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"Miss Granger?"

"Yes sir?"



"What in God's name are you wearing?"

Hermione smiled coquettishly and gave a little twirl, coming face to face with Professor Severus Snape. She noted with a small twinge of satisfaction that his mouth was indeed hanging open slightly. 'Score one for me', she thought merrily.

"Why, it's my Halloween costume of course. It's all the rage with the muggles you see."

Rolling his eyes Snape snapped at her. "Yes, I've gathered that much Granger, but why are you wearing it?"

"Because Ron, Harry, Ginny, and I are going Trick or Treating this evening."

"I don't know if you have noticed, but people are staring Miss Granger."

"What?" Startled Hermione turned her head side to side and noticed that yes a few people were staring, and that they only seemed to be of the male gender.


"Yes, Do you have any idea what kind of display you are making!"

She frowned, and looked at herself.

"It's only your standard Witch's outfit".

"It is completely inappropriate! Look! I can see the top of your stockings! That skirt is entirely too short!"

Grinning like a cat that cornered the mouse, she strode forward, and brought her palm across his collarbone, and spoke in a soft whisper,"Don't you like my costume? I picked it out especially for you."

Sputtering, and turning bright, tomato red Snape promptly forgot the reasons why he even disapproved of the costume. In fact, he found that he was growing fonder, and fonder of it. But before this night was over, he would make it so that she could never wear it again, at least not in public.

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