My Father's Dragon 6


He woke up to the sound of wheels grinding against the gravel floor. His head throbbed immensely, making him groan as eyes closed again, it wasn't till a second later he come to realize that he was moving. He jerk his head up, chains rattling and notice his mouth was trapped shut. Shaking his head, Toothless almost went cross eyed to see leather bound and metal around his snout, refraining him from being able to open his maw.


His eyes narrow and look around his surrounding. It was a containment, a box almost. There was an opening on one side of the box, barred up with bars. The dragon lean forward to get a better view of the darken surroundings. It was obviously still night time and they were traveling through the forest, hence all the tree surrounding him. Great, just what had he gotten himself into? Shaking himself again, Toothless let out a snort, frowning as he move to lay back down. He couldn't do least for now. The reptile inhale deeply around him, taking in the scents and narrow his eyes; some scents around him smelled quite odd.

::What's this? A natt raseri kidnapped?:: A low dark chuckle resonated in his head, making his pupils contract to see where the voice was coming from. All Toothless was met with was the wall off his confinement. ::Or what was it the humans called you? Night Fury? I thought your kind were elusive?:: The voice taunted, making Toothless growl.

::Show yourself!:: He demanded, eyes scanning around. The voice chuckle again.

::I would pup, if it wasn't for this confounded containment!:: The voice snarls. ::But then again, I wouldn't be here in the first place.:: The voice growled darkly. Toothless snorted, his ears sensors perking up as he heard foreign voices shouting in the distance.

::Tell me, where am I?:: Asked Toothless, unable to comprehend himself as to where he was. The other was silent for sometime, making the dragon frown. Now the other was deciding to stay quiet? He was prove wrong as the other spoke up once again.

::You've been carelessly capture by men who make money off us, showing us off like treasures. They call it a Freak Show Cirkus.:: The voice explain. Toothless frown more and as if sensing the others questions, the voice continue. ::You're the freak and this is the show.:: the voice chuckle again. A snarl left the dragon's throat.

::I am no such thing! I am a dragon! A night fury! I am not some toy to be put on display for human's merriment!:: he gave a muffle roar, moving to throw himself against his barrier.

"ssh! You need to calm down!" A young female voice hush, almost in a panic. "they'll come and they'll knock you out again!" She whisper frantically. Toothless had stop and look out his bar window. ::Who are you?:: He asked, but got no response. Either the female couldn't hear him or was too frighten to answer back. He sighs and shook himself, hearing more shouting in that strange language. The carrier he was in was starting to slow down, making him curious as too what was going on.

::Enjoy the ride pup, there's no escaping for any of us. These humans knew how to confine us and if we can't break out; there's no hope for you in escaping.:: the male voice return. Toothless growl.

::Oh yea? And just what are you? A horse?:: He snicker. A low growl seem to come from behind his cart.

::Fool, I am no horse, I am wolf to be feared:: he snarled. Toothless eyes widen. The Wolf God Fenrir?

::How in Hel did they capture you!:: Asked Toothless. Another low growl resonated in the air again.

::As I said pup, these humans know how to capture and bind us.:: With that, Toothless was left in silence, wondering just how he was going to get out.

Toothless watch as they had spent most of the night setting up camp before retiring. He had been restlessly testing his boundary. Surely he could get himself out of here; Hiccup was bound to wonder he had went and Orion, he pray to Odin that nothing happen to that troublesome human pup. Sure, she had kicked him, called him stupid and useless, blamed him for her misery and at first; he was hurt then angered and left her to get lost in the forest but he came to an understanding, she was only young; nine years old. Of course she was going to think her life was miserable, Hiccup had gone through the same thing when he was younger; it had to be a human adolescence stage thing or something, Toothless wasn't sure but still, she hadn't really meant any of it. Just as he had gone off to find her, these men had ambushed him; HIM of all creatures! They had some how subdued him and cage him up! His pride was a bit wounded right now! How could he let a couple of mere humans ambush HIM of all creatures? Hel, even the mighty Fenrir was somehow caged up, having been caught by mere humans...

But that was the thing, were they REALLY mere humans? Not even Toothless thought they were.. His ears perk as he heard snoring, that meant they were asleep. Good, maybe he could find a way out of here... As the dragon set out on doing that, something move in the forest.

::Some one is out there..:: Announce Fenrir. Toothless came alert, sniffing the air. ::Smells like a young human pup...mountain air and sea breeze.. yum.:: Chuckle Fenrir darkly. Toothless roll his eyes before blinking.

Mountain air and sea breeze? It couldn't be...could it? His heart hammer against his chest as he tried to peer to see who it was. Lo and behold, a young female human with messy red hair step out behind the bushes. ::...oh Orion..:: Bemoan Toothless. No no no! What was she doing here!

"Oh Thor! I'm so glad you're okay!" He heard Orion's voice, watching as the girl step closer to his cage. He could smell the salt tears and hear the relief in her voice. She had thought he was dead or something? He wanted to snort at her silly assumptions but right now, getting her to get back home was his priority. He lean his head down, butting it close to the bars as close as he could as Orion reach through them to scratch his muzzle. "toothless...toothless, I'm so so sorry." she whisper, her voice full of regret. "I'm so sorry, I swear, I'll get you out of here." she whisper, determination replace the relief. His eyes sprang open when her hands disappear from his muzzle.

::No no no! Orion! Get back here!:: He shouted at her. No use, the girl was deaf to him and he could only watch helplessly as she made her way to the tent there.

::What's this? A pet human, dragon?:: Fenrir mocked. Toothless growled. ::And she even called you Toothless, what a ridiculous name. You stoop so low you even let a human give you a name. What are you, her pet?:: He sneered.

The Night Fury growled. ::I have no need to explain myself to YOU, all might Fenrir.:: He snarl back. ::Besides, this is coming from a petty God who got himself ambush by a bunch of humans.:: He sneered back. A low growl came from behind again.

::I watch your tone, pup. Once I'm free, I'll eat that human right in front of you.:: The wolf God promise. Toothless growl.

::Over my dead body!:: He muffle roar. ::You won't even get close to her, let alone breath in her direction.:: He growled. Fenrir just chuckle darkly, obviously finding this all too amusing. A dragon protecting a human whelp, how interesting...

"sshh!" Came the female's voice again. Toothless strain to see who exactly was speaking but such luck.

Toothless pace back and forth, waiting and listening for any signs that Orion was caught. If anything happen to her, he would blame himself then kill ever human that was here for even hurting his human's child.

Oh man, just what was Hiccup doing now? Had he realize that his daughter ran away just to rescue him? What a mess this was turning out to be!

"Psst! toothless!" His head swivel to see those bright green eyes peeking at him through the bars. "I got the keys!" As proof, the child lifted up a set of silver keys on a iron ring, jingling them.

::Sneaky child, not bright on keeping quiet though.:: Fenrir observed. Toothless just huff and gave a muffle growl to Orion.

::Quiet idiot!:: He growled. As if hearing him, Orion stop jangling the keys and began holding them up to the moonlit sky, trying to figure out which one open his lock. The dragon lay down, watching Orion try each key she thought would open his lock.

"jeez! There's so many, how do they keep track of them?" Orion exasperated, scratching the back of her head as she held up another key.

"Thats why we have a key master." A low thick voice came, speaking Norse with a strange dialect. Toothless sprang up as Orion gasp, whirling around, only to be struck hard across the face, crumpling to the ground, knocked out cold.

::Well, she's dead.:: Fenrir supplied. Toothless heart race faster and began throwing himself against the bar opening.

::DON'T YOU DARE HURT HER!:: He roared at the man that dare strike his human's pup. It was no use, the man just picked up Orion's limp body, taking hold of the keys she had stolen.

"Thieving brat." The man went on, pulling out a large dagger, the glint of it from the moonlight caught Toothless eyes and he went in a craze. He rocked his cage, gave a muffle roar as his tail whacked on all sides of the box cart. The man huff in annoyance and rap the side of the cart.

"Calm down beast!" He snarled in his native language. by that time, every creature they had there started an up roar, snarling, growling and howling, waking up the men from their sleep.

"What is going on here!" A tall thin male with dark hair and eyes approach the thicker male that was currently holding Orion. He fix his spectacles, looking at the young female.

"I caught this one trying to free our newest catch." The buffer male explain. The thin man blink, looking at Orion then to Toothless, who was glaring dangerously at the two males. The thin man arch an eyebrow. If looks could kill, Toothless would have burn them to ashes minutes ago.

"Keep her." The thin man said. The buffer male look a bit taken back.


"Are you deaf? I said keep her, you obviously havent realize she is the cause of the ruckus our fine friend had started." He peered closer to Toothless cage, who gave a warning growl. "Besides, she may be some of use to tame this beast." He grin before turning his attention to his companion.

"Throw her in there with the reptile, maybe that would keep him calm till we reach out destination." He turn to leave. The thicker male didn't move, obviously ready to protest. The thin man notice there was no movement and turn to his companion. "Is there a problem?" He asked.

"It means another mouth to feed." The other protested. The second frown.

"Would you like to be fed to the dragon if we were to kill this girl? Be held responsible for the mess it might create for slaying the child?" The thin man asked. His companion struggle with his answer before his shoulder slump in defeat.


"Good. Toss her in there." With that, he turn and headed back to the camp. The buffer male glower before opening Toothless cage and carelessly toss Orion's body inside before shutting the door hastily, locking it once again. He grip the bars, face peering close to glare at Toothless.

"Consider this a warning my friend. If she steps out of line once, I won't hesitate to gut her." He threaten in Norse. Toothless' tail slammed hard against his fingers, almost crushing them. That was his answer to the threat. The male howled in pain, pulling his fingers away and waving them as he move off.

Toothless snorted. Too bad he didn't crush them. Shifting, the Night Fury nudge Orion's body, making sure she was alright. A nice bruise had form on her cheek where she'd been struck as bit of blood was in the corner of her mouth. He whine, nudging her closer and curled around her body, keeping her safe. Never again would he let anyone lay a hand on her; never again...

Toothless sighed as he laid his head down, closing his eyes as he attempted to fall asleep

Things had just gone from bad to worse...