I did not out the regeneration book series,
they were written by Linda Joy Singleton, not me,
I am just a fan, if you sue me, all you will get
is a cat. Thrown into your face.

So it begins...

Waves splashed against the boat as a woman in
a white docter jacket led a little boy with
platinum blond hair to the edge.
"But why do I have to go? I don't wanna go!"
the little boy whined "Shhh! six, you have to leave."
"But tomorrow's my birthday!" Six swatted at a fly
buzzing around his face.
"It's also your termination day, but we can't let that happen."
Six knew what that meant, he remembered the cute white mice
he had petted one day, but the next day they were gone,
terminated, they had told him. It was a bad word.
They came to the boat, where the babies were all sleeping
peacfully in their carriers. As if knowing what he was going to say,
Doctor Hart put her hand over his mouth and jumped with him into the
boat, as they sped away into the night...

I've always known I was different, weather it was the tattoo on my ankle,
my ability to literally see emotions, or the fact that I remember things
from when I was a baby, I could always tell that I'm weird.
I've never been able to make friends easily, I'm too shy to say hi.
Now here I am on my first day in a new school, what to I do?
"Hi! I'm Starr, I've never seen you here before, so you must be
new, what's your name?"
Starr was wearing a black one-shoulder shirt that said DIVA in silver,
Silver capri's, slip-on black sandals, with a silver anklet.
Starr had thick black hair and huge green eyes, and a hourglass figure.
"I-I-Ah- Varina." I stuttered,hoping I didn't sound too stupid.
Starr just grined at me. "Do you want me to show you around?"
she asked. Do I? I may have a good new friend here!

::::: Home
"Uncle Jim, I'm home! why's the door... Uncle Jim!!"
The living room was trashed, and I could hear footsteps running out the back door,
I ran around all the trash and rushed to my battered uncle's side, where he started to whisper,
what he said will change my life forever.
"Va-varina! Warn them."
"What? Warn who? Uncle!"
"Warn them! You're a clone, fifteen years ago we experimented on human DNA,
Doctor Victor is back! Run, Varina! Warn them!"
Uncle Jim handed me a peice of paper with four names and addresses on it, and the footsteps returned,
I hid behind the couch and watched as a bald hispanic guy came out and headed to Uncle Jim.
I started creeping out of the house slowly, I had seen enough,
I had to warn the others, when all of the sudden
a Strong hand clamped down on my mouth and someone
dragged me into the house
. Doctor Victor looked up.
"Where did you find it?"
The person that was holding me replyed in a feminine voice
"It was trying to sneak away. What should I do with it?"

I didn't wait to find out, I bit her hand and ran out of the
house, they followed me for a block but then
gave up and went back to the house,

I called 911 from the nearest payphone, then started walking.