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"Are you really moving away, Onii-chan?"

Naoya turned around to regard his thirteen year-old cousin, who was looking up at him forlornly. He sighed and patted his head.

"Yes, Makoto. I'm really moving."

"But…why? Don't you like living here?" Makoto cried. "Don't you like living with me, Onii-chan?"

Sighing again, Naoya pulled the boy close. "Of course I like living here with you. But I'm all grown up, and I have a job. Oji-san and Oba-san have the time to take care of you now." He put his hands on his shoulders and knelt down so he and Makoto were at eye level. "The bird will eventually leave its nest. You're going to have to move out someday too."

"But I don't wanna!" Makoto whined and Naoya shook his head.

"Well, your feelings are going to change once you get older. In any case, by leaving, I'm giving Oba-san and Oji-san one less mouth to feed, so it'll be a little easier on them. See? I'm not just moving out for myself, I'm moving out for your parents too."

Makoto looked down, still forlorn. Naoya frowned. "Hey. What's with that look?"

"I'm gonna miss you, Onii-chan…"

"It's not like I'm moving out of this country," Naoya replied, cupping Makoto's cheek with a hand. "I'm just a train ride away."

"I know, but still…"

"Would it make you feel better if I told you I had a present for you?"

Makoto's sad look turned into an inquisitive one. "A…present?"

"That's right. Close your eyes for a second."

Curious, the boy did as he was told, and he felt something cover his ears. Something small was pushed into his hand. Not able to resist any longer, he opened his eyes.

He was holding an mp3 player connected with a bright red chord. Said chord led to the things covering his ears.

"Huh?" Makoto took them off and found himself staring at a pair of oddly shaped headphones. Then, he looked up at Naoya, who was smiling.

"Just think of it as a parting gift," he said, and Makoto's face broke into a delightful smile. He hugged Naoya tightly, still holding onto his gift.

"Thanks, Onii-chan! I've always wanted headphones!"

"Is that so? Then I know you better than I thought I did," Naoya mused, and Makoto turned to his newly acquired headphones.

"Wow, these wires are so weird," he said, gazing at the elongated wires that formed two strange triangular shapes. "Why are they pointing up like that? Aren't they just supposed to go around your head?"

"I'm assuming they are to give the impression of animal ears."

"Oh, like a cat! Nya!" Makoto cried, clawing at Naoya's clothes.

Naoya sighed, putting a hand on his forehead disbelievingly. "Isn't thirteen a little too old for that kind of horseplay?"

"Whatever!" The boy embraced Naoya again. "…Thanks, Onii-chan. I'll never take them off!"

"Oh, I don't know about that. You're going to have to take them off when you go to sleep or when you take a shower."

"Well, I'll wear them all the other times!"

"Of course you will," Naoya said, patting him on the head again. "Now… I think it's time for me to go."

The boy looked saddened again. "Can't you stay another week?"

"Unfortunately, I can't. I have to go right now or I'll miss the train."

Makoto whined a little, but he let go of Naoya. The latter smiled, giving him one last pat on the head.

"You can visit me anytime you want. Just make sure you call first."

"Okay…" Makoto looked up so that red and blue hues met. "Make sure you visit us too, Onii-chan!"

Naoya chuckled. "Of course, Makoto. Well, then…" He stepped away, picking up his bag. "See you whenever." And he left through the open door.

Makoto stood at the doorway, watching as his older cousin disappeared from sight. "Bye, Onii-chan! Don't forget to say hi once in a while, okay?" he called.

Despite the boy's cheery tone, Naoya was not smiling as he walked away.

A part of him wanted to stay with Makoto until he was older, to continue to nurture him. But he knew he had to leave before he succumbed to his emotions. He gripped the handle of his bag a little more tightly.

Naoya had planned to use Makoto's childhood to wrap him around his finger, but something went awry along the way.

He had been successful in one aspect; Makoto loved and trusted him. That would definitely be an asset to him in the future. However, he hadn't had the intention to reciprocate the affection. And yet, feelings that he had nearly forgotten had begun to resurface, and he had to push them away again before they interfered.

Naoya stopped walking and looked up at the sky, into the heavens. His eyes were narrowed in a glare. He cursed the perpetrator of his damnation, the one who was the cause of this suffering. He cursed the one who forced him to encounter life again and again when he had had enough eons ago.

The image of Makoto's smiling face flickered into his mind. As he continued walking, he felt only anger...

And the genuine attraction towards his long-time brother.

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