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I couldn't figure out what was with Matt. Seriously addicted to his camera, he thought I didn't notice, but I did. He would randomly take pictures, candid shots. I even caught him photographing me in the shower of all places.


Once it was like an actual shoot. I was on my brown leather couch, in a pair of linen pants, shirt off, (finally comfortable with my body, at least around him) trying to take a nap. He woke me with the flash. "Ok what is with the pictures? You've been doing this for like a week."

He looked way to innocent to actually be. "What? I can't have pictures of my boyfriend?"

He had a point…

"Fine, but I want to take some of you, and some of us together; and you won't know when either, so no complaining."

Matt scowled, but I got no complaints. I was slowly healing, emotional wounds no longer as sharp. A mirror was re-installed into the bathroom, my fish tank back in my office. I didn't realize I missed it until it was back and I realized some of my fish had died. Misa had done a good job, but saltwater fish are hard to care for and I didn't have the sturdiest breeds… Poor guys.

Matt wrapped his arms around me as I watched them swim. "You ok?"

"Perfect." I kissed him and he grinned.

"Never pegged you as a fish person."

"Sound of water is soothing, and they just look peaceful."

He just shrugged. "It's late, are you coming to bed?"

"Yeah, lets go."

I had my living teddy bear, my bed smelled like Matt, had a drawer full of chocolate, and I had my fish back. Life was good. I fell asleep curled against him, smile on my lips.

Almost a year after the accident, of dodging paparazzi, and three months of Matt taking random shots of me he called me out of the bathroom as I was getting dressed. Sighing I stuck a chocolate bar in my mouth walking out of our bedroom. "Yeah, babe?"

I froze. There were people in our living room. I was shirtless, scar on display for all to see.

Matt caught my hand before I could flee. "Mello, this is Kyle and his wife Anita. They specialize in couture fashion. More specifically leather couture. I've sent them shots of you… They want you to model for them. It would be more fashion show than photo shoot, but you could work again. I would still be there, they still need shots for their portfolio."

I was stunned into silence. I even (blasphemy) dropped my chocolate.

Anita crossed the room taking my hand, speaking in heavily accented English. Russian maybe? "Please say yes. Soft but tough like leather. Good contrast. Good frame to design for. Perfect model yes?"

Kyle stood. "We're not well known in America yet. We've had a few shows in London. But we're in for fashion week hoping to start our line here. You would still be in adds once we get a line started if you wanted to go back that route, but we would love to work with you."

He was English interesting.

"I even have the contracts if you wish to go over it."

"I uh…Let me call Misa and Raito?" About that time the door rang. Matt just grinned.

"Already done."

Raito being the high maintenance guy he is insisted we do this over dinner. Meaning I had to be out in public, over which I had a mild panic attack (Matt pinning you to the wall and kissing you senseless? Best sedative ever). Then there was the ever present 'what the fuck do I wear?' question. Anita came to my aid. While I was agonizing looking though my closet she had darted to their car returning with a garment bag. She gave me a pair of pants and funky jacket with feathers pairing it with one of my shirts and boots. I gave her an appreciative smile. She just nodded looking the outfit over.

"Good. Like made for you."

We had dinner and drinks, and by the end of the night I had a permanent modeling job. They wanted me until I decided to retire. I was stunned.
Of course nothing was easy. The paparazzi did indeed have a field day. Pictures flooded the web. More were supportive than I expected. I laughed when one girl on a forum asked the ever popular question. 'Yeah, but who is he wearing.'

I threw the forum into chaos by answering myself. Now I know why 'trolling' was so popular on the web. It was kind of fun.
I was slowly going back into society.

My first runway show I was a wreck, but I saw many people I had worked with, from people who signed me, to other models to make up artists were there and I got a round of applause as I stepped out.

I was missed?

I actually enjoyed my new job. It was easy to fall into the routine of mainly live shows with a few shoots in between. Matt and I got to travel for the various fashion weeks in places. It was a good life.

I had been working for Kyle and Anita for close to a year, and was actually having coffee with the woman (for some reason she liked my input on her designs) waiting for Misa to show up.

I was tackled and almost fell from my chair. "Mello! Mattie was in a jewelry store! Mello and Mattie don't wear jewelry! Mattie must be planning something!"
I just laughed happily. Two years ago I was at the lowest point of my life now I couldn't be happier. Life was perfect.

…Think Misa will kill me when she found out we've been engaged a month? Eh, details, who needs them. My job is to just stand there and be pretty.