"Sasuke! What is it!" Naruto moaned as Sasuke walked behind Naruto with his hands over Naruto's eyes.

"This is something you should see." Sasuke smirked. He kicked open a door and uncovered Naruto's eyes.

Naruto blinked as he looked around, "The cafeteria?" he looked around to see Sakura standing there in the middle. She turned, seeming to have no idea what was going on.

"Sasuke?" Naruto asked looking back at Sasuke.

Sasuke just smirked.

The doors flew open and students began pouring in, surrounding Sakura.

"I may have told the whole student body everything that Sakura did." Sasuke said crossing his arms triumphantly.

Naruto stared at Sakura as she began to make a face of panic. He turned to Sasuke and hugged him tightly, "You're the best." He smiled brightly then leaned in and kissed his lips.

"Don't thank me yet, I have one more surprise." Sasuke said taking Naruto's hand and leading him out of the cafeteria. He looked back at Sakura who had curled herself into a ball and was crying then laughed to himself.

They walked out of the school and Naruto paused. Standing by the road was a man but said man had bright blonde hair. Blonde hair that was almost the same color as Naruto's. The man turned, revealing his bright blue eyes. He noticed Naruto from far away and smiled a huge goofy grin causing Naruto's heart to skip a beat.

Naruto felt a nudge at his side, breaking him from his stupor. He looked over at Sasuke who smiled genuinely.


Naruto slowly nodded then stepped forward…

Cliffhanger? Lolz

This was for Miko Vampire. They wanted an epilogue so here you go.

So Sasuke found Naruto's daddy for him. Go Sasuke, got you some brownie points. Naruto's asshole foster father is in jail. Sasuke also took care of that. No one hurts Sasuke's dobe and gets away with it. Neji's in juvenile hall.

Thank you all once again for everything.