I don't know where this came from, really; I've listened to Aqualung's Easier to Lie a thousand times, but this is the first time it's prompted me to write anything.

This is set during early season 3, when Cal's being a *insert bad word of your choice* to Gillian, but no real spoilers.

Disclaimer: Not mine

Easier To Lie

She's made it clear how she feels; words aren't necessary with him, and she couldn't hide it if she tried, so why bother? To the rest of the world, though, things are a little more complicated.

Are you okay? She seems to be asked that question a hundred times a day and, honestly, she's getting a little tired of it. Of course, people care, and she's touched by their concern (when she can tell it's genuine), but she wishes, most of the time, that they'd just leave her alone. She's faced with a choice every time someone asks her that question; should she tell the truth, or smile and say I'm fine? Do they really want a honest answer, when beginning to tell one could open a floodgate for her that has no visible end?

He knows what's going on in her head – why he doesn't do something to fix it, then, she has no idea - but the ball's in his court and she's not going to waste any more time trying to figure him out, not if this is how he's going to repay her. But the rest of them don't know, don't see, don't understand. And the question is there; their heads tilted in sympathy, their brows etched in concentration, their eyes filled with worry.

Are you okay?

She slips on her smile, gives an affirmative nod, and forms the words that will convince the person that all really is well.

Sometimes – most of the time – it's just easier to lie.