MY FIRST FANFIC! I'd been reading fanfics for a while and decided to write one. This will be NaruHina and others. Please review good and bad. It was just a little idea in my head.

Chapter 1

"Ok Yoru, turn your head to the left to the left and give me smirk," said the photographer. "That's good. Okay that was the last shot people. Let's wrap up this shoot. Great job Yoru!"

"Thank you for having me Mr. Yen," Yoru replied bowing. She was a beautiful girl. She was only 5 ft. tall but had smooth brown skin, long hair down to her butt, and lovely jade green eyes, even though they were a bit cold to everyone but to people. She walked off the set to find her manager and older sister, Midori, waiting for her. Midori rattled off her schedule while Yoru walked down the hallway to get undressed and wipe off her makeup. After she left, all the fanboys squealed.

"She's sooooo cool!" "She's gorgeous!" "I want her to have my children!" chattered to help. The set makers, the people who fixed the lights and even the camera man were all secret fans.

"Ok so you have an audition tomorrow at 1pm for a voiceover commercial, a modeling job for a new cosplay magazine at 3pm tomorrow and I picked up the latest in the Icha Icha series, Icha Icha Violence…," but Midori didn't get to finish telling Yoru her schedule because she grabbed the book and ran to the dressing room to read it. She was a big fan of Jaraiya-sama's books. She opened the door to find her "older brother" sitting upside down on her dressing room couch staring into space. Not good. This usually meant he was thinking. She cleared her throat to get his attention. He looked up at her with surprise because he didn't hear her come into the room.

"Yoru! Thank KAMI you're done with your shoot. How did it go?" Naruto asked his "little sister." She carefully looked at his face. His ocean blue eyes sparkled with mischief. Nope, not good at all. Midori walked in behind her and looked just as worried. She'd seen the sparkle in his eye. It meant he was thinking and that usually meant he was bored. He would say something outrageous and force Midori to always explain his loopy ideas to the press and convince them from thinking he was crazy. Like that time he decided that he was bored riding planes an instead wanted to parasail everywhere. He took the lessons until he got bored again and decided hang-gliding was next. He was just extreme like that.

"It was good nii-san. How was yours?" Yoru asked carefully. Something was amiss. He got bored again and he was gonna drag her into it. Like the parasailing phase.

"It was great pretending to be a high school student but…," here it came, "I want to be a real one." Naruto waited for their answer. He would do it anyway, but he just wanted to see if he had to convince them a lot to let him do it. Midori turned ghost white and fainted. That was it her career as naruto's manager was over. There was no way he could go to school and NOT get caught. Her life was done. During this time Yoru had already opened her book and started reading. Naruto waited for her answer. So far all he got was a faint and now he wanted her answer. She peeked over her book and locked onto his eyes.

"No," Yoru said and went back to her book.

"But Yoooooooooruuuuuuuuuu!" Naruto whined, "I really wanna. Please! I just wanna be normal! I want to pee in private and friends and girlfriends other than you that don't want to use me for my money or just because I'm famous! I just want to be treated like everyone else!" Yoru looked at Naruto over her book and paused. His face was serious. Apparently this plan was well thought out. She knew about how his "friends" and "girlfriends" used him. How when they went out, the paparazzi always conveniently show up or how they somehow always forgot their money in their other pants or purse. She sighed and closed her book.

"Fine but…," she started but was interrupted by Naruto's joyous yell.

"YAHOO! Thanks Yoru. This is gonna be so exciting!" Naruto exclaimed. "You don't have to worry either because I already know where we're gonna go. We're gonna go to the school where my dad went to school and met my mom when they were alive. You, me, and Midori are going to go to Konoha High!"