Hrmm... I'm kinda tentative about uploading this fic. I mean, it just doesn't seem well-thought-out enough, but there's so little DeSu fanfics out there that it's depressing. :x

So...yeah. There aren't any blatant spoilers, but some of the things that Naoya says (being the cryptic troll he is) might strike you as odd.

Anyways, if the title or summary didn't already tell you, the fic is going to focus on Naoya and MC. Meaning possible fluffy stuff. Nothing hardcore, though, I promise. They're going to be more touchy-feely than the average brother-brother relationship, but the most they'd ever do is a hug, and/or possibly a kiss to the cheeks or forehead. Yup, not even lip-to-lip. If you still don't like that, click Back.

In case you were wondering, I've named the protagonist Makoto Chouji. The kanji of Makoto means "sincerity", and kanji of Chouji is "favoured child." Which goes with...yeah, I won't spoil it.

Just a note: "Onii-chan" means "big brother" in Japanese. It's going to appear a lot in the fic, so just a heads-up.

Devil Survivor © Atlus
Character designs by Suzuhita Yasuda

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In any case, despite how rushed this is, I hope you enjoy. :3

As always, Naoya had started his childhood as an ordinary boy. Other than his silvery hair and red eyes, there was nothing noteworthy about him.

And then he started to remember things.

At first, the images overwhelmed him, frightened him. He didn't know what he was seeing, nor did he understand why. However, this feeling gradually vanished once the majority of these memories returned.

Once he finally understood who he was.

The child Naoya once was disappeared, and he became introverted and cynical—he was much too mature for a boy his age. This change was so sudden that his parents had considered seeing a psychiatrist or a doctor. He scoffed at this idea—nothing would change his ideals. He would stop at nothing at revenge against the perpetrator of his eternal suffering.

And then the accident happened.

Naoya's parents had gone out one night, and they hadn't returned. After that, he was told that he was to be living with his cousin's family, who were apparently his last relatives.

When he arrived at his cousin's house, Naoya's first impression of them was that they were an ordinary family. His aunt was of average height and wore her hair long, and was beautiful in a modest sort of way. His uncle was also of average height and he had a kind look to him, but his hair was beginning to grey somewhat. And his little cousin…

"Makoto, this is your cousin, Naoya. He'll be living with us from now on," his aunt told the boy. He was tiny, at two years old, and his large eyes and short hair were a matching blue. He observed Naoya shyly while clinging to his mother.

"Don't be shy," she cooed. "Say hi to Onii-chan."

Makoto blinked and stared at Naoya. "…Onii…-chan," he said slowly, as if he had trouble with the words. "Onii-chan…" His face broke into a small smile as he moved away from his mother and walked over to Naoya. "Onii-chan!" Before Naoya could move away, Makoto hugged him, eliciting a small noise of surprise from the older boy.

His uncle laughed. "He likes you already."

Naoya said nothing at this and cupped the boy's cheeks, making him look up. Makoto stared up at him with his huge, curious blue eyes, and for a second, Naoya saw something familiar in them.

Unbeknownst to his aunt and uncle, Naoya smirked. So it's you, he thought. It's been so long…my little brother.

He didn't want to appear suspicious however. Removing his hands from the boy's cheeks, Naoya hugged his smaller cousin. "He seems like a really good boy," he murmured loud enough for his aunt and uncle to hear. Makoto gave a small, muffled giggle.

That's right. You're a good boy, aren't you…? His silver hair hid his smirk, and he held him more tightly, possessively. You're going to do whatever I say… And I'll make sure you obey me.

Makoto's muffled protests at being held so tightly went unheard, so he gave in and clung to Naoya's clothes instead.

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