A/N: Yes, it is a drabble, it just popped out. For those fans of the them he is theming about I apologize...


"I hate them, Sammy."

"I know," Sam answered with a sigh.



"With a passion."


"Get me outta here."

"I am, car's out front."

Dean and hospital's-never a good match.

"There was nothing to read, except them." Dean said with horror.

"I know, you mentioned it." Like a thousand times.

"Hate them."

"Yeah." Sam smiled. "Here, I got you this."

"What is it?"

"Look at it."

Dean peered at the t-shirt which said, "Come to the Dark Side Our Vampires Don't Sparkle". He grinned. "Sammy! It's perfect! I Love it."

"When I saw it I knew you would."

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