Disclaimer: I, Autobark 321, hereby declare that I do not own Transformers, Transformutts (It was Big Dog corporation's idea) Optimus or Optimutt Prime, Megatron, Ironhide, or ANYONE in this story except the humans. Those were actually my idea. And most of the Transformutt names. Please no bad reviews this is my first story!


Episode 1: ORIGINS

On Moon Base 2, Things are not looking good for the Autobots. Moon Base one was destroyed, Megatron had been revived, and the Decepticons were on the rise. Here they are on moon base 2, let's listen in.

Optimus: *slams fist on the table* this can't keep going on like this!

Jazz: Whoa, whoa Prime! Chill!

Red Alert: Optimus is right. If we don't get our act together, This galaxy is doomed.

Primus (on screen): But we may not just rush into battle. The Decepticons are no longer worried with Cybertron.

All: WHAT!

Hot Shot: How do you know that?

Primus: I am creator of all Transformers. I have a cerebral link to all robotic beings.

Ironhide: Well, what ARE they focused on?

Primus: *pauses for a second* Earth.

All: WHAT!

Primus: They are organizing a stealth invasion as we speak. They shall infiltrate, take control of the world's most powerful beings, and destroy their civilization from the inside out.

Scattershot: That's bad, right?

Arcee: *smacks him over the head* No duh.

Optimus: So what options do we have?

Ironhide: We could: A: take them head-on, B: organize a stealth invasion of our own, or C: SIT AROUND HERE, ACTING LIKE GOSSIPING OLD USED WIRE FRAMES!

Elita 1: Geez, is your cooling unit broken or something?

Bumblebee: I would go with B. After all, *Strikes pose* "Stealth" is my middle name.

Hot Shot: I would have to agree. We take on the Decepti-creeps with stealth, in secret. We don't need any humans going nuts, much less any casualties. Non-Decepti-crap casualties, anyway.

Primus: I am glad you concur. I have come up with a way to gain access to Earth's airspace without being detected by neither humans nor Decepticons. Quite similar to what the Decepticons are using.

Hot Shot: Awesome! Me first!

Primus: *Eyes glowing* very well.

BAMM! Hot Shot disappears, or so everyone thinks…

Hot Shot: Ohhh, hey, how'd you guys get so big? How'd the table get so big? How'd… *looks at hand…er, paw* AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

CLIFFHANGER! And we haven't even gotten to the action yet! Stay tuned!

Autobark 321