A/N 10-21-10: I am officially insane. I have two stories I am already working on at a painfully slow rate, in college, and yet I think it is the perfect time to premiere the beginning of my newest fictional whim. Down the Rabbit Hole is an exploration of the possibilities presented with alibi2014's chapter 27 of There's Something About You That's Different. I read the chapter in which she pioneered the idea of Jinx being a hero and Kid Flash a villain, and with her permission and from her inspiration came Down the Rabbit Hole, a story that explores why Jinx is a hero, Kid Flash a villain, and how such a reversal in roles came to be, how it changes things, what it means for the future, and what remains the same.

Chapter 1: Found

Rain in the middle of the Mojave Desert, how novel, Zatanna groused. Soft splashes from little feet echoed after her own awkward tempo. Puddles reflecting Vegas' glow broke and rippled as first Zatanna's newly heel-less stilettos tromped through followed by her motley troop.

Thinking back to her finale Zatanna sighed. That could have gone differently. Wearily, the Mistress of Magic pushed a sodden lock of black hair from the arch of her nose to behind her ear and glared at the thunderclouds overhead as if they were personally responsible for her show's epic failure. Well, she mused, maybe Epic Fail was a too heavy and cliché adjective for her show that evening. Other delicate ways to phrase the evening's events would be fiasco, travesty or even… epic failure.

The harsh neon light of Vegas filtering onto the side-street illuminated the source of Zatanna's misfortune and frustrations, a trailing crew of ducklings. Four were of the feathered variety, one of the canine genuses, and the sixth was a girl, who couldn't be any older than the age of ten, with cat eyes the same pink that graced the desert sunrise.

Kicking off her heels Zatanna turned to face the bedraggled crew tromping along behind her. The cat-eyed girl halted mid-stride and peered back at Zatanna with eager fixation. The puppy, all paws, stumbled to a halt at the girl's heels, but the four ducklings marched right on circling around Zatanna's ankles stopping only to preen.

A giggled wafted up into the night air. Zatanna's accusing glare shifted from the fowl to the girl. Although Zatanna's glare caused the giggles to cease it couldn't quite stifle the mischief gleaming in the girl's eyes.

Indeed, Zatanna's final performance of the night in Caesars Palace had been quite spectacular, with the illusions and magic and suspense increasing exponentially throughout her act until the finale brought down the house. And the chandelier. And all centered on the girl before her.

What a fine pair they made two sodden females, one a girl with a bizarre color scheme and an affinity for animals, and the other an adult, an entertainer soaked to the skin, hair frizzing, mascara running, and an altruistic soft spot for down on their luck orphans with a penchant for misfortune.

"Ok, here's how it's going to work," Zatanna said flipping her drenched mane behind her shoulders. "You will stay with me until you can learn to control those magic beams you adore so much. You will reframe from adopting more homeless vermin. You will not brainwash them into thinking that I'm their mother, and you most certainly will not do any of the above to me or anyone else while they're in the middle of a show in Vegas just so you can get your way."

At the laughter dancing in unrepentant pink- eyes, Zatanna knew her responsibility in training the budding sorceress before her was for not only the good of society, but also for the sake of the child herself.

What complete opposites the pair would prove. Master and apprentice. How quite odd and unlikely the odds of fate pushing this pair together, but as Zatanna was quickly learning, the child before her seemed to have a way of defying the odds.

Prompt: Opposites