The Dark End

Bella's POV

I was walking down a long narrow hall way." Bella" a beautiful voice called." Come to me my darling I need you my love." I followed the beautiful voice until I found it. "Ahh my sweet Bella come here love." He was handsome I must admit paler than usual though. He had bronze hair perfect features I must say. Hell he was perfect. I walked toads him a little scared. Wait had I seen him before?

"Don't be scared love I just want to love you no worries" Wake up now wake up I begged myself. Finally I woke up gasping. One second later my alarm clock went off. Thank god I could not, would not sleep until tonight.

I finally got to school it felt like a hike.

"BELLA!" My best friend Angela called. "Hey Ang" I said. "we have five new students, FIVE! Can you believe it?" 5 New students I'm in shock.

"wow" was all I could mange. A silver Volvo pulled in the parking-lot with a red Convertible.

5 beautiful people got out . I gasp in sock one looked just like the boy in my dream. He looked our way and flashed a dazzling smile. I could not help but smile back.

Then the bell rang.

All throughout my first couple of classes all I could think about was the boy that was in my dream. How could that be possible.

I don't know why, but I had a bad feeling about him. There was a voice in the back of my head screaming at me, telling me to stay away from him.

I just ignored it. I was just being paranoid, that's all.

As hard as I tried to shake off the feeling, I couldn't. Maybe the voice was right. I would just ignore him to be safe.

I walked to my next class, which I had with Angela.

I had already made it to English when Ang came running in screaming. "OMG!" I think I lost my hearing"Why are you screaming?"

I ask truly curious to find out why.

"Why am I screaming you ask? Because Edward freaking Cullen is in this class with his big brother Emmett Cullen duh!"

I laughed "Ang, how could you be hyped up on a guy you don't even know?" I ask.

"Well my dear friend," she started "because some one asked about the girl next to me and that happen to be you ISABELLA MARIE SWAN." I was now angered at this not just because Angela use my full name but also because Edward heard it. I blushed a deep red.

Edward sat were the teacher told him to. Class was over fast so I did what I always did and starter leaving.

I walked to the library as always. While walking, I was stopped by the sound of someone calling my name."BELLA!" I spun around, only to see Edward Cullen calling me. When he was caught up, to me he pulled me into a hug and crushed his lips where on mine, trying to get my mouth open. I tried to push him away but that was no use.

When he pulled awy he was smiling and I was glaring.

"your glare don't hurt me my Bella." He said while laughing. I was still in his arms and trying to get out, which did no good.

Suddenly I was up against the lockers and Edward's lips crushing mine his hands moving upward to my breast, his lips on my neck giving me a chance to speak. "stop please" I begged.

He continued for a moment longer, than stopped. But before he was out of sight the word, "mine" left his lips.

I shivered involuntary . I went to P.E. I was scared to go out into the parking lot.

Just as I feared, I saw Edward, he stared at me and smirked. I ignored him and continued walking.

Just then Angela came running to me. "Tell me what happen with Edward?" I shivered at the name Angela took it the wrong way.

"Ooh I knew it what happen please Bella?" she gushed. "Ang,"I started. "Nothing happened, he asked me out and I said no. Nothing gossip worthy."

I knew lying to her was wrong but I could not tell her about Edward it would scare her.

"That is gossip worthy we could tell Jessica and Luran and they would worship you. But why did you turn Edward Cullen down he is hot. Are you insane?"

No but I can't tell her "Maybe, look I gotta go bye Ang call you latter bye!"