My Father's Dragon

A/N: So, this is my first fanfic and even writing a story, EVER. I guess I just love enough of this movie in combination of reading "My Father's Dragon" by Ruth Stiles Gannett gots me brain going, lol. I've read a few fanfics on here for this movie and it got me wanting to write one of my own. I am unsure of how bad my grammar is but let it be known that i welcome all kinds of critiques so this way i may progress better. And for the record in case anyone gets confuse, it is from Toothless P.O.V in third person. I am leaving the rating at K+ for now, I am unsure if it might go up later, but best be safe then sorry.

Disclaimer: I of course, do not own HTTYD characters, but I do own the making of my own Toothless plushie xD

The sound of crying and wailing of pain had him pacing around, not just him but Hiccup too. It was the birth of Hiccup's third child, the others; twins Tundra and Rain, were wrestling nearby either oblivious to their mother in labor or were simply trying to distract themselves that their mother was in pain. He had stopped his pacing and watch the boys instead. Tundra was a spitting image of his mother, from his blond messy hair to the same blue eyes and fierce exterior while his younger twin brother sort of look just a bit of both his parents. The same color hair only with a light dust of freckles on his face and dark green eyes, but like his mother; just as tough. None weren't as gentle as his Hiccup.

Speaking of which, he turns his reptilian head to see what exactly his human was doing. And still, he was pacing and at the rate he was going, he wouldn't be surprise if he made a ditch in a few minutes or so. Hiccup and Astrid had been blest when they had the twins, though they weren't as bad as Ruffnut and Tuffnut, they were more devious when they worked together and he found first hand when the twins manage to spring a trap on him just when they were four years old. Since then, he hadn't really cared to be around the twins but it didn't mean he dislikes them. They were just to riley for his taste which was why he got along so well with Hiccup, his gentle nature suited him.

"Oh man, what am I going to do?" He heard Hiccup's nervous voice. He sighed and move over to nudge the still lanky male. Course he wasn't lanky back in the day, he grew stocky over the years, but not quite like the other vikings. He kept that lanky look and somewhat boyish features with a small goatee on his chin but it suited his human. He felt the male's hand on his neck, scratching away getting a low happy purr out of him. "I mean, it was lucky with the twins, you know they're not that hard to take care of but...with this one, it's being even more lucky but the strain on Astrid's body." He drifted off, his hand still absentmindedly scratching the back of his friend's neck.

He nudges the human gently to get him out of his trance. Most Vikings only had one child, it was a blessing for them to have more than one because child labor was a dangerous thing. Some females after they had two or more kids don't tend to make it but Astrid was a Viking woman! She was strong! And he reminded Hiccup by pushing his snout against his back. Hiccup looked at him and gave that goofy grin. "Yea, gotta stop worrying, huh buddy?" the redhead chuckle. He return the smile, only...toothless.

It wasn't long till they both notice it was quiet and Hiccup looked at the house nervously, wringing his hands, feeling like a new father all over again. The door open and one of the nurses beckon him in. The redhead gave one more glance at his best friend before heading inside. He tilts his large head, staring at the door almost anxiously, wanting to know what was going on. He himself, had been excited when Hiccups pups were born and now he was excited again. The twins had wandered over, looking up at him before looking at the door, waiting to see as well. A few more minutes pass and the door finally open as Hiccup came out with a bundle in his arms and a beaming smile on his face. "Tundra, Rain, meet your baby sister, Orion." He murmurs, kneeling slightly to let the two blonds peek over at their newborn sibling. The babe was quiet but looking at the two brothers with curious eyes, a turf of red hair on top of her wee head.

"She's so tiny." Tundra murmur, looking at his baby sister in awe as Rain reach over to rub her cheek. The newborn wiggle in her blankets before her father lean back up and showed his new pride and joy to his best friend. "Toothless, meet Orion, Orion, Toothless." He introduces the two. Bright green eyes stared up at him and he tilts his head before leaning down to sniff the babe, a low purring sound rumble in his chest.

Orion coos before fidgeting and suddenly barf up some mucus, hitting him right on the face. He gave an irritated look as he let out a disgruntle grunt while Hiccup chuckle. "Look at that, she likes you." His rider tease. Orion gave a toothless smile.

This was a start of a beautiful relationship.