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"Elijah Goldsworthy the second! You get out of that chocolate frosting this instant!"

"But… Uncle Adam said it's good for me."

"Adam Torres… explain?"

"It is good for his soul."

"Yeah and good for him to have a belly ache later too… Plus supper is almost done."

"Fine, little E guess you gotta put the chocolate away."

"Aw rats!"

I couldn't help but laugh as this miniature version of Eli stomped over to the pantry and put to can of chocolate frosting back on the shelf. It was all over his mouth and hands. He was really going crazy on it. I guess I will have to get some more to frost his cake and cupcakes for his party tomorrow… I can't believe my little baby is turning five! Where did the years go? Where did my boyfriend go?



"Come here!"


"Come here!"

"Clare… The movie is almost at the best part."

"Can you go get some more chocolate frosting for the cupcakes for Little E's school…? Adam told Little E to go crazy on the frosting I had."

"Adam I could kick you! Now he'll be up until dawn."

"Tell me about it…"

"Can you go to the store please?"

"Of course darling woman. I'll take little E too… He could use a little store time since you refuse to take him in anymore."

"Eli, he released the lobsters from the tank. He's banned from the Shop and Save a Bunch."

"Well what do you expect? Those lobsters probably looked all trapped… He was doing the world a civil service. Animal rights…"

"Like father like son."

"Adam, Little E… store trip! You guys down?"

"Yaaayyy! I wanna go daddy!"

"Yeah me too!"

"Clare, we shall return."

The apartment got quiet. I put on a pot of coffee and I straightened up while I waited for it to brew. I went into little E's room. Typical, he left his living dead dolls all over the place. Gosh these things are creepy! I hate them but Eli insists on letting the boy have his collection. I say they should all be burned and buried under a cross and a bird bath full of holy water… He got it one day when he went with Eli to the mall. It was supposed to be a simple trip. Eli was going to get some new jeans at Hot Topic… That's when little E saw the living dead doll… The first one was Isaiah…. I nearly had a fit when he bought it home… But he really took a liking to it…. I picked the scary little dolls up and put them on the shelf before making up his messy little bed and tidying up his crayon station.

When I went back into the kitchen the coffee was ready. I poured myself a cup with two creams and two sugars. I sat at the breakfast island and I exhaled for a moment. These solitary moments are few and far between. Sometimes I forget how it feels not to hear the sound of a rowdy kid, or worse to not hear the sound of a rowdy kid, which means I have to go looking for him because he's probably doing something he shouldn't be. I can't complain about life though.

I took the pizza casserole out of the oven. Just as I did Eli, little E and Adam came crashing the door. Eli had a bag full of chocolate frosting and little E had even more chocolate around his mouth. Eli's going to stay up with him when he's tweeking for sugar tonight.

"Somebody got suckered…"

"I didn't… He was very good in the supermarket Clare…"

"Yeah mommy, I was good so daddy let me have a super king sized Hershey bar!"

"Little E… it was healthy though, tell mommy why."

"Mommy it was healthy because it had almonds!"

"Little E, go clean yourself up... And you Goldsworthy… You are in big trouble."

"Oh well shouldn't I be punished? A spanking perhaps?"

"Guys, hello? I'm still here… We are all adults here and you two are still clowning around like a pair of high schoolers."

"Sorry Adam."

"Yeah sorry bro."

"No prob… Just hurry and slice that pizza casserole, it smells awesome."

"Thanks Adam."

Right when we were about to dig into the pizza casserole there was a knock at the door. It was Fiona. She was of course here to see Adam but… she's become a friend of ours in the past years. She was lovely as always.

"Hello all…"

"Fiona! Do you have any more of those little French candies?"

"Little E, it looks like you've been in someone's chocolate stash already but… we'll talk later."


We shared a nice family dinner and then we started the Friday night movie which was The Nightmare before Christmas… Little E picked the movie, I guess you could probably tell that though. He sang along with all the songs and giggled at that parts he thought were funny. It made me smile to hear him laugh.

After Adam and Fiona left little E started to crash down from his sugar rush so I got him bathed and off to bed. As soon as I laid him down though there was a knock at the door. It was so faint that I barely heard it. I went out to see Eliza standing there crying, the right side of her face was red and it looked a little swollen.

"Clare? Can I stay here for the weekend?"

"Sure, what happened?"

"I think we both know."

"Fitz slapped you again?"

"Yeah, I'm so dumb."

"You're not, just leave."

"That would make things simple huh?"

"Come on in."

She told me what happened this time… This has been his normal behavior for the past few months. Things went bad about a year ago when he had a baby with Brenda. Eliza really should leave him before she gets hurt badly but… I can't make her leave. Little E happened to pop his head out the door and he spotted her. He's crazy about her, so he ran quickly.

"Aunt Eliza!"

"Little E!"

"Are you staying the night?"

"Yeah I am…"

"Can you sleep with me?"

"Sure I will."


"Little E, why are you out of bed?"

"Mama, Isaiah told me to get out of bed…"


"Ha ha ha! Just kidding! I knew you would freak out like dad said."

"Your father is such a jerk."

"Daddy said you'd say that. May I have some water?"


I fixed him a glass of water and sent him back to bed. I talked to Eliza more, not only about her fight with Fitz but about school. We take English together and both our papers are up for publishing which is great. I guess we're just the best or something. Eli came out of the bedroom wearing only pajama pants.

"Gross big bro, cover up…nobody wants to see your body."

"When did you get here? Why are you here?"

"I had an argument with Fitz."

"He hit you again?"

"What do you think?"

"I think you are crazy for staying…"

"Yeah I think I'm crazy too…"

"On a better note Eli and Eliza… Little E's turning five tomorrow."

"I know, I've been a dad for five years."

"I've been an aunt for five years…"

"What are you getting him… Aunt Eliza?"

"The living dead dolls lunch tin with the Living dead in wonderland book."

"Awesome idea… I still haven't gotten him anything yet."



"You know daddy if you can't think of anything you can just give me money!"

"Little E! Why are you up?"

"I can't sleep! I'm too excited!"

"Well, I guess that's a good excuse."

"Eli, you're such a softy… Little E."

"Yes mommy?"

"I need you to go to sleep so that you're not grouchy tomorrow."

"Grrr… okay."

"No growls, but snores."

He trotted back into his bedroom closing the door behind him. Eli, Eliza and I just laughed. He's five going on fifty. Soon we all started to yawn so we all went to bed… Well I went into the bedroom at least. I jumped into the shower and it wasn't any surprise that I felt Eli's arms wrap around me.

"Hey there…"

"Hey there yourself Edwards."

"You know he's still awake right?"

"Well he won't come in this bathroom without knocking."

"You're right. Let's get dirty… er… clean. Whatever."

Eli kissed me passionately while running his fingers through my soaking wet hair. The warm spray of water cascaded down our bodies while he devoured my breasts, running his tongue across my nipples eagerly. I moaned out and in response he kissed my stomach, going lower until he reached my center. He lifted up my leg and tasted me. He hungrily consumed the essence of me as it flooded down from my core. He looked up at me while he flickered his tongue across my pearl, leaving me breathless and making me weak in the knees. I held onto him for support and he gave me that crooked smile I love so much. He stood up and kissed me on the lips gently before raising one of my legs again and gliding his rock hardness inside me. I arched my back in reaction to the sudden spike in every square inch of my body. He pulled me closer to him and he moved smoothly in and out of my eager core. He started hitting the right spot inside me and the pressure started building up in my body, it rose until I hit peak. It was like an explosion ripped through my entire frame leaving me both cold and hot and making me sensitive to touch. Eli was still going because he hadn't cum yet, my core clenched around his hardness sending more shocks through my already astounded body. A few minutes later he reached bliss too and we just stood under the spray of the shower, kissing and holding each other.

"Clare I love you so much."

"I love you too Eli."

"Then marry me? Please? Please?"

"Eli… please let's not talk about this tonight. Please?"

"Okay, but you can't beat around the bush forever."

"Trust me, I know."

We washed and then dried off. I put on my night shirt and he put on his pajama pants. We got into bed and though there was initially tension he cut it by wrapping his arms around me and kissing me on the forehead like he does every night. I went to sleep with my head on his chest…

The next morning Little E crashed into the bedroom. Eliza was behind him trying to reel him in but she failed horribly. Little E jumped on the bed. He was excited for sure, but it is his birthday and that's exciting. How many times do you turn five?

"Mommy! Daddy! Up! It's my birthday!"

"Yes dude, it's your birthday."

"Up daddy! Get up!"

"Fine I'm up!"

"Yeah me too."

We got up. I made pancakes and sausage to calm little E down. Eliza got the decorations and went to go put the finishing touches on Above the Dot, where the party was being held. I can't believe they got Living Dead Dolls party lights. I'm sure Little E will love them. I realized that Eliza took the liberty of frosting the cupcakes little E was taking to school Monday for their Halloween party. Bless her heart.

Eli came back and he had a bag in hand. It was from Hot topic. He motioned for me to follow him so I did. Little E was content with eating so he should be out of trouble for at least five minutes.

"What'd you get? Hopefully not another Living Dead Doll?"

"No… even better! I got him a nightmare before Christmas backpack with miniature action figures and a watch."

"Aww he will love this! Good thinking."

"Now what did you get him again?"

"A starter guitar."

"Show off…"

"What? He said he wanted to learn to play."

"Show off! But I expected it from you Edwards, always going above and beyond."

"Eli you are messed."

"Then we are messed together… You, me and our little messed kid."

"Mommy! Daddy! What are you guys doing in there with the door closed?"

"We're uh… quick Eli.. think of something!"

"We're making you a brother or sister!"

"For my birthday?"


"Oh boy! This will be the best present ever!"

I punched Eli in the arm. He grabbed it while complaining around how hard I hit. I can't believe he told him that. Now, if this ever gets out people will be expecting me to pop out another baby in nine months!

When both our presents were wrapped we sat them on the bed and came out of the bathroom. Little E was sitting in front of the television watching some Werewolf movie. He looked like he was in a daze.

"Little E, come on time to get ready for the party."

"Okay mommy."

He ran to me and hugged me. I picked him up and kissed his chubby little cheek. I took him in his room and let him pick out what he wanted to wear. Of course he picked his favorite black long-sleeved shirt and these little black skinny jeans. I swear it's amazing how they make them this tiny. He put them on along with his boots. Eli then came into the room fully dressed as well.

"Look mommy! Me and daddy are twins!"

"I know right… You look alike and now you're dressed alike."

"Kid has great taste."

I put on a pair of black leggings with a white flowy shirt. I put on a black fashion belt and black ballet flats. I threw a few curls in hair and then it was off to Above the Dot where the kids will be crazy… God help us all….

Like I predicted… the kids are crazy! But it's fun to see Little E having so much fun. I think he likes Mindy, KC and Jenna's daughter. She dropped her cupcake and started crying so he gave her his and she kissed him on the cheek. He blushed. It was very…cute. It was almost like a reunion party in this place. Everybody bought gifts for him, most of it monetary, which works just as well…. Mr. Goldsworthy rented an optical illusionist who looked like Cris Angel. The kids were amazed and I will admit it, I was too! Eli liked it but he's too "cool" to admit it….

When things settled down a bit all the kids gathered around while Eli, Adam and Fitz resorted to telling ghost stories. Every once and a while we would hear a frenzy of screams but then everything got silent again. Mean while, I was having girl talk with Alli and Eliza…

"So why won't you marry him then?"

"I don't know Alli!"

"She's afraid Alli!... she's too chicken."

"Ha, I am not chicken. Marriage just isn't something to jump into."

"You're not jumping into it though… marrying the guy my parents promised me to when I was a kid would have been jumping into marriage. You love Eli and he loves you. Plus, do I even have to mention what a beautiful family you, him and little E make?"

"Yeah she's right Clare… you, little E and my brother do look like the perfect little family… with a twist."

"Thanks Eliza and Alli… I see what you guys are saying but I just need more time… Speaking of relationships. Eliza, are you and Fitz on the up and up again?"

"I don't know. Today when Alli and I were decorating he comes in and hands me a single white rose and then kisses me on the cheek."

"It was romantic, I must admit it but Eliza is it worth the beating?"

"Why does everyone call them beatings?"

"Aren't they?"


"Wow… We should really have a reality show. Alli how is Sav?"

"He's good. He sent Little E a card… He and Holly J are soaking up the sun in Orlando Florida."

"That sounds delightful."

"Yeah… Little E might like Disney World."

"Family Vacay!"

When the kids' sugar rushes started to come down the parents started taking them home. I handed out party favors at the door while thanking them for coming to the party. Darcy and Peter cleaned up the food while the rest of us cleaned up everything else. Little E was too busy eating mini cupcakes to be impatient. Once everything was done I thanked my pit crew and I got all the gifts. We went home where he opened the presents.

"Mommy now I can play the guitar!"

"You sure can. We will ask your uncle Tommy to give you some lessons when he comes back from the states"


He'd opened every gift and liked every gift. He seemed content and that is good. After finding all the new toys and things a home in his room I put him in the tub. He washed and then he got into his pajamas. Tonight there would be no running around because he went to sleep as soon as I laid him down. I closed his room door quietly and then I walked to the living room where Eli was flipping through the channels with a beer in his hand. I sat in his lap and kissed him on the cheek.

"Hey sexy lady."


"Today was crazy."'

"Tell me about it."

"I had fun though…"

"Yeah, that optical illusion guy was neat."

"Yeah he was okay."


"Okay, he was awesome… Only thirteen more years."

"I hope they don't rush by."'

"I hope they don't either… Can you imagine it when Little E is our age?"

"Stop! I'm feeling old already."

"You're as young as you feel."

"I know I know… Homework time tomorrow."

"I finished my homework at work Friday."

"Ughh… well then help me with mine."

"Gladly… for a small fee of course."

"What'd you have in mind?"

"Something like this."

He kissed me passionately before releasing me and giving me that twisted smirk of his. I blushed and caught my breath then we spent the wee hours of Sunday morning finishing up my weekend assignments, though it was boring, Eli made it seem like fun. He's still so awesome.

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