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Chapter 4: Bad Love

"If it was any of your fuckin business I'd say I was buyin my friend a drink. Since it ain't I'll say fuck off." said Tommy, already standing. He was too used to bracing himself for fighting to stay seated.

"Get the fuck out. Now, Tommy." said Sam.

"You really are nothin but a younger Joe Lee. Did you know that? I thought you were actually a brother to me. Family that actually cared. Now I see the truth. You ain't shit but worse than the shit I came from. You was false hope, asshole."

"Fuck! Both of ya stop it, right the fuck now!" shouted Tara.

"Who are you to-" began Sam, irate.

"I'm your god damned friend Sam Merlotte and you gonna grow up. You ain't gotta serve him shit. I'm the bartender. You can go back in your office and enjoy bein alone. He's a customer tonight, here with Sookie."

"He's here with you?" Sam's voice was rough, yet sounded hurt when he turned to Sookie.

"Yes he is Sam. He's been nothin but nice to me and from what he's told me you've been actin nothin but mean. I'd like to know what's goin on with you. This isn't the Sam Merlotte I know." said Sookie defensively.

"He's here with you."

"Yes, Sam I already said that. He's my date for the night. Are you gonna yell at me too?"

"No. I can't yell at you Sookie." his voice cracked even more and sounded devoid of emotion.

"That sounds more like the Sam I know."

"You don't know me at all Sookie." he walked away before she could respond or hear his thoughts. Tara, Sookie, and Tommy watched him disappear down the hallway. Tara went back to pouring drinks for Sookie and Tommy as they sat back down. Tommy turned to Sookie with a sly grin.

"What?" she asked him.

"I'm your date tonight? If I'd have known-" he began, still grinning.

"Hold it right there mister. You are, just not a romantic date. A friend date."

"Well, that's unfortunate."

"Barely, I'm the town freak anyway."

"Hey, I am too."

"This is true." She laughed and Tommy chuckled. Tara gave them an odd look.

"If you two would stop your flirtin, this bein a friend date in all, you'd notice a certain vampire in this bar." She whispered.

"Is it Eric?" asked Sookie. Tara looked taken aback.

"What? No."

"Then I don't care."

"What? Oh, hell no! That had better not mean what I think it does."

"You're the one who told me to break up with him numerous times Tara."

"I don't mean that and you sure as hell know it!"

"I can take care of myself Tara."

"Oh, yeah. Sure. Cause nobody round here has ever had to save your ass."

"I can take care of her." said Tommy, looking defiant.

"She interested in Eric you know." said Tara.

"Stop it Tara. Thank you Tommy." Said Sookie.

Bill walked up to the bar, on Tommy's side and waited for Tara's attention. She gave Sookie a dirty look and turned to him.

"And what the hell do you want?" she asked him. His expression didn't change.

"True Blood." he said.


"Yes." Tara grabbed it and he took it from her before she could slam it on the bar. He set the money on the bar and Tommy stood.

"Apologize to her." he said to Bill. Bill simply looked at him.

"Tara, please forgive my rudeness in snatching the bottle." said Bill turning to Tara. Tara didn't say anything.

"Thank you." said Tommy. Bill nodded and walked to a booth.


A jackhammer was powered up and began it's work on a specific piece of cement. After a while the cement was totally smashed up and two big men began to clear it out at the speed only a vampire could perform. Once the debris was cleared, it revealed a man tied in silver.

"And who might you three be? I know one of you is a human, I can almost taste you." the man's Mississippi accent drawled. A woman walked to the opening. She was relatively young, pretty, and had a curious expression.

"We are in need of your assistance as much as you are in need of ours. I am Clara. It's an enormous pleasure to meet you, Russel."