A/N- Have you missed me? Well, I regret to inform you that I'm not really back for good on this fandom. My inspiration's still mostly dead for DW. But this hit me in just the right way and I had to write it!

She is the same. It has been eight years, Gallifrey Standard, since she left him for E-Space, and she accomplished much, sacrificed much. But she is the same. Gift of a Time Lady, she hasn't aged a day. Probably won't for another three or four hundred years in this body.

He, though, has changed many times. The wild hair, the bow-tie, the incessant rambling that makes her head hurt... he is different.

The worst of it is not the regeneration changes, though. Those she is perfectly equipped to deal with. It's the other things. He is not carefree anymore. Well, he never really was, but he knew how to put the dark things away when it wasn't time for them. Now they are constantly present, eating at him night and day and the times when it isn't either, as well. He doesn't laugh like a child anymore. He still speaks nonsense, but the nonsense has a purpose now, always.

She misses the aimless nonsense.

He has been corrupted. Her brilliant, silly, innocent companion has been corrupted, as all men seem to be, by the harshness of life. It is an infection in his mind, dark, hot little bodies swarming around that cool eternal light he used to have and trying to burn it out.

But she will not let that happen. She is stronger than he was, and they both know this, and she is from a simpler time. She can bridge the gap and fix him.