Magic Trials: By Luna Mrow

Summary: Saving princesses has always been part of Finn and Jake's job. So what happens when Marceline gets captured? Can they save her? Or is she the ones who needs to save them?

Chapter One:

"Thanks again guys, you two saved me from that lumpin' idiot," Lumpy Space said, giving a quick hug to the two heroes Finn and Jake.

After receiving a very lumpy hug, Finn smiled and replied, "You're welcome LSP. No one should be forced to be married, especially to that nerd the Ice King."

"And I heard that he never wears underwear," Jake snickered.

"Where'd you hear that man?" Finn asked.

"From his pet penguin Gunter, when we play Wednesday night poker games."

The twelve year old boy shrugged. "Oh. I didn't know that."

Jake grinned. "That's because you're always hanging out with your true love Marceline."

"OOH!" Lumpy Space Princess awed, "Wait till I tell Bubblegum that you're hanging out with a vampire queen. She won't be happy to hear that. I can smell the DRAMA!"

"No! It's not what you think!" Finn exclaimed. "Look, Marceline and I are just friends, okay? She may appear to be intimidating, scary, mean, hardcore, and vicious, but really she's… uh… well… she's all those things BUT she's also really cool to hang out with. You've just got to get past her rough exterior."

"Still texting PB," Lumpy Space Princess smirked.

"No!" Finn exclaimed.

"Think Bubblegum will be jealous?" Jake grinned, "That's a good sign if she is."

"Why would it be a good sign?" Finn asked.

"Because man, you've got a thing for Princess Bubblegum!" Jake exclaimed, waving his golden paws in the air.

"Oh I get it, we've got a total love triangle going on," Lumpy Space Princess said, "Marceline loves you, and you love PB. This is just like a plot twist on season 4 of my soap opera 'Lumps of our Lives'."

"That is not what's happening!" Finn exclaimed.

"Wait, I know what season you're talking about!" Jake replied. "Or maybe this is season 3 when Francesco admits to Geneva he loves her, and then tells her twin sister Kayla the same thing! He couldn't make up his mind on which twin he wanted to be with."

"Oh my lumpin' god, I was in hysterics for weeks when Francesco found out Veronica was a vampire. I was like, 'oh no lumpin' way!' and blogged about it to my fan club."

"Fan club? I didn't know there was a fan club! Where can I sign up?" Jake asked.

"Enough!" Finn exclaimed. "Look, my life is nothing like 'Lumps of our Lives'. I don't love Marceline or Bubblegum; they're just really close friends of mine."

"That's not what I'm texting," Lumpy Space Princess said. She took out her phone and started pushing buttons.

"No!" Finn cried.

Before LSP pressed send, she got a phone call and quickly answered it. "Hello? Melissa? Oh hey. Not much, I just got rescued from Finn and Jake when Ice King captured me. Ya, Finn is standing right next to me. What do you mean you're single? WHAT? BRAD BROKE UP WITH YOU?"

"Dude," Jake whispered, "We better go before-"

"What do you mean you want to date Finn? He's already in a love triangle; a rectangle is the last thing he needs!"

"I don't want to date Melissa!" Finn shrieked.

"Yeah! My brother will not be her rebound guy!" Jake added.

"Oh hold on Melissa," LSP said, "Would you two mind going? This is a lumpin' private conversation."

"Let's go," Finn agreed, and he hopped on Jake's back. Enlarging his size, Jake stepped through the portal between the Land of Ooo and Lumpy Space, and in a matter of seconds the two were back in front of their tree house. "I'm going to bed," Finn grumbled as he unlocked the front door of his house and stepped inside.

"Care if I invite Lady Rainicorn over for some leftover pasta?" Jake asked.

"Sure man," Finn answered.

"Thanks dude." Jake left the living room to go call his girlfriend.

Finn sat down on his bed and crossed his arms. "I'm just twelve years old! I'm too young for relationships!" he exclaimed to himself. Though Finn never stopped thinking about how nice it'd be to kiss a princess. He even had that bookmarked in the Enchiridion he and Jake snagged. Finn always pictured kissing Princess Bubblegum like kissing candy, since she was ruler of the candy kingdom. But what about Marceline? What would she taste like? Blood? Though she rarely drinks it, so would she taste like… red? "What does red even taste like?" Finn asked himself.

"Rainicorn! Ready for some pasta babe?" Finn heard Jake ask.

"Always am," Lady Rainicorn giggled, leaning in to give Jake a quick smooch.

But before she did Finn came in, and Jake pulled away. "Not in front of the boy," he whispered.

"Say Lady, can you do me a favor?" Finn asked.

"Of course Finn," Lady Rainicorn smiled.

"Can you turn this sheet of paper red?" Finn asked, holding up a blank white paper.

"Certainly." Lady Rainicorn tipped her head and out from her horn flashed a quick rainbow light, and magically the paper turned red. "There you go," she smiled. "Now let's get eating Jakey."

"Want some Finn?" Jake asked. There was no answer, because Finn had already run out of the front door of the tree house, and was safely in the garage where no one could see or hear him.

After looking around him the sixth time, Finn sat in the corner of the garage, and gave a quick kiss to the red paper. "Red doesn't taste like anything," he said dryly. Then Finn's eyes widened and he threw the paper down. "Why do I care anyway? It's not like I'm going to ki- oh no! Marceline!"

Quickly Finn ran back through the front door, where he saw Jake, Lady Rainicorn, Gunter, and a few ducks playing poker. "Hey dude. I invited over a few more people," Jake said.

"Wat wat wat!" Gunter exclaimed.

"Darn it, you win the lot again," Jake sighed, passing his money to the plump penguin.

"Dude what day is it?" Finn exclaimed.

"Wednesday, why?"

"Oh man! I'm late for my jam session with Marceline!" Finn exclaimed. "I'll see you later tonight bro!"

"Alright later brother," Jake replied. "Anyone got change for a hundred?"

Quickly Finn ran out of his house and headed towards the cave Marceline inhabited. In twenty minutes flat he was inside the cave, and then came to the house that had an unlocked front door. "Sorry Marceline, lost track of time," Finn said as he opened the door and entered into the vampire queen's domain.

There was no reply, and when Finn looked up he screamed, a scream that could only be conjured up by a stressed out twelve year old. And he screamed because all of the windows were smashed, the furniture was cut up and destroyed, and sitting by the light of a candle was Marceline's Axe Bass, with a neatly folded envelope perched on top. Slowly Finn walked towards the guitar, and picked up the envelope… only to be in shock even more. It read:

Dear Finn,

It's been a long time since we last met. The time has come for you to pass another test, young hero aspiring Finn, and this one will be your hardest yet. I have captured your friend Marceline, and I'm waiting for you and Jake to come save her. I'm waiting for you to prove just how heroic you can be. Marceline is waiting too. We'll see you soon.


Magic Man

Author's Note:

Well this is chapter one of what hopefully is a good fic. I love Adventure Time so much, and after Adventure Time with Finn, Jake and Marceline turned out to be a good fic, I decided to have a go at a second one! Please review (they mean a lot) and thank you for reading :D