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Chapter 4

Midori was having a great time at school. She meet a girl named Temari who cursed liked a sailor and was tough as nails. She had two brothers, Kankuro, and Gaara. Kankuro was a freshman in college and Gaara was a sophomore in their high school. She thought Kankuro was kinda hot. She loved his cat-eared hoody. She also met a junior named Ten-Ten in her military history class. She loved weapons. Her family owned a weapon and gun shop. She always gets into trouble when they had surprise locker inspection because she always had some sort of weapon and claimed she was "holding them for a friend".

"Sooooo Midori, what are you gonna be for the dance? Something totally kick ass, cuz I can't hang with you if you come with a shitty costume!" said Temari. Ten-Ten nodded her head in agreement. They were at lunch. Neji walked by their table with Lee who was shouting about youth and Guy Sensei.

"H-hi Neji," said Ten-Ten hopefully. Maybe today would be different. Maybe he would talk to her, right? Wrong! He walked by her and nodded his head at her and kept walking. Lee gave her a sympathetic smile as he passed. Good 'ole Lee

"You know my little sister could give you some advice with guys," Midori said after seeing the crestfallen look on Ten-Ten's face. Ten-Ten looked back at her with her eyebrows raised. She had met Yoru in gym class and the girl looked young and was tiny. How could she possibly help?

"No really she's really good with them! Better than me," she muttered the last part. She looked across the cafeteria to see her sister and Hinata eating lunch. There were a whole bunch of fanboys surrounding the table, vying for Yoru's attention. Naruto and his friends pushed through the fanboy crowd to sit down with Yoru and her friend.

"Hey Yoru, sheesh! What's up all these people crowdin' ya? I almost lost an eye trying to sit!" shouted Naruto.

"Nii-san! Not so loud! Anyway, who are your friends?" she asked while sending flirty eyes at Kiba. Kiba smiled, giving her a wolfish grin and flirted back.

"Oh yeah," Naruto put an arm around Kiba and gave him a nooggie. "This is my friend Kiba! He's totally cool! And this is Choji, Shikamaru, and Shino."

"Hey," Choji said while munching on chips.

"Whatever," Shikamaru said and proceeded to fall asleep on the lunch table.

"Hn," Shino said, wishing he was somewhere else.

Naruto said something funny and Kiba laughed. Yoru smiled. She was glad Naruto had such nice friend. Now it was time for phase GHAG (Get Him a Girl).

"So Naru-chan," Yoru asked sweetly. Naruto's head snapped towards her direction. What the hell? Chan? He sensed a disturbance in the force. "Do you have anyone at school you like yet?" Naruto blushed and scratched the back of his head.

"He-he well… ya see… there sorta is this girl…," he trailed off.

"SA-SU-KE!" two loud voices called out. A pink and blonde blur rushed past their table.

"What the hell was that?" asked Temari. She and the girls rushed to Naruto and Yoru's table. All the boys, with the exception of Naruto and Shikamaru- he was sleeping, stared at Midori.

"Holy shit! Is that your sister Yoru?" Kiba asked. Even Shino lowered his glasses to get a better look. Midori blushed and Yoru seethed. She wanted Kiba's attention. She was about to say something when Naruto yelled.

"Sakura! Come hang with us!"

"Ick! No way! I wouldn't dare "hang" losers! Besides you're annoying," said Sakura holding and L to her forehead while Ino snickered. That didn't get Naruto down.

"Maybe later than?"


"After school?"



"NO!" yelled Sakura. She stomped over and whacked Naruto on the back of his head so hard, he ended up wearing most of his ramen. Oh Hell NAW! Who did this bitch think she was hitting Naruto? Nobody hit him but her on the rare occasion. Yoru jumped up and reared her hand back aiming a punch for Sakura's face. She was too busy laughing it up with Ino about Noodle Naru. Naruto grabbed her fist. She looked at him and shook his head. He knew how out of control Yoru's temper was. She looked at him confused. She sat, still angry, and waited for him to explain.

"Come on Sakura, the smell of loser is sickening," Ino sniffed. Her and Sakura barely got 1 foot away before they started arguing about who was going to bear Sasuke's first child. Yoru tuned them out a while ago. She was still staring expectedly at Naruto.

"Why did you stop me from beating that bitch?" she asked as calmly as she could.

"First, don't call her outta her name. Second, that's the girl I like," he said harshly. Yoru said nothing. She got up, grabbed Hinata and motioned for her sister and her friends to follow her outside for the rest of lunch. Naruto looked confused. Was it something he said?

"!" Yoru screamed and punched a crater sized whole into the side of the building. Temari and Ten-Ten looked confused, while Hinata looked scared.

"W-what is she d-doing?" Hinata asked.

"Letting out her anger," Midori said. She sat on the grass and waited for Yoru. She would most likely go until she lost her voice. A smiled tugged on her lips before they turned into a frown. Someone's shadow had taken out her warm sun. She opened her eyes. It was Gaara. He gave Temari a blank stare that she guessed Temari picked up as a sent a what-the-hell look. She shrugged and mouthed 'crazy' back to him.

Yoru stopped screaming. She was losing her voice and everyone was staring. She breathed heavily and felt woozy. Damn lungs, she thought before she fainted.

Back In the Cafeteria

Naruto was worried. Yoru didn't come back yet. But he remembered she was with her friends and if anything happened, they would take care of her. He tried to convince Sakura to sit with him again.

"SAKURA! Are you sure you don't wanna sit here?" he asked.

"Yes, and besides you don't have any room," she said, hoping he would stop bugging her so she could enjoy her lunch with the Sasuke. But duh its Naruto so he doesn't give up, believe it! He hip-checked Shikamaru and Shino to the ground.

"Well look at that! We have two seats open! How 'bout now Sakura?"

She groaned and laid her head down. Ino snickered but stopped when she saw the glare Sakura gave her.

Why isn't she coming? Naruto thought. I'm gonna go over there and convince her to sit with us. What a brilliant idea. He chuckled and stood up. He started for Sakura's lunch table. She tensed when she saw him start to walk towards her. Sasuke seemed to have come out of his glazed look and glanced curiously at the newcomer.

"Sakura, are you sure you don't want to sit with me? We have enough tables," he paused and sent a glare at Sasuke before he turned back to Sakura and dazzled her with a smile. "And besides, why would you wanna sit near this loser? He's all cold and dark and emo. You'd rather sit with me right?" Um… wrong?

"What did you call him?" Sakura, Ino and a bunch of other fangirls all screamed simultaneously. The piercing glares he received made him almost fear them as much as Yoru. Almost.

"Tchh she doesn't want to sit with you so let it go. So freakin' annoying," a cold, distant voice said. It was Sasuke! It speaks and the first thing out of his mouth is an insult. Now, Naruto had been called annoying before, but something about this guy rubbed him the wrong way. He slammed both his hand on the table and glared at the Uchiha.

"What the hell did you just say you bastard?" yelled Naruto. Sasuke sneered before slamming his hands on the table and glaring just as hard at Naruto.

"What the hell? Did you not hear me the first time dumbass? I said she doesn't want to sit with you so shut the fuck up about it and stop being annoying!" Sasuke shouted back. You could see the electricity going back and forth between their eyes. They were standing that close.

"Oops sorry," said some random guy who bumped into Naruto. The horrified stares of fangirls and friends confirmed what just happened. They kissed. Accidently of course.

"!" Naruto screamed. He frantically rubbed his lips. His first kiss as a normal person, ruined by that bastard, Sasugay. He looked at his friends for help. Kiba looked like he was gonna barf, Shikamaru was sleeping, Shino wasn't there anymore, and Choji actually stopped eating and pushed his chips away. It was no use. If his friends didn't see any humor in this then there was no way he could laugh this off as an embarrassing accident. He was on the ground, on his hand and knees, his soul leaving his body.

Sasuke was no better off. He was frozen, and actually had color on his face. Too bad it was for the wrong reasons. His fangirls were crying. His lips had been taken by another. And not even a girl.

"NA-RU-TOOOOOOOO! You broke our precious Sasuke!" yelled the fangirls. They were furious. Naruto having developed an I'm-about-to-get-my-ass-beat sense looked back at the rapid teenage girls and cowered in fear. The girls lunged at him but he hopped up and ran faster than you could 'youth.'

Back outside

They were all waiting for Yoru to come to. She had been out for a few minutes. In that time, they heard horrified screams and rants about killing someone and first kisses and such.

"Uggh… water," Yoru said finally awakening. She looked around at everyone's worried faces. Well except Gaara. He had the same face for everything. Hinata looked like she was going to burst into tears. She was going to say something but was cut off by a blur of blonde that tackled her to the ground. She looked up into the petrified eyes of Naruto.

"YORA! YORA!" she winced. Damn, she was right there. He didn't have to scream. "!" He panted for a minute. Everyone looked frightened, Temari, looked disturbed, Hinata was on the verge of fainting, and

"! HELP!" Yoru sighed and looked at the sky. All this, on the first day?

"Where is he?" "Naruto!" "Die, loser Die!" "You will pay for what you did to Sasuke!" could be heard from said rapid, angry fangirls.

"There!" yelled the ring leader Sakura. The girls ran over to Naruto. He yelped and hid behind the now-standing Yoru. She looked at her "brother" and sighed. Guess she was going to have to intimidate them. She began taking out her braided pigtails and Naruto and Midori looked at her with horror. Was she really going to do that? They both moved to stop but got the don't-you-dare look. The jig was up; everyone was going to know she wasn't Yora but Yoru. But no one noticed. All they saw was that Yoru looked way intimidating with her hair down.

The girls came closer but froze at the sight. That tiny new girl was staring them down with a disgusted snarl on her pretty brown face. They thought see looked familiar but couldn't place her face.

"Just what the hell are you all doing screaming like that? You're too damn loud!" she said sneering at them. The girls were nervous. Their leader, Sakura, mad was one thing but this little firecracker was a whole different story. They girls glanced nervously at Sakura. She cleared her throat and stepped forward.

"W-well, um he took Sasuke's first kiss and we are all kinda angry at him," she turned to the girls and they nodded her heads their heads in agreement. Yoru rubbed her hand against her temples. This is too damn much, she thought.

"Did he do it on purpose?"

"Um… no. It was an accident."

"So you're telling me you guys were about to deliver a beat down on my brother, for an accident?"




"Get the fuck outta my sight."

"Yes ma'am," the girls said scurrying about, back to the lunch room.

"Thanks Yoru-a," Naruto said and grabbed her into a bone-crushing hug.

"Don't even think about it," Yoru said pushing him off her. She was pissed. They were supposed to have a normal day. It wasn't supposed to be filled with crazy, violent fangirls, "accidental kissing, fainting and idiots.

"You are to be my slave for the rest of the day." She was supposed to be nice and sweet and giggly. Naruto's stupidity brought out the evil in her.

"Your first order of duty is to carry me to my next class," she said, pointing to the ground, indicating he would have to get down so she could get on his back. Naruto grumbled but didn't protest out loud.

"Y-yora, isn't that a b-bit extreme?" asked Hinata. Where was the sweet cat-loving girl she met this morning? And who was the hot blond? Well, he'd be even hotter if his eyes were blue…

"Yeah sis. Just let him off the hoo-" but she paused seeing the menacing look on Yoru's face. She knew what she was thinking. The first day of school was going crazily so far. But then again one could never expect normalness when with a certain blonde-haired-blue-eyed-loud-mouthed-not-so-smart teen.

"Nii-san, squat," Yoru said, totally ignoring the protest. She quickly rebraided her hair and slipped her glasses on. She then jumped on Naruto's back. She pointed at the school and shouted, "To the music room slave!" and Naruto was off.

Everyone stared at the cloud of dust left in Naruto departure.

"Wow, um Yora is very," Temari tried to find right words. Sadistic came to mind, she didn't really see Yora laugh at anyone's pain. "Demanding," That seemed about right. Everyone agreed.

"Yeah, she's always been like that," Midori said, checking her watch. Lunch was over in five minutes. "Come on guys, lunch is about over. Let's go back and get our stuff." She sat up and stretched. She looked at a pebble trembling. Ha-ha, cute… Wait a minute pebbles don't tremble… do they? She looked up and saw the worst possible thing ever. Fanboys. She ran all the way to the building to get her stuff, and then she jetted to her next class. She would find solitude in Dance class.

Everyone looked at Midori's dust cloud. The only thing that came to mind was WTF. Ten-Ten thought she spoke for everyone when she said, "How the hell does someone run in 4 ½ inch heels?" Everyone nodded and looked surprised except Gaara. Why you ask? Well because he's Gaara and he already knew who she, Yora, and Naru really were. How? Umm because he's Gaara. (And I say so)

Dance Class

Midori huffed and puffed and huffed and puffed, but she couldn't get enough air in her lungs. She was terrified. Yoru and Naruto always complained about those fans that went the extra mile… meaning they were crazy or obsessive for lack of a better word. But yeah they were. She would listen to the bitching and moaning and would become annoyed because really, how bad could they be? Well apparently really bad. A lot of them said they wanted to impregnate her with their seed. And the thing was they said it exactly like that. Crazies don't exactly beat around the bush.

"Have fun sister dear?" Yoru smirked smugly. Midori glared at her and sighed.

"What are you doing in here? You know you know you can't dance for extended periods of time!"

"I wanted to give it a try. Don't normal girls dance and twirl and all that stuff?" She had a point. And what better way to be normal than act like an airhead like she had seen so many other normal girls do?

"Alright class," said a voice. It was their teacher. She had red eyes and black hair. She was wearing black leggings and a red shirt that was a little baggy. "I am your dance teacher Kurenai. I also double as the art teacher so I will probably see some of you later. Get changed and pick a mat when you're done. We are going to stretch first."

As heartless and emotionless people thought the real Yoru was, she was really ecstatic. She had always wanted to get a real dance experience. She eagerly changed into baggy sweatpants, sneakers and a wife-beater. Midori watched her and smiled. It was always nice to see Yoru happy. Hinata saw it too. Even if she only knew Yoru for a few hours, she could easily see how excited Yora was.

"Ok class get on a mat and let's stretch," Kurenai said, sitting towards the class. She stretched toward her right leg. The class mimicked her movements. Whatever she did, they copied. Yoru started getting tired. Her movements were getting sluggish and she started breathing heavy.

Kurenai saw that one of her students getting slow. She told the class to continue stretching and walked over to Yoru.

"Hey kid, what's your name?" asked Kurenai. Yoru looked up tiredly at her teacher.

"Yora, why don't you take 5 and then come back when you're cooled down," suggested Kurenai. She didn't want to see one of her students faint because she was trying to be dedicated. Yoru was about to protest but Kurenai gave her a look. She sighed, but got up, albeit slowly. She walked slowly to the bench that the dance room had and grabbed her water bottle form her bag. Damn, I really need to do those sessions Lee offered. She thought bitterly. Almost fainting in a fucking dance class doing stretches is pathetic.

"Ok, everyone take a break. We are going to watch my star pupil do the routine we are going to learn. Hinata, Sakura, Ino, and Ten-Ten, come up to the front and get into position." The girls walked to the front of the class and got ready.

Only Girl by Rihanna came pumping through the speakers. The girls twisted, swaying, and even got down on the floor, but no one did it as graceful as Hinata. Yoru stood amazed. She had to get le3ssons from Hinata. She just had to!


Naruto tapped his fingers on his desk. Lunch was a disaster. He went from accidently kissing Sasuke (cuz who wants to do that on purpose?) to being Yoru's eternal slave. At least for today. He sighed. Normal life wasn't so normal after all. There were still weird accidents, weird people, fangirls, fanboys, and work. He didn't know what he had been thinking, but he was Naruto Uzumaki and he never went back on his word… even if he really wanted to. His so called friends were still making fun of him. He looked at the clock. 10 minutes till he got to home.

He felt more death stares. The fangirls were giving him that since the end of lunch, but they wouldn't dare do anything or they would face the wrath of the Almighty Powerful Yoru. Ok, ok don't look. If you ignore them they will go away, he thought. But these are super fangirls. If they can manage Sasuke ignoring them, then they could definitely manage Naruto.

5 minutes left. Thank kami. He'd ask Shikamaru for notes. Even if he slept through class, he was always 20 lesson plans ahead of the teacher and he always passed his tests. Because of this, everyone called him the Lazy Genius, cuz ya' know he was lazy but super smart.


Finally! No more school! For 2 days! Because they came on a Friday! Ha-ha, nice job Midori! He walked out the class quickly. He did not want Sasuke or his fangirls to start with him. Today had been enough. He met Midori aand Yoru talking to their friends. They stopped when he came and smiled. Well, Midori smilled. Yoru just smirked. Oh no. More slave duty. She noticed his look.

"No nii-san, you are dismissed. Besides I wouldn't wast you to miss you're chance at a date with Sasuke," she said winking evily. Naruto blushed like mad.

"S-shut up!" he yelled, opening the car door and slamming it. He sat with his arms crossed and pouted. Awww, so cute, Yoru thought. His despair amuses me. Temari looked at Yoru's face. Ok, so she was a bit sadistic. Temari was right the first time.

Midori waved to her friends and got into the car. Yrou followed. As they pulled out the parking lot, a certain lavender-eyed beauty intensely studied Naruto's face. She gave a small gasp. Is Naru who I think he is? N-naruto Uzumaki?