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I look out of the window, lost in melancholy, head propped up by my hand. The rain has been pouring down for three days already. If it goes like this, some areas of Seireitei would surely be flooded. And then there will be lots of reconstruction and restoration works… I sigh, realizing that I can't run away from other thoughts, and move away from the window.

Since that evening a month has passed, and slowly everything returned back to normal again. I stopped imitating Shunsui, and he stopped imitating me. During the next captains' meeting he appeared in his usual pink kimono and the straw hat, and I got rid of mine, and everyone seemed relieved. I stopped drinking and gadding about bars, and started working – to crown Kotetsu and Kotsubaki's joy. And he stopped shaving and soon could be seen with his famous stubble. The gossiping has died down, and only Yamamoto-sensei continued to glance from time to time at our sour faces.

Something was wrong. Something was missing. And not only I could feel that. This strange emptiness between us – right where the fire of friendship had been burning before – could be noticed by those who knew us well enough. One day Unohana stopped me right after the meeting and nailed me to the spot with a serious look.

- It's not my business, of course, Juushirou, but you are tormenting both him and yourself, - she said sternly, and there must have been such a look of horror on my face, that she smiled involuntary, - Relax. It's hardly noticeable, only close people can guess. Here is my advice: sort out your feelings as fast as you can, otherwise you'll lose him.

I frowned, and she continued when she saw the question in my eyes.

- Well, you know how many women he had. Do you really think that there aren't any among all of them who really love him? That there aren't clever enough to surround him with care and heal his heart, to give him the much needed warmth? Listen to me, Ukitake, and use your chance while you have it.

I couldn't fall asleep for a long time after that talk, tried to decide something a couple of times, but then only moaned in frustration, understanding that I'm not ready for anything, and that I'm, simply speaking, scared shitless of deciding anything at all.

The rain is pattering peacefully on the roof, and I fling the window open, letting the cool fresh air into the room. Time seems to stretch. The minute hand barely crawls on the face of the wall clock, and I freeze together with it. Shhhh – the rain whispers, hiding all the sounds.

I turn around and look at the front door. Was it my imagination…?

I make a step forward, then one more and rest my forehead against the door. I stand there for some time, listening to my own breathing. I can't hear anything except the pouring rain. Then I go back towards the table, and my fingers grab hold of the back of the chair.

The gust of wind bursts into the window, tossing the cold sobering drops at me.

I rush back, open the door and…

So it is. He is leaving.

- Shunsui! – I cry, and he stops, but doesn't turn to me.

I clench my hands into fists, leaning onto the doorpost, and tell him in a quieter voice.

- Come back.

My heart pounds against my ribs. Never in my life was I so afraid. He draws near, enters the room and I close the door behind him. He is soaked to the bones, his gaze doesn't leave the floor, and one hand grips the straw hat, which is bleeding with water. I force his fingers to unclench, and the hat slowly falls on the floor. Perhaps, his hands are shaking and he wants to hide that, because next moment he grabs hold of his heavy, soaked up with water, kimono. I pull it away from his shoulders, but he refuses to let it go.

- Give me that, – I tell him and pull it towards myself.

- No, – he says and pulls it back.

We idiotically fight over his kimono, until suddenly I realize the absurdity of the whole situation. I laugh silently, letting the fabric fall, and fold my arms around his shoulders. For the first time he looks at me, and I smile warmly.

- You are soaked. And cold. Just take off that damned clothes.

He embraces me by waist, throwing the kimono away, and sighs contentedly, burying nose in my hair. Then he lets me go and takes off his waraji, while I make us tea.

We barely talk – I suppose because neither I nor he can find the right words. Just exchange news and lament about the upcoming flood, but I think he likes to listen to the rain just like I do. The sky slowly darkens, but he isn't in a hurry to go away. I don't want him to go away.

In the hissing rain his question, asked in a whisper, can be barely heard, but it makes my face redden, and I don't turn to him, when I answer.

- Juu, can I… lie down with you?


We sit there for some time. But now we are silent, and I can't drive away the color from my cheeks. Then I make the futon ready and go out to the second room to dress in a kimono I always use at night. I take another one from the wardrobe. Surely, Kyouraku isn't going to sleep in his half-wet hakama and kosode… Oh, God, tell me I didn't have the thought that he can lie down with me without clothes at all a second ago, please. Oh, you're such a pervert, Ukitake! – my inner voice laughs, and somehow I manage to persuade myself not to smash my head against the nearest wall.

I go back and offer the black kimono to Kyouraku with slightly shaking hands. I can't look at him. I've been as red as a beet the whole evening. He takes it, but I can feel his piercing eyes, fixed on me, with my skin.

- What? – I ask a little bit nervously, and want to vanish into thin air when he answers.

- Juu-chan is beautiful. Silver suits you.

I cough to hide the embarrassment and make a step towards the futon. I don't know if I'll survive this night. Honestly. I lie down.

He takes off his kosode and hakama, and I can't help myself watching his broad back, wondering whether it will be warm and comfortable to nestle up to it all night long… He puts on kimono, and it turns out to be slightly short for him, because he is taller than me, and his shoulders are so broad… Next time I should… Stop. Next time?..

I am so engrossed in my thoughts, that I don't notice how Kyouraku kneels near the futon.

- Juushirou, I can leave… if you want.

I meet his gaze, and there is so much fear in his eyes. I can't stand that and reach out for him with my hand.

- Come here. You don't have to leave.

He gets under the blanket, and I'm afraid that my heart is going to jump out – so hard it pounds against the rib cage. He lies near on his side and looks at me, but doesn't try to touch me at all. I don't dare move. I feel myself as a game, that can be bitten to death by a hunting dog. I even try not to breathe too loud.

I am pitiful-pitiful-pitiful. I want to howl.

Kyouraku is smiling slightly, especially when he catches my guarded looks. I don't know how much time passes, but, in the end, the rain lulls him to sleep. He closes his eyes, turns on his back, sighs and goes right in the arms of Morpheus. I can't fall asleep and listen to his evened out breathing, finally relaxing.

I can feel his body warmth, and I want to cuddle up to him, but I'm afraid. Of what exactly I still can't understand. Even if he wakes up, he won't jump on me, will he? This is Shunsui after all, not Aizen, damn it! I wince from the image of Aizen lying with me instead of Kyouraku and chuckle nervously. I went off my head. No doubt.

Carefully I lean closer to Shunsui, hesitate for a minute more, and then find myself moving his arm aside and resting my head on his shoulder. My other hand lowers on his chest, and I snuggle up to his side.

I breathe in his unique smell. Yes, this is definitely heaven. He is so… warm. I want to rub my nose against him and purr, but I don't do that of course. Slowly I fall asleep.

Amidst the night I feel how his arms wind around me and how he kisses my face. I'm too sleepy to understand what the hell he is doing, and I give myself up to his caresses, arching on the futon under his body and quietly gasping for air from his touch. He doesn't let his hands slide under my kimono, but for a long time kisses along my neck and bites my shoulder. His breath quickens, he presses me against the futon stronger, and I can feel his desire, when one of his legs finds its way between mine.

I am so relaxed from sleep, that what is happening doesn't embarrass me at all, and, perhaps, my body wants him in return. He must be feeling it, because he groans quietly and goes on rubbing against me. Unbearably slowly. At some moment he shivers, squeezes my shoulders with strength and kisses me on the lips. I answer his leisurely kiss, full of tenderness, gratitude and warmth.

He lies back, recovering his breath, and I fall asleep again, despite my own desire. I think I'm going to climb the walls in shame in the morning, but I want to sleep so much, that I'm not worried about what was going on a moment ago right now.

When I open my eyes, the rain is still pouring down.

Shunsui is not there, and for a second it seems as if it all had been a dream. But - no. There is a black kimono, folded neatly and lying near me on the pillow. I take it and foolishly breathe in Shunsui's smell.

My cheeks redden, but I am smiling.

During the following days I come to a conclusion, that I understand nothing at all in this world. I was ready for any actions Kyouraku would take, down to continuing the lechery that happened at night, but the way he behaves himself makes me so horribly mad. Surely, I am not some faceless whore for one night to ignore me so, am I?

He has the guts to walk past me indifferently out in the street, and at the captains' meetings he stands in the farthest corner – faraway from me. He orders Nanao to send me back when I come to talk to him, and if I am lucky to avoid his lieutenant and get inside his office, he dares to pretend that he is so awfully busy and always asks me to leave him alone and let him work in peace. Time after time he gives me the go-by in such a crude way, that I always leave, slamming the door loudly.

What the hell? I can't believe that he just toyed with me like with one of his women.

Day after day when I manage to catch him on his way, I demand an explanation from him, demand to tell me, what is going on, but he always finds an excuse to run away or to send me packing. And every evening at home I sit motionlessly on the futon, clasping the black kimono in my trembling hands… Curse him, but I won't cry. I won't.

At the end of the second month, I give up.

I stop bothering him, load myself with lots of work, and hide the kimono back in the wardrobe. I try not to think of anything in particular and do all the daily duties automatically. Kotetsu and Kotsubaki ask me whether I am all right every single day, and I answer that - yes, of course - and smile to them with a sad and tired smile. One of these days, after the planned medical checkup, I and Unohana-sempai decide to have a cup of tea and so we leave together the forth division, and I stop dead in my tracks at the sight of Kyouraku, kissing furiously some white-haired woman. He holds her in his hands so passionately as if wishing to suck out her soul with that kiss, and I hate this girl and for the first time in my life I truly hate Shunsui. I feel like I can die any second.

I stand there motionless, watching them, and I can't turn away from the ongoing show. It takes Unohana only one look at my face to rush forward, and I am too late to stop her. A second later the girl is shoved aside, and Retsu is slapping Kyouraku in the face – so hard, that it leaves the bloody marks from the nails. Shunsui is shocked to see the dripping blood on his palm, which he covers the scratched cheek with.

- You scum, - Unohana says quietly, but clearly, and then returns to me, takes my hand and leads me away. At my home she makes me tea and strokes my hair while I continue to gaze on one spot, trying to understand why everything should be like this. And then I can't hold back the silent tears anymore, so I lie down and hide my face in the pillow. Unohana is terrified and tries to calm me the way she can.

- I am… not one of his… whores. How could he… do this to me? – I ask her desperately.

How could you, Shunsui? I have never allowed myself to fall in love. And you knew it. You gave me hope, you asshole. You gave me hope, that there is someone in this world who doesn't care about my illness. You made me feel alive, you idiot. You were kissing me and touching me as if there was a promise of eternity. How could you, Kyouraku Shunsui? How could you?

- So there was something between you… - Unohana guesses, wiping off the tears from my cheeks with a handkerchief. I nod weakly, and she frowns.

- Well… then I should have slapped him full-force.

Retsu stays with me until evening, brews me calming tea and draws me into abstract talking, remembering the academy years and silly stories from our youth. Unohana is such a good friend, that despite everything, I begin to feel myself a little bit better.

- Look outside, Juu... - she says, and I glance behind the window. At first I do not understand what she means – too hard to make out anything in the darkness - but then I notice the slowly whirling snowflakes. They are falling on earth, losing themselves in their special bewitching dance.

Finally, the late winter has come to the lands of shinigami. Once again I will be forced to take the scarf and the heavy winter kosode and hakama out of my wardrobe if I don't want to catch a flue and be bedridden. Soon the temperature will go down, and it will be really cold outside, and I'll have to be super careful to avoid everything that can cause tuberculosis attacks. But right now… I am lulled to sleep by this beautiful white dance…

Hearing the muffled voices, I abruptly open my eyes, realizing that I have really fallen asleep. At first I think that it's Unohana talking with my officers, but then I pale and freeze, lying on the futon, when the voices are approaching my doorstep and I can hear them more clearly. One of the two people is definitely Unohana-sempai, yes, but the second… It's Kyouraku. Why the hell has he brought his traitorous ass here? I suppose, Retsu has the same question, because she asks him in a rather harsh tone:

- What are you doing here, Shunsui? Go away.

Next moment Kyouraku is almost begging her, and it makes me listen to the conversation with more attention.

- Please, Retsu. I need to talk to him.

- In my opinion you've done enough already. And yet you have the impudence to come here? You know what, Shunsui – you are a fucking womanizer, so go back to your pretty ladies quietly. I thought I saw something in you beyond this, when you were looking at Juushirou with that hungry yearning in your eyes, acting like a stupid drunkard just to be able to reach him at least for a minute… I didn't realize you were such a bastard.

…Oh. So that's the way it is. It means most probably he wasn't drunk back then. The first time we… Perhaps, maybe when I was clearing the rubbish from his office, he too wasn't as drunk as much as he tried to seem?

- Retsu, please…

- No. Go away. Don't make me fight with you over this.

There are steel notes, full of threat, in Unohana's voice. She wasn't chosen as a captain simply for her healing abilities, be sure.

- Shit, all right, I am an asshole, Retsu! And, you know what else I am? I am a coward! I love him - I have been in love with him for a long time. I've lost count of years and centuries since I realized that he is the only one for me. But he never – ever – noticed anything, so yes – I got tired of living with that. And in the end decided to try my luck, understanding that it can't be worse anyway. I've yearned for him for so long, fucking with all those brainless whores, imagining him under me instead of all of them. I knew I couldn't bear it if in the morning he would have told me that it had been one big and ugly mistake.

A pause follows. I don't know whether Unohana guesses that I am not sleeping anymore, but she has no intention of ending the talk. I listen further, trying to gather up my chaotic thoughts.

- Splendid! – Unohana's voice is full of sarcasm, - So you had the guts to leave him alone the morning after he finally let you in? And then – for the whole two months you've been sending him packing just because of this stupid fear of yours? You dare to tell me that - not even once, no - you haven't realized that if he wanted so much to speak to you about what happened, that in reality he did care?

- Shit, I'm telling you I chickened out! I tortured both him and myself, but I couldn't do anything. I was afraid. What if he wanted to talk to me about staying friends and no more?

Unohana sighs loudly. I can hear it even from my room.

- You, men, almost everyone are such unimaginable idiots. Well then, why the heck were you chewing that woman's face today?

Kyouraku is silent for a moment, and I feel the pain in my heart and tears in my eyes are starting anew.

- I… well… She looked a bit like Juu, so…

I stare at the ceiling with round eyes, and, perhaps, Retsu's eyes are similar to mine right now.

- Excuse me, but… WHAT?

Kyouraku seems to hesitate for a second, trying to find the words.

- I'm telling you, oh, God… how to explain… After I… after I kissed him for the first time, well, ah, I… couldn't… couldn't get it up. With women. And that girl looked like Juu, so I just wanted to find out, if I can… get it up again or no… I wasn't going to sleep with her, even if I could, honestly!

- Whaaat? - Retsu must be openly smiling now, - You didn't get it up, did you?

I hide my face in my hands, stifling the nervous laugh.

- Didn't, - Kyouraku sighs heavily, and Unohana bursts into laughing – I would've never thought that she can laugh like this. And I can't take it anymore – I get up from the futon and go outside, opening the door and leaning on the doorframe. Shunsui's cheeks slightly redden, when he understands that I've heard everything, and he hides his eyes under his straw hat. The marks from the slap look ugly red on his face.

Retsu, still laughing, takes her haori, squeezes my shoulder and says:

- Ukitake, he is a complete idiot.

I nod to her, and then – there are only two of us.

Snowflakes are falling on his wide straw hat, but they don't melt immediately. I smile.

- Come in.

I make him take off the unnecessary hat and look me in the eyes, after carefully folding his kimono and haori on the back of the chair. We are sitting in front of each other on my futon in a complete silence, and behind the window the first snow is continuing to dance, covering the ground with the freshness of winter colds. I am a little bit sad that I won't hear soon the relaxing rustling sounds of rain and the foliage of the trees. Instead - there will be lots of hungry blizzards, and the roofs are going to sink from the onslaught of the heavy snowdrifts… And I am going to toss and turn under the fat blanket, hiding desperately from all the drafts. But, perhaps, this time… not alone.

I say nothing, and he says nothing, and time flows in strange spurts – when I move the persistent strands of hair away from my face, or he smoothes out the wrinkles on his black hakama. When the clock strikes twelve, I get up and go to the second room to get the black kimono. For him. Because I really hope that this time he will stay. Forever.

When I return, I kneel and offer the cloth to him, and he suddenly leans forward with all his body. And touches the floor with his head and hands. My face goes red in a second.

- Forgive me, please, forgive me if you can, - he whispers and I can see how his fingers tremble on the cold floor. I put my hands on his shoulders and make him sit back.

- Stop it, Shunsui, it's okay, - I try to calm him, and at once find myself in his hectic embrace. He hides his nose in the crook of my neck, and I stroke his tense back, enjoying the warmth of his body. I can fall asleep like this, but the night cold stubbornly tries to get me through the kosode sleeves and front, and I nudge Kyouraku in the shoulder to meet his eyes.

- Let's lie down, - I tell him, he nods, accepting the black kimono, and changes his clothes. I am lying already, sighing contentedly under the heavy blanket, when he suddenly climbs on the futon and so unexpectedly presses me down with the weight of his body.

- Kyoura…! – I manage to blurt out in indignation, before he shuts me up with a maddening kiss.

- Now you can't run away… - he says, eating me alive. For a long time he bites my lips, pushes his tongue inside my mouth and doesn't let me breathe at all, and I arch under him, when his hands slide under my kimono.

- Now you are mine, only mine, and it is always going to be like this, - he whispers, kissing along my neck, moving lower – to my bare chest. He takes my kimono off half-way, licks my nipples, and I have to bite my own palm to prevent myself from moaning out loud. He moves my hand away – pins it over my head, smiling.

- Don't, Juu-chan. I want to hear your moans.

He licks his lips – as if he is going to eat something tasty, and grins with such a promise, that I am shivering uncontrollably. Ahh. D-damn. This is so good. He grips my hips and leaves a path of kisses on my abdomen, going lower and lower and… God, is he going to…? N-no!

I try weakly to tear myself away from him, but he presses me to the futon, and next moment my head falls back, and I moan, because he takes me in his mouth, and this is so... s-so… wrong and undeniably good. I almost can't breathe, grab Kyouraku's shoulders with an intention to push him way, but he is obviously not agreeing with me, because his tongue is doing such dirty things… And then the world blows up before my eyes with myriads of bright sparks, my body cramps in trembling, and Shunsui holds me while I am learning to breathe again.

It seems like I have turned into jelly, and I tell him so several minutes later with barely controlled voice. I am not really able to gather the remains of my mind. I am as red as a beet again and I hide my face in my hands, which are so heavy as if they are full of lead. Shunsui laughs, lies back, pulling me on himself, and I've never before seen such a content smile on his face. I am melting, lying on his chest, and he covers us with a blanket, and slowly I fall asleep, feeling his warm hand on my shoulder.

He wakes me up in the middle of the night with his tender and gentle and painfully slow touch. He kisses me everywhere he can reach, and half-asleep I can't understand at once what it is that he wants.

- Juu… may I?

My cheeks redden again, but I nod. I am a little bit afraid, and ashamed, and this is my first time and I wish the earth could just swallow me up, but I can't say him no. I don't want to say no to him.

He torments me sweetly for a long time, prepares me thoroughly, and I arch under him, hiding my face. He almost makes me go wild, and I can't take it anymore and I pound on the floor once with my clenched fist.

- For God's sake, just do it already, - I howl and dig my nails into his broad back, when he spreads my legs apart and enters me.

It really hurts, but Shunsui isn't in a hurry and he strokes my hair while I bite my own lips from the pain. I watch as drops of sweat slide down his tense face – he is holding back, stopping himself from pounding into me and I press my forehead against his, feeling as my heart may suddenly stop beating from this unbearable gentleness.

Slowly the pain subsides, leaving the unpleasant feeling of fullness after itself, and only then Shunsui starts moving. For a minute I am forced to wonder whether someone really likes this process that much, but then Shunsui finds some place deep inside of me and grins so wickedly, when my face becomes a mask of half-shock half-pleasure and I scratch his back involuntary with my nails, that I want to flare in fury. But I don't have the powers to express that – I can barely suppress screaming from the wild pleasure.

- What… what did you do? – I breathe out.

- Shhh, - he kisses my temple, - Relax.

He moves inside once again and finds that spot without a fault. Shunsui, damn you, nnngh. This is so, ahh, good.

With every move of his hips my moans get louder and louder, and if I could think, I could've realized that Kotetsu and Kotsubaki may come to check what this noise is all about. But I can't think at all, and soon I arch on the sheets in sheer pleasure. It covers me full-force, and for a moment I even lose consciousness.

When I open my eyes, Shunsui is still inside and he wants me. A sigh falls from my lips. Was he waiting all this time while I was out?.. With my last ounce of strength I embrace his shoulders and slide my hand tenderly down his scratched back.

- Do it.

He presses me down harder.

- Sure? I can stop if…

He doesn't finish his sentence, because I suddenly move slightly towards him.

- Yes, you can, - I answer, - But you don't have to.

I look at him while he pounds inside me, and groan a little from time to time from the pleasant feeling. It seems like he did me completely, because the desire doesn't come, but I yield to him anyway.

I don't know how much time passes, but at some point Shunsui softly growls, bites my shoulder, pushes inside my body one last time, stands still, shivering above me and then falls, drained of all energy, beside me.

- You're the best… - he whispers, still out of breath, and I smack weakly his hand.

- Don't you dare to compare me with your harem.

He laughs, pulling me closer, and I sigh contentedly.

- I didn't mean it like that.

- Sure, - I mutter, - How long?

For a second he is trying to understand what I mean, winding playfully a strand of my grey locks on his finger, but then freezes and lowers his face in my disheveled hair.

- Too long, Juu. Too long…

I kiss his unshaved chin, and his stubble tickles my skin oh so pleasantly.

- Why haven't you ever said anything?

He mumbles something, and now it's my time to laugh.

- You little coward.

During the rest of the night I find myself cuddling up to his broad back, and in the morning I wake up from his leisurely kiss.

Kotetsu and Kotsubaki's faces, upon seeing me, reach an unprecedented level of red, and I blush in response, especially when Kyouraku comes out from the room right behind me and smacks my aching ass with all his might.

I can barely stand during the captains' meeting and Unohana, though smiling, gives Kyouraku a strict talking-to right after the end of meeting. The way she drags him, like a child, around the hall, almost pulling off his ear, is really funny.

Some time later the gossiping about us fly around the whole Seireitei, and I am terrified that the astounding number of people in response just shrugs their shoulders, saying that, actually, they had suspected it a long time ago. In an honor of such a heresy I decide to get drunk, and let Shunsui do with my body everything he wants to.

In winter I manage to avoid falling ill, because at nights he warms me up thoroughly. In mid-winter Kyouraku's ex-harem unites against me with an evil desire to develop a secret plot of my elimination, and soon they are forced to know what it is – the fury of one of the captains of Gotei-13. Because of that for a long time Shunsui has to apologize for being a complete rake before me, but I deny him forgiveness, because the way he wanders under my windows, from time to time sinking in the deep piles of snow, makes me laugh. I let him in only when the real fear in his eyes begins to repress the joyful sparks. I tell him that he is an idiot and pull the blanket around his shoulders and make him a cup of hot tea. He calms up and a moment later moans that he wants to drink some sake. But we call it a truce, when I suggest that instead of sake he will get me.

In spring we are listening together how the heavy rains patter on the roof.

And in summer he drags me to the forest, throws on his thrice cursed pink kimono to commit my mind and my body to the debauchery once more. Unfortunately we forget that the academy training grounds are situated not very far from the place, and next day we have to sit through Yamamoto-sensei's long and furious tirade, and even Kyouraku's hat falls off his head when sensei starts to scream. In the end the old man calms and sends us home with the words:

- Despite everything, I have to admit, that you're good for that idiot, Juushirou. At least now he hands in his reports on time.

I bow in respect, and we leave. At the foot of the stairs Kyouraku pushes me towards one of the columns, his hands wander under my haori and kosode and he dares to try and take off my hakama. I can not say anything, because he shuts me up with a kiss.

Alas, we are not able to finish what we started, hearing the light steps, and next moment Kuchiki Byakuya is forced to stare at a completely indecent sight in front of him. I am half-naked and my legs are wrapped around Shunsui's hips. At that moment Byakuya's face has such an embarrassed and shocked expression, and he turns away and leaves so fast, that it makes me and Kyouraku laugh until we cry – Shunsui even falls on his knees, and I slide down the column to his lap. We can't stop laughing until we reach home, because we really haven't seen any emotions from Byakuya since he was a teenager.

At night when Shunsui falls asleep, I nuzzle against his prickly stubble and sigh.

I love him.

Damn you, Shunsui Kyouraku, you've driven me completely and utterly mad.

You drunkard and lazy ass, I can't breathe without you.

Do you hear me, idiot?

- I do hear you, Juu, you know.

Oh, my… did I say that aloud?


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t\d: September 2010 – January 2011

Now… I am having this little problem of choosing the next ShunUki story for translation. How about I write you all the titles here and you'll choose one of them and leave me a review with your choice, hmm? Even if I'll get one opinion on the matter – it will be enough.

The titles are: Arrancar and Shinigami (R, ~5800 words); Truth or Dare (AU, R, ~5300 words); Two Fates, One Story (AU, NC-21, ~15300 words); Blind (R, ~3600 words); Sands (AU, R, ~22700 words); Unrequited love (AU, R, ~11900 words); Follow me (AU, PG-15, ~5600 words); An Angel and a Demon (AU, NC-17, ~13700 words); Twenty One (AU, NC-17,~10400 words); Rustling (AU, PG-13, ~1500 words); A Pirate Tale (AU, R, ~28000 words).

Whoa, almost all those fics are monsters. Anyway don't forget, please, to leave me a review – it helps to live, you know.)