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"Lighten up Kiku, order something."

"No thank you Alfred-san, it would be wasteful as I do not know if we can stay long enough to receive let alone eat anything." The raven coloured bowl cut hair bowed slightly in apology to the man across from him, his hair obscuring his black eyes before he raised his head again to regard his companion.

The bespectacled man across from Kiku scoffed as he ran a hand through his messy blonde hair. "Whatever, he made the meeting so he'll pay. Just order something." Alfred commented, jerking his thumb in the direction of a brunette wearing a casual suit seated in the third chair around their table. Kiku sighed at his partner's lack of manners before picking up the menu, leafing through the two pages which were all the quaint cafe the two are seated at has to offer.

"There's nothing I would like to eat in here." Kiku commented, hoping to shut the American at his side up.

"See, we should have gone to McDonalds." Alfred whined at the brunette, who just scowled at him irritably.

"This is not for socialising. We need to discuss you're next mission." Alfred sighed before slamming his head unto the table with an exaggerated groan.

"Doesn't mean we can't go somewhere where they at least serve burgers." Was the muffled retort from the sulking American. The brunette sighed and rubbed his temples stressfully. Kiku gave a sympathetic look to the stressed man before putting a hand on Alfred's slumped shoulder.

"We can go somewhere so you can get a burger later Alfred-san." Alfred peeked at Kiku.

"McDonalds?" Kiku exhaled slowly in depression at the coming prospect.

"Very well."

"Yay!" Alfred exclaimed, beaming as brightly as the sun.

"Anyway," the brunette interjected, receiving an irritated glare from Alfred, "you still have a job to do." The brown haired man slid a folder over to Kiku, who opened it and began going through the various files contained within. "The target is a briefcase, it was taken from one of our agents earlier this week. However, the individual who has it has been uncovered and we hope that you can get it back."

"Why do we have to do it?" Alfred whined as he sipped the coffee, making a disgusted face afterwards. "Shoulda got some coke." He muttered. Kiku ignored him, instead turning a page in the folder. His calm mask slipped slightly as he read the document, black eyes widening in surprise and horror.

The brunette watched the expression before speaking aloud, knowing which page the Japanese man had landed on. "Yes, the case in question has information on nearly every agent the CIA has in the field, including you two." He added pointedly. Alfred seemed to have woken up from his pout and was now paying close attention. Kiku glanced from the papers to the brunette, his mask slipping further to reveal a look of absolute horror.

"So, what do we need to do exactly?" Kiku inquired, regaining his mask enough to keep his voice calm.

"Well, the individual who has the case has agreed to give it to us in exchange for amnesty for himself and a friend of his." Alfred rolled his eyes and leaned back into his chair.

"So why do you need us to do it, any idiot can pick up the damn thing." Kiku gave an admonishing look which was of course ignored but nodded as well, it was hardly a task that required two of the best agents the agency had. The brown haired man nodded, surprising both though Alfred didn't particularly care.

"That is true. However," he added with an upraised finger, "we aren't the only ones who know about it." Kiku raised an eyebrow in curious caution.

"Who else?"

"Ivan Braginsky." Alfred shot up, his eyes narrowing in hatred at the name.

"How did he find out?" Alfred hissed his hands curling into fists on the table top. The brunette shook his head, shrugging his shoulders helplessly.

"We don't know, but he's after it so you two have to move fast. The target found out Braginsky knows and has gone to ground, you two need to locate him." Alfred unclenched his hands before rising from his chair, Kiku obediently following after him as he gathered up the papers from the folder, slipping the documents beneath an arm in preparation for their exit.

"Where?" Alfred demanded.

"Moscow." Alfred let his jaw drop in shock.

"Why the fuck is it there." He furiously demanded. The brunette held up his hands in defence.

"The carrier chose the location; he didn't want to leave his friend and argued that it was likely the last place Braginsky would look for him." Alfred scowled but didn't argue. Rather, he grabbed his bomber jacket from where it had hung on the back of his chair and slipped it own.

"We'll get it, and if I see Ivan-."

"The case is what you're after." The Brunette reminded him, interrupting the blonde quickly. "Don't get sidetracked." Alfred's mouth straightened into a thin line before he gave a curt nod, spinning on his heel and leaving the cafe followed shortly after by Kiku.

The race had begun.


The pale haired man deposited the receiver back into its case, a childlike smile stretching the corners of his lips causing the blonde haired man wearing glasses and green uniform working the listening device nearby quiver in fear. The pale gray haired man noticed this and let out a slight laugh that suspiciously sounded like kolkolkol.

"Don't worry Eduard, you did excellent job."

"T-thank you M-Mr. Braginsky." Eduard stuttered, his shaking subsiding somewhat. The large Russian gave another strange laugh before returning his gaze to the window of the hotel room, observing the small cafe across the street. He let his smile grow a little wider as a blonde haired American and Japanese man left the establishment, hailing down a taxi once they reached the street.

Waiting until the small vehicle had moved out of sight and the brunette had left the cafe as well the Russian rose from the cheap hotel chair he had dragged over to the window, the bottom of his massive beige coat falling just above his black boots. The blonde gave a small start as Ivan moved towards him, flinching as the gloved hand patted his head.

"Pack up quickly Eduard; we are going home to mother Russia." Eduard gulped before hastening to comply, taking apart the various instruments he had been using to overhear the conversation across the street for his 'employer'.

Ivan watched for a moment before giving another dark chuckle. At that, Eduard moved twice as fast and soon had two large inconspicuous suitcases at his sides, rushing out the door that Ivan had left open after departing.


"Moscow? Why Moscow?" Matthew inquired, looking to his roommate curiously.

"Why? Why not da-zee!" Matthew rolled his eyes at the display of his Korean roommate. The pair was seated in their shared dorm room, each on their own pair of beds. The room was decorated with two computers and desks, various other items atypical of your average grad students such as old shirts and pants lying around along with a ridiculous amount of soft drinks (Matthew had stubbornly refused Yong-soo's insistence that he should be allowed Red Bull while anywhere near the Canadian) littered the floor.

"Well, for starters it's halfway around the world. And why would you even want to go to Russia anyway?" Matthew asked as he lay down on his bed, looking at the Korean from an upside down perspective just for the hell of it, causing his blue jeans and red hoodie to rustle slightly while his round framed glasses falling from his face to land on the barely visible carpet revealing his eyes of an oddly violet hue.

"Well, I've never been so what the hell! We need to celebrate for graduating anyway." Matthew sighed and ran his hand through his wavy blonde hair in exasperation at his friend's attitude.

"But really, isn't it kind of spur of the moment?" Yong-soo just continued to jump on his bed, as it wouldn't be his for much longer hence the two suitcases lying in the corner of the room along with several empty cardboard boxes, his usually straight black hair aside from a single errant curl much like Matthew's bouncing on his head. He was wearing a bright yellow t-shirt and black jeans over his thin but somewhat toned frame.

"That's what makes it fun!"

"... Your logic is disturbingly coercive; I think I may be hanging around you too much." Yong-soo stopped bouncing, adopting a puppy dog look that was damn near irresistible to anyone.

"B-but we have so much fun. Ever since we first met, don't you love being around me anymore." He gave an elaborate sniffle, prompting Matthew to roll his eyes sarcastically.

"Yes Yong-soo, I still like hanging around you." It was true though, ever since they had first met during high school they had been nearly inseparable, mainly because Yong-soo could be somewhat clingy, much like a leech. Also, one of the most effective methods to prompt him to release you form a hug was to poke him with something hot.

Matthew didn't mind though, it had been thanks to the exuberant Korean that he had been brought out of his shy shell he had inhabited for the majority of his life even if only a little.

Of course, first impression were everything and Yong-soo had made quite one when they had met.

Matthew stood before the doors of the local high school, a look that could only be described as terror absolute slapped on his shy face behind his wide rimmed glasses. He looked back for his fathers car, only to see that the black vehicle had already left. He turned back to the double doors that led to the institution, eyes widening as the entrance of the school resembled more a gaping mawready to devour him than anything else to the nervous boy.

Matthew gulped nervously as he re-adjusted his backpack on his shoulder as though the few more seconds he stalled gave him the courage necessary to take the first step into a new school and new life.

With a shuddery inhale, he took a hesitant step forward.

"You're breasts belong to Korea da-zee!" Someone behind Matthew exclaimed, a pair of arms wrapping around him and groping his chest.

"E-eh!" Matthew squeaked, his face going beet red while he flailed his arms around helplessly, completely unsure of how to react in the situation he found himself in.

"Hehe, just kidding." An amused voice informed the Canadian before he was released. Matthew spun around, his eyes wide in surprise as he clutched his hands together before his chest in a misguided attempt at protecting himself further.

Standing in front of Matthew was a grinning Asian boy, his hand clasped behind him as he bounced on the balls of his feet.

"W-wh-what w-was th-that for?" Mathew finally managed to squeak out, taking a cautionary step back. The Asian just widened his grin as he assessed the reserved other boy.

"You looked sad, and I can't stand sad people." Matthew blinked at him owlishly.


"So I decided to cheer you up!" Matthew stared at the boy for another moment before looking down to where his fingers were fiddling with the strap of his backpack.

"U-um, t-thank you I-I guess." Matthew mumbled. He squeaked when an arm wrapped itself around him, dragging him towards the school.

"Great! I'm Im Yong-soo, do you wanna be my friend." Matthew was caught off guard, his head whirling with the ball of energy the raven haired boy was radiating off of him.

"U-uh, I-I guess." Yong-soo beamed brightly.

"Great, what's' your name? Do you like video games? Do you have any brothers or sisters? I have both; they can be a kind of a pain." Matthew let a shy smile move across his face at the other boy's barrage of questions, the interest being shown a pleasant change from the almost non-existent attention he had been subjected to at home.

The pair had been great friends throughout high school and had remained close, even going to the same college and becoming roommates until graduation, which brought them to their current dilemma.

"Oh, all right but I'll have to call my dad and tell him." Yong-soo scoffed and rolled his eyes sarcastically.

"Why bother, it's not like he'd even remember where you're going after a week." Matthew sighed before sitting up to face his friend at a less awkward angle.

"I guess but I still feel like I have to. So when do you want to go?" Matthew asked. Yong-soo grinned and looked at the calendar, one of the few items remaining on the dorm wall since they had begun to clear out of the room in preparation for the next occupants.

"How about tomorrow, two pm." Yong-soo looked back to the Canadian who was now eying him suspiciously. "... What?"

"That's... unusually precise." Yong-soo glanced to the side, a sly smile working its way onto his lips. Matthew watched the smile forming before sighing, slapping his palms over his face in an attempt to hide from the truth. "Oh for god's sake... How long?" Yong-soo turned to face Matthew, no longer even bothering to hide his smile as he whipped out a pair of plane tickets from his jeans pocket.

"Two weeks! I bought them with my last pay check; it was a great deal Da-zee!"

"So, let me get this straight, you bought two tickets to Moscow on the assumption that I would go with you." Matthew exclaimed, waving his arms to further demonstrate how absolutely ridiculous the prospect was. Yong-soo just waved it off casually with a wide smile.

"Now what made you think I assumed you would go?" Matthew sighed in resignation, flopping back on the bed to stare at the ceiling with a pout. It was true, of course. Even had he said no, he would in all honesty have ended up going with the Korean anyway; Yong-soo just had that kind of effect on people and had no qualms about doing so to his Canadian friend.

"Well, I guess. What's the worst that could happen?"

Famous last words.

Other famous last words include 'it could never happen to me' and 'huh, that was surprising'. So, this is my first try at an AU story, I had a few ideas bouncing around but this seemed the most believable one. I really wanted to write something involving a mistaken identity thing with Alfred and Matthew, it was just too perfect for them. I thought about doing a sort of prince and the pauper thing with Alfred being the prince but decided I didn't feel like doing it (yet) and a Catch Me if You Can spoof but it didn't pan out.

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Ya, so what?

Charles: Nothing specific. Moron.

Riiight. Kiku and Alfred's handler is just some OC, his sole purpose is to send them on their way. I like Korea, he's really weird but nice and I can see him just latching on to Canada since he seems like the type to willingly put up with him. On that note please feed my ego by dropping me a review, he's a gluttonous bastard but I love him all the same.