Yo, yo, yo in the house! So, blah, blah, blah, the Autobarks (I came up with that name) are on Earth now, and once again I claim that I own most things in this fanfic, but, sadly, not all.

Bumblebark: Ah, Earth, sweet Earth! Been a while since we've been here.

Ironhide: Uh, Mr. Earth sweet Earth? We're in jail.

All: *Collective* HUH!

Primus Hologram: This is a "pound." Dogs on earth are adopted here. Become one with the humans, and defeat the Decepticons!

Primus fades away, and just as four children burst through the door.

Asian American girl: I can't believe we can actually get two dogs each!

American girl with red hair: Ah, ah, ah, I can get THREE!

African American boy: Yeah, yeah, Jackie, we all know that your parents are richer than ours. You don't have to rub it in.

Jackie: Well I CAN.

French-American kid: *puts hand on African boy's shoulder* No worries Adrian. We can just get more once we move out to college!

Adrian: Yeah, sure Francis. In like, I dunno, seven years!

Asian American girl (whose name, in fact, is Katherine): Hey, what about those? *points DEAD at the Autobarks*

Optimutt Prime: this is our chance to get out of here! Do, um, whatever dogs do!

All: *Start acting cute, chase their tails, doing whatever*

Adrian: Cool! I call dibs on the German Shepherd!

Francis: Hey!

Adrian: You can have the Retriever.

Katherine: I want the Akitas!

Jackie: I want you, and you, and you, and you! *Points at Hot Dog, Jazzy, and Ironhide*

Ironhide: What? I don't wanna be adopted by a FEMALE!

Bumblebark: Take it, or leave it and get LEFT here.

Ironhide: Grumble, mumble, humph.

Adrian: I'll get the little taco man over there too.

Scatterpaw: ME! .

Francis: And I will also get the Setter.

Pound officer: *Comes and gets all the dogs out*

All Human kids: YAAAAAAY! Dogs!

Optimutt Prime: Oh, boy.

The Autobarks have been adopted! Yay! But what of the Decepticons? Read on to find out!

Autobark 321