While both girls didn't have a problem sharing Rei, the miko couldn't help but dislike feeling as if she was playing the hearts of both girls, even if she knew that's what they had wanted. Rei's memories of Ami had instilled a love from the past, one so strong the ties could never be broken. The love shared with Minako was built over the course of Rei's current life and sat as a sentiment to how different the miko really was, and would have stayed if it hadn't been for old memories resurfacing.

Both bonds were strong and no one wanted to overpower the other, however, this left a feeling of discomfort for Rei. Both women loved her deeply; however, they did not love each other. Rei could hear Ami stumble through the shrine doors like clockwork. The girl's footsteps stopped short in the living area and it was clear that she was paying her respects to the memory of Rei's grandfather who had passed on almost a year ago.

The shrine had been left for Rei, who took on the responsibility without a second thought in her mind, despite the wishes of the man who raised her. He had wanted her to see as much of the world as she could and requested that she carefully decide before committing to the shrine, however Rei was stubborn and this place was her home. The smell of coffee woke her senses, and the blond next too her, Minako, rolled off the bed and onto the floor before dragging herself to the shower half awake, Rei walked into the kitchen in her pajamas.

"The human bear trap gets up of her own accord." Ami joked lightly, setting some tea on the table for Rei. "This is starting to become a pattern."
"You two know what you need to do to remedy the problem." Rei answered sipping at her tea and adding some sugar.
"I know why you want to abstain from intercourse, but don't you think it's a little rough on Minako?" Ami sipped her own coffee before going to the fridge.
"Oh, it's driving her up the wall, I'm sure of it." Rei's voice amused more than anything.
"We didn't mind it." Ami replied cryptically and she went to making breakfast. "What we had before I mean."

"You didn't, but I sure did." Rei watched as Ami started frying eggs for something. Looked like an omelet. "It's only been two weeks and I know it's driving her nuts but I want you two to really try to start something with each other. I'm not asking you to love her, I just want more than tolerance going on. Think of what Usagi and the others would say? Not to mention we've yet to tell them or your mother. You guys need to see that it would be for the greater good if you shared something besides forbearance."

"I know that." Ami answered placing down the plate of cooked omelets onto the table. "It's just hard. Minako and I don't have romantic feelings for each other. I don't have an interest in her the way you want me too for any relationship besides what we have." She turned putting bread into the toaster, not missing the look Rei gave her. "If it makes you feel any better you can rest assured that baser instincts don't rule me, so I'm not having too many issues with this yet."

"Neither am I." Rei shrugged. "You know Minako though."
"Yes, she does like her sex life to be overtly active doesn't she?" Ami did have some bitterness towards the blond.
"Hey now, as I recall you weren't completely innocent either. You never did tell me who your first was." Rei waggled an eyebrow as Ami blushed.
"It was Makoto if you must know…but she, well let's just say she prefers to be with men." The blush on her face told more than her words. "And we only goofed of a little."
"You may not be ruled by it, but you do miss it. I think I'm the only one this entire thing doesn't agitate." Rei smirked pointing at the blush.

"Be happy you're not...damned planetary alignment." Minako answered dryly as she walked into the room. "This is murder on my hormones. Of all the times for Venus to come into view from Earth." That wasn't helping. Each girl seemed to have symptoms when her planet that came into view, and for Minako, it was arousal. "Rei, you can't be serious about this? It's been going on for two weeks now and that damned planet isn't going away for a few more days!" After plopping into the seat across the circular table so that she was facing Rei she sighed, spooning an egg onto her plate, glaring when she broke the yolk on it. "Stupid thing."

"You don't like it when your own game is played back at you…do you?" Rei smirked as she started eating her own meal. "Look, all I'm asking is to open your minds a bit here. You don't need to have sex or anything, but stop putting me in the middle…please?" The lavender eyes melted Minako's heart and made heat bubble one of the worst places given the particular moment in time. "I don't like seeing all of this fighting all the time." Rei really did want the three of them to be a big happy family.

"Don't look at me." The blond shivered as she felt ice run across the nape of her neck from across the room. "Look at the ice queen and say that."
"What was that little miss bondage?" Ami quipped back.
"Stop it the both of you!" Rei all but yelled in anger. "This is why it's so hard! You just can't seem to be any more than civil with each other."
"What do suggest we do then?" Minako was stressed about it too actually.

"I don't know, but I have a very important reason for requesting this." Rei gauged the reactions before starting slowly. "There is someone who will be staying with us for a while and I can't have the two of you trying to kill each other when it happens, on top of that, we are going to have to be discrete. She doesn't know about this little…whatever this is, and I'd like to keep it that way for the time being."

"Who is she Rei?" Minako hadn't even known of this. "A friend or a relative."
"My half sister if you want to go into detail about it." Rei's anger was barely hidden and it was aimed at one man only.
"Do we want to know?" Ami was trying to be cautious. Anything to do with Rei's father usually wasn't a good thing.

"Well, put it this way. That man can't keep his organs where they belong and as a result I have a sister. I don't really know her or anything, I mean it's not like I try to keep up with his antics and I don't know the kid very well, but, that's what she is, just a kid. Anyway, I guess she's a bit of a problem and her mom's going to ship her off, and god knows dad doesn't pay attention to those things. This shrine can't just turn people away, and grandpa raised be better than to outcast my own family."

"How old is she?" Minako's question was rushed. "I mean do you know anything about her at all?"

"Not really." Rei received a few looks of disapproval before she just sighed. "All I know is that dad doesn't want the responsibility of looking after her, and her mom can't control her. There isn't much else to tell. If I don't take her in, dad won't care and her mom won't have any other option. Personally, speaking from experience, look at who her father is and you'll see why she isn't being controlled. Grandpa always swore it was the Hino gene, and I guess he was right about that."

When Minako and Ami started throwing each other worried glances, Rei continued. "I understand if you guys don't like the idea, but there really isn't any other option at this moment. She'll be here at the end of this week, and then she's my responsibility. I didn't even have time to think this through or anything, it's all going so fast, and really, I know it'll be a lot of weight on you guys too, but right now it just has to be this way. We can't blame her for my father and his lack of parenting."

"Why didn't you tell us sooner?" Leave it to Minako to start up the questions again.
"Her mother called me last week and told me what's been going on. I really haven't had much time to think on the matter."
"How do we always end up in situations like this?" That was Ami, her hand to her head, a look of stress on her features.
"I have no idea." Minako was just as lost.

"You ended up in this mess because of me…" Rei stood from the table, clearing the plates of food. "However, how I always end up in these situations is always because of my dad and his stupidity. That's the sad thing about all of this. That poor girl is a product of dad's inability to be a moral human being, and is he the one paying for it? No, because all he has to do is sit pretty in his suit and preach crap to the people, and he'll be elected again, and then he can spend his time with that woman he married, but never with his daughter. You want to know why the girl is so off the wall, she had no real father, and her mother is blind to the facts. I would have been just as rebellious."

"Rei, you are just as rebellious." Minako reminded lightly.
"But does that make me a bad person?" Rei's question made Minako waver as she saw the pent up fury in Rei's eyes.
"You know it doesn't." That came from Ami.

"Then why is it we're the ones who had to pay for his mistakes?" Neither of them could answer Rei's question. "I've suffered enough for the both of us when I was a kid and mom was gone, there's no reason she should have to do it to. I won't let him do it, I'm not going to let her just be cast aside." It was clear Rei's ranting wasn't at them as she walked out of the room to shower and dress for the day ahead, but still, the pain in her eyes were raw, and neither of them could have offered solace for that type of pain. The one man who could have wasn't here anymore, and that was also why Rei had made this decision in the first place.

It was what her grandfather would have done.


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