So as not to overdo it this is the last chapter in this story. I think I have covered enough, but because I like my little group of boys they are getting their own story, just to cover some of their little problems with Merlin.

I just wrote this to put in Olwen's final line really… ;-)

It wasn't a surprise to Arthur that it was Olwen who approached him. He was young and very naïve, easy to play pranks on, and he would believe almost anything he was told. Arthur liked him. Now and again Olwen reminded him of Merlin, who displayed a self-same level of innocence.

The five knights had stayed silent over the last two weeks; and Arthur, as he watched the training, said nothing as Olwen came up to stand next to him, looking at the view. He pulled on a loose sliver of wood on the training area of fence and said.

"I don't suppose I can talk to anyone else."

"Five of you gave me your word," Arthur said. "Block your right!" he bellowed at the poor unfortunate knight who wasn't doing so and Leon clanged hard around the head.

"We haven't even talked about it between ourselves, I don't think we dare."

"Probably not," Arthur said calmly.

"So there's just you."

Arthur turned to look at him steadily. No one had said anything for two weeks.

"I expect you to keep your word. All of you."

"We have done Sire, but it's a little hard to comprehend. Merlin is… he's… you know."

"Merlin is Merlin," Arthur said.

"We saw what he did."

"And he did it to protect me, to protect all of us, because I asked him to."

"You knew, you knew about him."

Arthur nodded, looking out over the training field. "Not straight away. I knew Merlin before I knew what he really was, what power he had, and it made me think. I had to make a decision, Olwen. I found out that Merlin had lied to me, not directly, but he had lied and he was something that I had grown up being told was evil."

"But Merlin's not evil," Olwen said. Arthur looked at him, folding his arms across his chest.

"I did wonder when I saw him facing those creatures. I saw his face as he unleashed his power, and it was a frightening thing. I drifted through it before then, thinking it was just some little thing. Then when I looked at him doing that, I knew it wasn't. But it was me that made him do it. If he had had to do it any other way, we would not have all survived."

"They were pretty big beasts and what Merlin did was…" Olwen stopped and sighed.

"Merlin was doing what I told him. I had no plan and no way out except him. I used him as a weapon like I would my sword. I think I was a little careless with him. I've put him in this position, and I will probably end up one day having to answer for it. But really… is that a huge danger to Camelot?"

Olwen followed Arthur's gaze, to Merlin who was staggering along hefting Arthur's armour in his arms. He peered around the pile he was holding to try and negotiate his way around the bench. Naturally Merlin missed, caught his foot and with a loud clatter the armour went flying and Merlin flopped face down onto the ground. The sound made all the knights turn and they all started to cheer and clap at him; even the ones that knew what he was.

"Well done, Merlin," Arthur shouted, causing more laughter.

Picking himself up onto his hands and knees Merlin pulled sneering, mock laughter faces at the knights and started to gather up the armour he had dropped to gather it in a pile, and start to polish off the worst of the mess he had just made, which was probably making it even more smeary that it had been before.

"Olwen, is he a huge threat to my future kingdom?" Arthur asked.

Olwen looked at Merlin and raised his eyebrows. Arthur started to laugh loudly as Olwen replied steadily.

"Well, only if he happens to drop it."