I don't own it, but I'm a huge fan XD I'd totally nominate J.K. Rowling for the Nobel Prize. She'd probaly be the first Nobel-Prize-winner whose stories are actually fun to read... can't say that about Thomas Mann or Orhan Pamuk. Their stories are good, but they aren't fun. So, anyway, no, I don't own it, but I hope that doesn't bother anyone... on to the story...

"You are not going to give my godson to the Dursleys!" Sirius protested, outraged. "These people are ghastly! They are ignorant, intolerant, malicious and they will most certainly not love him. Just look at how they treated Lily after she had married James! Petunia wouldn't even speak to her anymore! Her own sister!"

Albus Dumbledore sighed. He looked grey and exhausted, his face haggard from lack of sleep. "I realize that they are not the best sort of people. However, right now, they are the only people capable of keeping the boy safe, even though they will never know it. Lily's protection will only work with close blood-relatives… and Petunia Dursley and her son are the only ones who qualify. There are a few distant relatives of James, to be sure. The Longbottoms are related, as are the Parkinsons and Miranda Wood and her son… but too distant."

"How can you be sure of that? Why not give it a try? Let's take him to the Longbottoms, they are good people. Friends. Loyal, trustworthy, caring. Plus, they have a little boy about his age. He could grow up having an adopted brother, in place of the sister he lost."

Dumbledore shook his head. "No, Sirius. I am not willing to risk Harry's life. There is too much at stake here, and three people gave their lives so he could live his. I promise you that I will try to find a way to keep him safe without the Dursleys, but it will take time, and it may never happen… however, it will only matter until he turns eleven, anyway. Then he'll be able to come to Hogwarts, and he won't be seeing much of the Dursleys anymore."

"Do you not think that it is a great risk to let a wizard grow up in a Muggle family?" Remus asked, frowning deeply.

"My dear Remus, quite a lot of wizards grow up in Muggle families. Lily did, for example. It didn't hurt her or her family much, did it?"

Sirius scowled. "I don't like it."

"You don't have to. In fact, I think, none of us likes it very much. But there is simply no choice in the matter… my greatest concern is for the safety and health of the boy, and I am quite sure, you agree. We can only hope that the Dursleys will treat him well and that he will grow up to be a normal, healthy and happy child… though I cannot imagine how he could do so, with as tragic a past as he has. We have to make certain that his location is kept secret. This means, none of us will be able to visit him, as that would be conspicuous. We also have to make certain that he never learns of his past?"

"What? You want to deny him the knowledge of his parents? Dumbledore, you cannot do this! Lily and James loved him, they fought for him, they died for him. He ought to know that." Sirius looked pale and shaken, mentioning his best friend's death.

Dumbledore pursed his lips. "You may have a point. However, I insist that he must not be told until he enters Hogwarts. By that time, he will be old enough to understand."

Remus nodded his approval.

"And," Dumbledore added, "he must never, not under any circumstances, be told about the fate of his sister, or the fact that he even had a sister. It would be too great a risk."

"Why?" Sirius asked, apparently confused.

"Think, Sirius! Although we do not fully understand what happened to Helen, we do know that Lily's desperate attempt to safe both her children endangered them both and may yet destroy Harry. The years will show the real impact of Lily's desperate magic. However, I believe that Harry's best chance of survival lies in keeping the hidden things hidden… forever, if possible. We do not want him to discover what truly lies buried within him, do we? It would be a horribly thing to have to live with… and it might kill him… kill them both. Therefore: No word of Helen. Not to anyone. And especially not to Harry."

Remus nodded gravely, and after a long minute, Sirius joined him.

"He shall never know."

- A few days later, Sirius Black was arrested and charged with the murder of James and Lily Potter, and as all the evidence spoke against him, convicted and sent off to Azkaban, where he was to remain many long and dreary years –