I woke up; the back of the Hearse was still slightly smoky. What the hell kind of a dream was that? I knew I shouldn't have trusting smoking anything Eli "grew" himself… Everybody else rose up, all just as confused as I was. I still haven't caught my breath and that dream was so real and detailed and… wow. I looked at my watch and realized school was letting out in three minutes! We skipped the entire day!

"Eli! Oh my god, we ditched the entire day. Simpson is probably going to flip."

"Chill out Clare."

Fitz rubbed his face and shook his head. Trying to get himself back together while Eliza stretched and Adam and Fiona just started at each other. Eli on the other hand just sat there.

"Guys I had the weirdest dream."

"Oh my god Clare me too! I dreamed you and my brother had a baby and got married and…"

"Me too!"

"I dreamed I was going through the gender reassignment process."

"Well I dreamed I got shot by Owen."

"Well I dreamed I married Clare."

"I dreamed all of that!"

"Well, guys I did make this myself and I didn't name it the shared dream for any old reason."

"Wow, Eli that shit is magic."

"I'm never smoking again!"

We all got out of the back of the hearse and the smoke followed us out. The fresh air felt good to breath in, even though it was cold. That dream was crazy. I was twenty with a baby and I cheated on Eli! That is insane! Because I'd never cheat and as far as I know, I'm still waiting until marriage but it was so real, like we were all living that life. It was like a virtual reality system we were all in or something. Wow… Eli has invented a new drug.

We all discussed the dream; we really did share the dream! We were so creeped out by the whole thing that Eli promised to get rid of that weed and never ever "grow" it again. Then everyone piled into Morty, I got the front seat with Eli and it was to the Dot. There we were grateful to be what we are… Teenagers! Though we were only asleep for about four and a half hours, it felt like a lifetime that we no longer got to be the youth. It makes me want to slow things down and enjoy being a kid. Yeah, my parents are divorcing but it could be much worse. My mother could be abusive like in that dream and my father could have walked out. Wow I can't get that out of my head.


That dream was so fucked! I can't even believe the things that happened in it and it felt so real. When I woke up my chest was heavy, that's how intense it was. I got raped in the dream, and I tried to kill myself! Crazy right? There were good aspects though, at least I still had Fiona and I got to start the gender reassignment process.

While at the Dot everyone around the table sat there drinking their sodas and having their burgers or chicken tenders. It's like we've all climbed Mount Everest or something. We are survivors of the crazy ride our subconscious's have just taken us on. I can't believe Saint Clare got pregnant in the dream though, that was unexpected.

I'm relieved that I got to wake up though. There's so much life to be lived right now as a kid. I'm not ready to be an adult yet, and though I know I am Adam, I'm not ready for gender reassignment yet, it takes nerve to do that kind of thing. I just hope that when I am a real grown up and I'm ready, Fiona is still by my side.


Wow, I can't remember what all I laced that weed with but the shit was other worldly. It was normal at first, until we all went to sleep and then it was like… life… shared and not real. Kind of like the Matrix or some crazy shit like that. Clare was a cheater in the dream and we had a baby! Clare won't even let me touch her boobs under her shirt yet, I doubt we will be having munchkins any time soon. I beat up Owen with a crowbar! That part was awesome but I have no grievances with Owen. God, I'm still in awe at the fact that Clare let me go all the way in the dream. I'm waiting for her to be ready but I will admit, she knows how to put a hurting on a man. Let's just say after all of our dates I get to know myself really well….

Nobody wanted to spend all their money ordering food at the Dot, but we all had a serious case of the munchies so it was to the grocery store where we piled up on snacks and I parked. We sat in the back of Morty and tripped out… without drugs this time. The barbecue chips I was munching on tasted like I was eating a piece of heaven. God… I hope dad is cooking tonight.


I looked over at Fitz. Though it was just a dream I'm a little suspicious as to whether it's really possible he could ever hit me and cheat on me. Well it doesn't matter since we aren't dating…but if we were, then that would be something to wonder. Though… the end of the dream was pleasant and everything was worked out, the middle of it was pure madness. I was twenty! I just turned fifteen a month ago; I can't even see myself being sixteen so twenty is a stretch. I was a stepmom and a real mom. At least I got to go to Disney world…. Fiona's brother tried to rape me! I've only met him once when we were hanging at Fiona's and he seemed nice enough. Wow, shit is crazy… but right now the only thing crazier is how fucking yummy this redi whip and Ben and jerry's whirled peace is right now. I so love it! This is my first time being stoned and having the munchies, I will admit the food tastes better but I doubt I'll be picking up a blunt again. Especially if my crazy as hell older brother is the grower and maker of it. Everyone's eyes were bloodshot and now everyone had the giggles. Though the dream is no longer being discussed I'm sure it's being thought about.


After all the food was gone Eli dropped everyone off at home, including Eliza who was eager to raid their fridge for goodies. I know the feeling. I could go for a few big macs right now myself. I'm starving but Eli wants to talk, and I like talking to Eli. He pulled into the park and we watched the scenery.

"I just wanted a kiss."

"Eli? You just wanted a kiss?"

"Yes of course."

"I don't trust you."


"You know why…"

"Hey I'm keeping my promise. I won't pinch your nipples again! I just got into it that time… No sex until marriage…Got it!"

"You are silly. I guess that deserves a kiss."

I moved in and he took over the kiss, pulling me close to him and running his fingers through my hair. When the kiss broke we hugged each other tight and he pinched my butt. I punched him in the arm and then I kissed him again. He thinks I will fold and have sex with him before we're married but he's in for a rude awakening…well maybe. I will never say never but… It won't be any time soon. I can only hope Eli is still around when sometime soon finally comes.


I ate the cold pizza and chicken from the fridge while I drank chocolate milk. My dad wasn't home yet luckily so he isn't here to notice that I'm high. There was a knock at the door. I answered it and there stood Drew… Adam's brother.

"Hi, Eliza, my brother isn't here is he?"

"No… he's at Fiona's."
"Are you okay?"

"Oh I'm fine just stoned and hungry."

"Awesome… Well um thanks for your help. I hope you find something to appease your appetite."


I went back to the kitchen and continued eating. I started to ponder on something. Drew is kind of cute, and since Fitz only wants to be my friend I should probably move on. Eh, I'm not rushing anything… But it would be nice to have someone to take me on a date to McDonalds… I could so go for one hundred chicken nuggets and a large drink right now. Music to my ears.


I finally got enough food in me to make the munchies dissipate. Last time I trust Emo boy with anything. Don't know why I trusted him this time…. After all he did poison me. I guess its water under the bridge. I need more friends than enemies if I'm going to stay out of jail.

While I was drifting off the sleep again, hopefully a dreamless sleep this time, there was a knock at the door. Wish my mom was here to get that but she's working. I went downstairs to see Bianca. She's going to be so pissed she missed the huge high I got today, but she'll live.


"Dude, where were you?"

"Hanging with Eliza and Emo boy and their circle."

Bianca sat on my couch. I've never noticed before how hot she is or how nice her body is. I guess I'm just a little more observant than I usually am. She's my friend though and I have no interest in fucking that up, at least I don't think I do.


Fiona and I were eating caviar and laughing over nothing. That was a fun experience. Drew texted me and asked me where I was. I told him I was at Fiona's and he seemed content until he asked me about Eliza. I guess she must be his new "thing" and who knows; they might be good for each other… After I finished texting Drew, Fiona and I talked.

"Adam, do you think we will last?"

"I think so…"

"That's good because I really like you and my parents do too… though my mother and your mother clash."

"That was totally funny though."

"Yeah it was. I just hope we are together forever."

"You don't even care that…"

"No I don't care that you don't have a penis. With or without it you are the best guy ever!"

"You are so awesome!"


After Clare and I finished "making out" and she beat me black and blue I took her home and we parted with a kiss. Ah, it hurts so good, but this is what I needed after Julia to get me back into synch with life. So I can't have sex with Clare… That gets inconvenient sometimes but she stimulates my mind and my heart, so that matters less and less as we grow closer. I know one day we will have sex, and it will be awesome, but until then there's no law against thinking about her while I deal with myself.

I walked in the house only to find Eliza being lectured by my father; if she's busted then I'm busted too. He didn't even tell me to sit down, he just motioned….

"So you were smoking too?"

"Yes dad."

"Well kids, I can't say I'm angry at you. I do it to just be responsible and Eli no more fancy lacing…that shared dream shit was fucking nuts."

"Yes sir."

Well I'm off the hook and not in trouble, plus I got to touch Clare's butt (though I got my ass kicked) I'd say tonight was a win and not a loss… I'm looking forward to just living and being responsibility and carefree… Sixteen sure is sweet….especially when you have a girlfriend like mine. Sweet sixteen indeed…

So did you guys like it? Tell me what you thought about it... Any suggestions for a new Eclare story? Oh... THANKS FOR READING! lol =D