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WARNING: SLASH. Some violence. Don't like, don't read. Not beta'd. Random.

Based in third season of The Mentalist.

Brief: Harry had a daughter with Ginny, called Lily. They broke up and Harry moved to America with his daughter where he met Kimball Cho and they became a couple.

Pairing: Harry/Kimball Cho

AN:/ Well, I'm glad you guys liked it. A surprising number of you 'story alert'ed me, and I felt that I shouldn't let you guys down. And I've been inspired to write a second part now since reading your reviews, :D.

Thirty-two hours had passed since Kimball had first sat by Harry's bedside, and not once had he strayed from it. Lily was asleep on another chair, a blanket thrown over her and a pillow, supplied by one of the nurses, under her head. She had fallen asleep five hours ago, only stirring when Rigsby briefly visited to see if Kimball was alright, and if there was any changes. There wasn't.

Every hour that went past, was an hour closer to the deadline that the doctor had given the unconscious Harry. The chances of him awakening were decreasing with every tick of the clock. At one point Kimball had been severely tempted to pull out his gun and shoot the damn thing. But now it was just white noise, pushed to the back of his mind as he consciously ignored the sounds in favour of focusing solely on Harry.

"No change?" Jane's voice asked quietly from where he hovered in the doorway.

"None." Kimball replied shortly, not taking his eyes off of his and Harry's joined hands. "He still has time."

"How is Lily?" Jane then asked.

"She's asleep. Has been for several hours." Kimball sucked in a deep breath. "She doesn't understand why her father isn't waking up."

"He will." Jane said confidently. "Harry is a fighter."

Kimball bowed his head. "Was there something you wanted?" He asked.

Jane flinched a little at the tone but nodded.

"We have a witness." Jane said. "He says that he heard a disturbance and went to see if Harry was alright." Jane hesitated. "He's telling the truth."

Kimball tensed. "Who is it?"

"Just a runner." Jane answered. "Name Markus Farbovis."

"Never heard of him." Kimball said.

"No, I suppose you wouldn't." Jane walked further into the room towards the spare chair on the other side of the bed, opposite Kimball. "He lives several blocks from your place."

"I'm not home much." Kimball looked over his shoulder to stare at Lily for a moment. "When Harry and I first met," Kimball finally spoke up again, turning back to look down at Harry's face, "it was because of his daughter."

Jane sat forward attentively.

"She was playing on the front lawn when she ran out in front of me." Kimball smiled sadly. "I swerved into a parked car, which later turned out to be his."

Jane quirked his lips, and Kimball's gaze flicked up to see Jane's expression.

"After that... I don't know, it was like instant attraction." Kimball once again glanced behind him to the sleeping child. "That, and Lily was at a stage where she was trying to pair her father up with any adult that she met because Lily's friends all had two parents, and she wanted two as well."

"Sneaky." Jane commented.

"It was, actually," Kimball brought Harry's hand up to his lips briefly. "She didn't tell us about this until after we properly got together."

"Smart girl."

"Yeah, devious really. But it almost didn't work." The CBI agent rubbed his eyes, pushing away the feeling of drowsiness.

Jane stared at Kimball, and the other man couldn't blame him. This was the most information that Kimball had ever offered anyone, much less Jane. But, Kimball thought tiredly, it was good to remember those moments.

"He was going to leave me at one point, you know." Kimball said. He caught the surprised look on Jane's face and raised a brow. "What, you didn't see that one coming?"

"No. I didn't." Jane admitted with a frown. "Why was he going to leave you?"

This time Kimball's smile, however fleeting, was genuine.

"He had this big family secret that he thought would change things between us." Kimball paused. "It also explained a few things about Lily, actually. But anyway, Harry was just so scared that I would leave him over this, that he decided to leave me before I could do that to him." Kimball shook his head. "When I found out Lily was staying with a friend, and saw Harry packing... I didn't know what to think. I thought that I had done something. But then he told me what the secret was. He showed me. And I guess I did act a little - well, I was shocked."

"But you accepted it." Jane surmised when it was obvious that Kimball wasn't going to say anything else.

"I did."

Jane didn't ask what it was that had shocked Kimball, or what drove Harry into nearly leaving. He just sat back against the hard plastic chair for a little while longer, silently giving Kimball some comfort before he finally left to find Lisbon and help with the case, leaving the other man to his own thoughts.

Kimball worried his lip and glanced over at the open door before he turned back to Harry.

"I know this is stupid," Kimball said quietly, "and that you can't hear me, but I - I don't know what to do. I need you to wake up, Harry."

Kimball stared down at Harry's limp form for several tense moments waiting for... something. When nothing happened Kimball locked his jaw and glared down at the blanket furiously. He didn't know what else to do. How was he going to cope if Harry didn't wake up? And what about Lily?

Lost in his thoughts, Kimball was startled by what felt like a twitch against his palm. Kimball stared down at Harry's hand blankly, before his eyes shot up to Harry's face.

"Harry?" Kimball asked, standing up from his seat and leaning over the bed. "Harry, if you can hear me, squeeze my hand."

There was no reaction for a moment, then, as if Kimball had imagined it, there was a slight pressure on his hand.

"Good. That's good Harry." Kimball smiled, hope growing in his chest. "Now open your eyes. Open your eyes, Harry."

There was another gently squeeze to his hand, this time stronger, as the man in the bed appeared to be trying to do what Kimball wanted him to do. The heart monitor beeped increasingly fast, and it was like music to the CBI's ears as he continued to focus on Harry's face.

"Please, love, for me." Kimball said again. "Open your eyes."

Harry's lashes fluttered and a soft moan escaped parted chapped lips. Kimball reached out a free hand and started to stroke Harry's untidy hair encouragingly when Harry's breath became louder as if the man was pulling in strength from the air around him. Finally after several painstakingly long moments Harry's eyes opened, his pupils dilating at the sudden light entering his retinas.

"That's great," Kimball stared into unfocused emeralds, heart skipping a beat when they closed briefly. Kimball blindly reached for the button that called for the assigned nurse, and pressed it hard.

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