It was only supposed to be a bet. I wasn't supposed to actually fall for the dobe…

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'' Means thoughts and of course "" means actual talking.

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Sasuke entered the halls of the high school he dreaded so much. Not because of something sensible like bad teachers or bad food but, simply because of the fan girls. Really, they were awful. Recently they had gotten creative and began to take his things when he wasn't looking. The current item stolen was his ipod. The only thing that gave him somewhat of an escape from this hell.

"Damn fan girls…" Sasuke grumbled as he walked up to his locker. It was then that he heard. A shrill annoying voice that could only belong to none other than Sakura Haruno. 'Hopefully she hasn't seen me…' he thought, hiding his head further into the locker.

"Sasuke-kun!" She called her as she walked up, trying to push her non-existent breasts up.

"Go away." Sasuke ordered really not wanting to deal with her crap today.

She was about to say something back, most likely try to ask him on a date which of course he would not go on, when they heard a loud thump. Sasuke turned and all he saw was a mob of bright blonde hair. Really that hair color could blind someone.

Sakura laughed smugly. "Humph! That loser Naruto gets what he deserves." she crossed her arms.

Naruto wasn't the most popular of people but that didn't stop him from attracting unwanted attention. So it wasn't uncommon that he got bullied a lot.

"What's the matter? I thought we were gonna get beat up?" One of the students said mockingly as he shoved Naruto's face into the locker. The other jerked Naruto's book bag away from him and poured its contents out onto the floor while he laughed. "Next time, watch who you pick your fights with." The one holding Naruto said before releasing him and walking away with his friend.

"N-Naruto-kun!" A purple haired girl called worriedly as she ran over to him, checking to see if he was ok.

Naruto looked up and smiled that knucklehead smile he had become famous for. "Don't worry Hinata! I'm fine. I'm just glad you're alright." he said as he began to pick his things up.

"O-Only thanks to you…" She replied nervously. She helped him pick up his things then bowed politely and quickly ran away.

Once she was out of sight, Naruto grabbed his side wincing as he shakily stood up and limped away, his bangs hiding his newly bruised face.

Sasuke, who had watched the whole thing, simply shrugged. 'Not my problem.' he thought. He collected his things while he ignored Sakura's rambling then walked away, making sure to glare at her before he did.

Everyone began pouring into homeroom. Sasuke strode in gracefully, causing all the fan girls to go wild in their seats. He spotted his friends and walked over and sat next to them.

"Yo, Sasuke!" Neji said as he greeted Sasuke.

"Hn." was Sasuke's normal response.

"Good morning to you Sasuke." Sai politely greeted. Sasuke really didn't like being friends with someone who looked similar to him but if it got the fan girls off of his back he would do it in a heartbeat. Sai then smiled that creepy ass smile he always smiles. "So Sasuke, when are you going to select a girl? They all seem pretty anxious as to what your decision will be."

Sasuke scoffed, and then looked away. "None of your damn business…"

At that moment Naruto walked in, grinning like the idiot he so clearly was. He always sat right beside the window. Sometimes Sasuke would glance over and notice Naruto looking out the window in an almost day dreaming state. Except he would always have this sullen look. One that he rarely shows anyone.

Sasuke looked at Naruto as he found his seat and looked out the window. He was very tan, it reminded him of summer. He was unbelievably thin, almost unhealthy looking. His eyes were the most brightest he had ever seen along with his hair. But it suited him. He had three whisker scars on both sides of his cheeks that made him almost exotic looking. Basically, he was very feminine.

'Like I would ever…' Sasuke thought, turning away from Naruto.

Neji laughed as him and some other guy began throwing things at Naruto. Honestly, it's like no one has anything better to do than to bully the blonde idiot. Sasuke was indifferent to it. It didn't concern him so why should he care?

"I bet Sasuke's gay! That's why he doesn't have a girlfriend!" One student teased. Sasuke shot him an Uchiha glare and the boy immediately regretted saying anything.

"Oh please, if anything Sasuke's asexual!" Neji chimed in, taking a break from tormenting Naruto.

"Keep on Neji. We'll see if you live to see tomorrow." Sasuke threatened.

Neji raised an eyebrow. "Really now? Ok then, let's make things interesting. You go out with someone, you know prove that you aren't asexual. Hm, let's say a week. Me and Sai will choose the lucky lady of course."

"And why should I agree to that?" Sasuke questioned.

"Because if not, your fan girls just might find out your home phone number…and where you live…and which bedroom is-"

"Ok!" Sasuke yelled. "Fine I don't care. Go ahead and choose." he said annoyed. 'I just have to pretend to go out with them.' he thought reassuring himself.

Neji smirked as he looked around. There were a lot of good candidates that he knew would annoy Sasuke but one just really did something for his sadistic side.

"Naruto." Neji said.

"What?" Sasuke asked.

"Your 'girlfriend' for the week is Naruto." Neji said then laughed. "Oh man just think! We can get back at that loser and you can win a bet, how good does that sound."

"I'm not gay." Sasuke said glaring. "And even if I was I wouldn't go for that loser."

Neji smirked, anticipating this. "Ok then. Who is that girl you hate? Sakura? Maybe she wants to pay you a house visit." Neji teased.

Sasuke sighed. "Ok, ok. I get it. But I'm doing it on my time, not yours."

Neji shook Sasuke's hand as they agreed on the bet.

"Oh and when you dump him, let me be there to see his face." Neji said.

"Whatever." Sasuke said angrily as he sat back in his seat. Cursing what he got himself into.

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