Natzee man says, "No! It has no proof!"

Other natzee man say, "Yes! Hitler are commit die."

Suddenly, Mr. Wolfenstein was come out of the nearby ventilatin duck. He pulled out his first wepon and then his secon dwepon and then his third wepon until he got to his fiveth wepon which was a flamethrower because he was use scroll wheel and hot keys not asignned. Suddenly the room was get flamed and Natzees become eatable but nobody eat them because cannibal bad. "Argh, I do not appreciate this activity!" one of the dudes said because being fired is no fun.

Once the Natzees were die, Wolfenstein gave a sleigh and pat himself on baks. "I would like a garnola bar right now," he said to himself out loud because he is was hungry. However a nearby scapegoat heard him and went to tell Germen frends about introson but was blamed for kills because his name was scapegoat. Back in the froom that Wolfenstein was currently in at that time he jumped on a nearby table and the food osmosised into his body and instantly heeld him because that is how he eats. "It's knife time," he said as he pulled out his knife and started to stab chairs and paintings. Then he jumped off of a guard tower and land on horse and rode into sunset because story is end.