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Spoilers: Takes place in season one of Angel so basically anything passed the episode Eternity.

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Synopsis: Faith hits L.A. and gets recruited by Wolfram and Hart to do some damage. She calls in an unlikely suspect to help her out.

Chapter One

She'd fled Sunnydale for a myriad of reasons. The fact that Buffy would have happily beaten her nearly to death and handed her over to the Watcher's Council to kill was only one of them. In Buffy's body she was meant to get a fresh start. Leave the country and do whatever she wanted with her life. The problem had been, that the fresh start had her trying to help people that needed it. She started questioning herself. Life had always been rough, and following her instincts to keep alive and take what she wanted were her life's goals. She never got the chance to know anything else. She'd not had a supportive family, friends, a home. Not really. At first she had hoped to, thought she could fold herself into Buffy's life and share it, but that hadn't worked. Then she was just pissed. It was unfair. Who decided Buffy was worthy and she wasn't? Anger again took front stage and she only wanted to hide, fade into the city's underbelly. There was always vamps to dust, a fight to have and some of the demons even had decent digs to take over for a bit . She was no stranger to squatting so the transient life style was fine. No one knew she was there, she kept a low profile. Or so she thought.

Until she got a visitor. A lawyer of all things. They had a job for her, they wanted Angel gone. They wanted to stop him from making trouble for them and their offer of an apartment, funds, and weapons rang familiar. It reminded her of the Mayor. Sure, she now knew that what she felt was finally real affection and finally a family connection was just being used. But it was as close to real as she'd ever had. So she accepted. Why not? What else was she good for other than killing, causing problems. She thought it over, she was going to really let lose this time. Give in. She was evil, she was an anomaly, an evil slayer. So why fight it? She'd never be worth anything else and a wise person knew their strengths and weaknesses and worked with them. Speaking of working with. . .

She gave the lawyers one major request. Someone she knew would be more than happy to help destroy Angel, and have fun doing it. If they didn't mind the price. This Lindsey guy seemed really happy about the idea and said he'd get it set up. It was all she needed to hear. Plans already starting to form in her head. She started checking up on Angel, on his apartment and office. Everything he did, where he went, and who he spent time with. She stopped him one night, it was too easy and too much fun. Shooting the crossbow bolt to purposefully miss him she stood up from her perch in full view. He'd yanked the bolt from his jacket sleeve and wall glancing around. He finally saw her, shock registered first.

"Oh yeah, this is gonna be fun."

With that she was gone. Heading back to her apartment at the law firm. Not at all surprised to see someone there. A flash of fire and a puff of smoke from a long drag and she smirked.

"Guess I got you t' thank for the de chippin', eh pet?"



Cordelia waved off Wesley's look at their shared exclamation. While normally she'd be just as surprised that they had the same thought, but right now, more pressing matters. Angel had come back after dealing with an actual paying client, though the pay wasn't much, and had slammed doors. Cordelia had been her usual helpful self, mostly asking him what his issue was. When he explained that he was shot at, by Faith, well, even Wesley had to take notice.

It hadn't gotten better the first time he explained, now pacing in the office. There wasn't a ton of room and Wesley kept behind the desk with the books he'd been looking at. It was Cordelia who stepped out in his way, hands on her hips. Angel stopped and threw his arms up then settled.

"Yes, Faith. The slayer. I guess she's awake now and doing well. She attacked me, but she didn't mean to kill me. She had to have missed on purpose."

Wesley nodded, he agreed. He might not have had as much of a hand in training her as he should have, was meant to, but he knew well enough that the slayer catching Angel unawares wouldn't have just missed. Not even a flesh wound. Cordelia was already pulling at his coat to look him over.

"Well, she only got the coat, so that's something. Maybe that coma knocked her brain for a loop. Though it would be hard to tell with her."

Wesley and Angel exchanged looks.

"I want you two to take some time off."

Again, Wesley and Cordelia had the same reaction. It might very well have been a sign of the apocalypse.


"I'm serious. She's playing a game, she doesn't just want me dead, or she'd have killed me, she's dangerous. That means she's dangerous to you."

Wesley didn't get a chance to voice his opinion because Cordelia was already on it. Poking the unsuspecting vampire in his chest and actually making him take a step back.

"Look here buddy! We are not going to just walk away. We've had this talk before, so you can go ahead and play big protector and push us away but I for one am going nowhere!"

He blinked and looked to Wesley who simply gave a crooked smile showing he didn't want to argue with Cordelia either. Angel finally gave in and sighed.

"All right fine, but we need to find her. Find out what she's doing here. She could get violent."


Cordelia gasped, they stared at her as though it were obvious and she glared back, actually sticking her tongue out at Wesley.

"Okay fine so she's violent. Doesn't she usually save that kind of thing for Buffy and her gang? Oh. . . now she's moved on to Angel and his gang. Us."

Wesley nodded encouragingly and Cordy crossed her arms over her chest as if it didn't matter, now that she finally figured it out.

"Great, so we just find out where she is right? So, research. Again."

With nods all around Cordy went to the computer and Wesley went to books and the phone. Angel went to change.


Faith smirked and shrugged off her jacket, setting the crossbow aside.

"Hey, I just put the offer out there. I take it your game?"

Spike took a long drag and flicked the butt towards the sink not caring if it hit or not. He flashed a smile that was more fang then anything.

"Get the chip out so I can go back t' my usual diet an' get to give Peaches a little pay back? Not to mention the digs an' pay. I'd say I owe ya one."

Faith shrugged and shoved her hands in the back of her jeans.

"Hey, their footing the bill, just thought you'd want in on the fun. You know, with your experience and all."

"Experience, luv?"

"He's got friends, and you won't believe who. Planning on hitting through them. A little torture, little breaking of the spirit, then dump them somewhere for him to find."

"Got me interested, who exactly we torturin'?"

"Cordelia Chase and Watcher Wesley."

They grinned at each other like idiots. Eyes sparkling with the ideas. Spike nodded slowly.

"Ready for the big leagues are we? Well then, we're gonna need some supplies."