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This can be real

By: The Keeper of Kingdom Hearts 2

~ Chapter 1 ~ Questions

Its night now in the world of Twilight Town. Everyone is sound asleep letting there minds wander into their Wonderlands but I'm in my wonderland living in it. A lot of things have happened since I parted separate ways with Riku, the king, and Diz. I have full control over my light and Darkness. My nothing is still in the process of being in control. I saw the king on my way towards Twilight Town. He told me not tell Sora considering he knew my deep dark secret about knowing of what was going to happen. I also told him about the person I was before I went to go live in earth. Apparently I was the daughter of a famous scientist and The keeper of light. My mom was The keeper of light and my dad was the scientist and I had two friends who were like my mom. They were the future keepers of darkness and nothing but that's about all I know. Also I am sixteen years old here in my real home but I would be twenty-two years old in earth time. I don't know how I was sent to earth or why but I figure my dad sent me to earth and he had a very good reason.

And I know how I forgot everything about who I was before I left my home world. The earth universe is 6 years faster than the kingdom hearts universe time. So I aged and grew backwards into a baby. When that happened I forgot everything about who I was before I came to earth. And that's how far I've gotten. I missing a couple key points. 1- my name, 2 - who my parents look like, 3 - which world did I live in, and 4 - why was I sent to the earth universe. That's 25% of the reason I came to Twilight Town to ask Diz what he knew. While the other 75% was to see Riku. So don't blame me I haven't seen him in almost 10 months.

I was two steps from the front door of the abandoned mansion. I could feel my heart race and the little sweat droplets form on my forehead. I took in a breath and wrapped my fingers on the door knob. Then twisted it clock wise and entered the dark mansion. It looked the same as it did from the games but the smell was unbearable. It smelled like dissected pigs and smelly feet mixed together. My eyes watered from the horrid smell. I covered my nose even though the smell was engraved inside of it so I would never forget it.

I walked into the library that lead to the basement. I drew the little sketch that was supposed to be drawn on the table for the path to open. Then the entire floor disappeared and revealed the basement floor. I walked into the computer room and saw no one there. "Diz! Riku!" I called but no one answered. "That's strange." I thought. Until I realized this was the day when Riku would now look like Xehanort's heartless. I didn't feel like interfering with that fight so I walked down towards the pod rooms where Donald and Goofy would be. I looked over at them and placed my hand on each of their pods. They were still sound asleep from when they went to sleep over a year ago. I smiled sadly and whispered "Only a few days left you two." I left them were they were and walked into Sora's pod room. I could see the shadow of Sora's body floating in the pod. I grinned and said to him "I can't wait to meet you in person Sora. I hope you'll accept me as a friend." I saw his shadow inside the pod twitch a little. So I guessed he answered saying "Me too.".

With that out my mind I walked over to Namine's room and saw her drawing a picture as I walked in. She never noticed me coming in because she was only aware of her drawing and the way she wanted it to look like. I tipped toed over to the drawings she had hanging on the walls and admired them quietly so I wouldn't disturb or scare the living life out of her.

For about five minutes their was nothing but silence until she put her drawing down and admired it. I walked over to see the drawing. I looked over her shoulder and saw the cute picture. It was the picture of Roxas and Sora holding hands meaning the were a whole person. "It's a nice picture." I said to Namine. She jumped a little and looked over her shoulder and saw me. "Who are you?" She asked. I was surprised about Namine not recognizing me. Then I realized I had a hood over my head so nobody could see my face. The thing is Organization Thirteen is really active on their plan of "existing fully and completely" though I feel Xemnas the organizations leader is using them all as pawns. Telling the other members this lie that they would have their hearts back if they created a fake Kingdom Hearts. Anyways I decided I would go in disguise and what I mean by that is putting a dark brown torn up no sleeves coat on and leaving the hood up so no one could see my face.

"Namine." I said as pulled the hood off my head. "Its me."

Tears welled up in her eyes and she jumped up and hugged me. "Sophie!" she shouted. "I thought I would never see you again." I pulled her off of me and said sarcastically "Hey its only been what almost 11 months." "Yes." she exclaimed. "So what are you doing here?" I grin and said "I thought I'd lend a hand for awhile. Though I feel Diz won't accept my offer." She sat down and motioned me to take a seat. As I did a she went back to her normal composure and said "I think he will. We could always use your help." She smiled genuinely and we continued to talk for little more over thirty minutes until Diz knocked on the door and asked "Namine may I come in ?"

She motioned me to put my hood on. When I did she told Diz to come in and as he and a hooded Riku came in I rose from the chair and bowed my head towards her. Giving her a silent thank you. She smiled and turned her attention to Diz and Riku. They both looked at me then at Namine both asking who I was. Namine and I looked at each other and laughed. I looked at them and said "Your both losing your sense and smell of darkness. Diz and Riku" They glared at me looking like they were ready for a fight. I laughed again then pulled my hood down. "Hey you two. Did yah miss me?" I teased. They both looked at me trying to realize I was here. I closed my eyes and sighed. Until I felt arms squeezing me into a bear hug. "Sophie!" Riku shouted with excitement with Xehanort's voice. "I missed you so much!" He pulled off his hood which revealed Xehanort's heartless face. Namine gasped and looked over at Diz/Ansem the Wise. He gave her look that said "I'll discuss it with you later." She nodded and they both went back looking at Riku's and I reunion. Waiting for my reaction. Riku pulled away waiting for mine as well. His golden eyes screamed anxious and sadness at me. He was ready to live alone if I rejected him for how he looked. Which wasn't going to happen today nor the rest of our lives. I glared at him and answered " If you really think looking like Xehanort's Heartless will scare me off Riku. Then you got another thing coming." I kissed him on the cheek and gave him a smirk. Happy tears developed in his eyes and he smiled so lovingly towards me that it made me tear up. "Sophie." He breathed thankfully in his normal voice and cupped his hand on my cheek. He leaned towards me ear and whispered "Close your eyes." I did as I was told and saw Riku in his original form. His smile looked a thousand times better than it did a minute ago but I didn't care really. I wanted to see his bright aquamarine eyes again. I longed to see him again and he knew it. When he hugged me again softer this time. I felt my body break into a million pieces. I could feel tears dripping down my face. I missed him and he missed me. I'm in love with him and he's in love with me. We both knew this. We both said this when we last saw each other at castle oblivion but I wanted him to say it again to me. Like this was our first time confessing our love to one another. This moment was so beautiful I didn't even notice Namine and Diz leave the room giving me and Riku some privacy.

I was sobbing now for no reason. Probably for just having Riku hold me in his arms again. I opened my eyes and found his eyes looking into mine. Well not his actual eyes but you know what I mean. His face was stained with tears too. As soon as I saw him like this broken and fragile like any word I could say could make his knees give out. I kissed him so passionately that it seemed illegal but Riku held me tighter than I've ever been held before urging me to continue. When I released the kiss we both tried to catch our breath. When we did he breathed in his voice the words I longed to hear. "I love you." I smiled and kiss him again and whispered "I love you too."

When we both walked out Namine's room hand in hand. Diz and Namine were there waiting for us. "Hello Sophie. Let me be the first to welcome you to Twilight Town." He said like a gentleman. I bowed my head in respect and said "Thank you Diz its good to see you, but I didn't come to just drop by. I thought I'd lend you a hand and I also came for some answers."

Riku's hand squeezed my hand. I looked up into his eyes and they spoke "Be careful.". I saw Namine itching with nervousness as well.

"Well I can always use the help of the Keeper of Kingdom Hearts, but your questions what are they about." He pried. "With all due respect sir. I'd rather speak privately." I challenged. Both Riku and Namine looked at me as if I was crazy but Diz chuckled. "Very well then." He agreed. "We can speak now if you'd like.". I nodded my head and he went into the room with the broken table in it. As I was about to follow. Riku held my arm and whispered harshly "What are you doing.". "I need to know who I am Riku and Diz seems to know a lot about me. About the person I was before I was sent to the earth universe. I have to know and he's the only one I can think of that can give me answers.". He studied me for a second then nodded and let me go. "Just be careful." He ordered. "Oh please Riku aren't I always." I teased. He glared at me which sent a shiver up my spine and said "I mean it Sophie." Then placed his hands on my shoulders and looked at me sadly. "I don't want to lose you again. I don't… want… you to …. leave me again… EVER. I love you so much that it hurts. It hurts not seeing you for more over than 10 months and now see you here standing in front of me. I don't want to share my time with you. I know I'm sounding selfish but I -." I kissed him. When I let go I ruffled his hair and said. "I love you too and I promise to be careful." I pushed my face closer to his but I don't kiss him. I let my breath linger on his lips. "But you just have to trust me." I tease. His lips move closer to mine but I whip my head away from his just as he was about to kiss me. I winked at him and said "See you later."

I walked into the broken table room and saw Diz/Ansem the Wise sitting on a chair across another one. He motioned for me to have a seat. As did he began the conversation "So you have questions for me ?" I nodded my head and implied. "You see sir I have pieces of the puzzle but I missing the keys points to put my past together." He looked at me with a cold stare. It made me shudder a little but I wasn't gonna back down now not when I'm so close. "Well then ask as many questions as you need but on one condition if I choose not to answer that means you must find the answer on your own." he said emphasizing the last few words. As much as it irritated me I went with his condition.

"Alright then, first question, Did you know my parents?" He nodded and said "Yes and no. I knew your mother quite well actually. To be honest you look just like her. I'm glad you received her white hair. Your father though I never actually met him but your mother and your older brother mentioned him and told me that he was a great man." I nodded and asked "Do you remember my father and mother names?" "Your mother yes. Your father I afraid I can't answer that, but do you want know your brother's name as well." I gave him a weird look and stated. "My brother's?" "You have a older brother." He answered. I stared at him wide-eyed with my mouth opened wide. "I had a brother." I whispered. " Have. Your brother is still alive." "He is?" I asked. He nodded his head. "What is my brother and Mothers names?" I asked "Damien and Yumiko" He answered. He said quietly. "but your mother died 10 years ago and no one has heard from or seen your brother. Also your father disappeared." I closed my eyes trying to take this all in. My mother was dead and my brother and father are missing. "Do you know my actual name?" he chuckled and said "Sophie is your name so you don't have to worry about that." I smiled at that thought at least I don' have to go by different name. Then I realized something. "You never said their last names or mine." I pried at this. Unless he wanted me to find out by myself. "I won't answer that if it's a question." He answered my silent question. I glared at him and then I asked harshly "Can you at least tell me what my family looks like." "Of course, but why?" He asked curiously. "Well now that I know that I have a brother I plan to go look for him while I travel with Sora and I just want to remember what my mother and father look like." His eyes widened at my answer. " Your planning to travel with Sora." He asked. "Of course but I will only help Sora when he needs it." Diz looked at me for a moment. Then bowed his head and said. "I think that's a good idea but you'll have run it by Riku and see what he thinks. I'm perfectly fine with it but you'll need Riku's permission." I nodded my head and replied "Ok I'll ask him later. You just have to tell me what my family looks like." He breathed in a sigh and answered. "Your mother had long white hair like you do now, green eyes, and she was a very beautiful women. She was also very kind. Your like her in ways but your mother told me you were mostly like your father. Stubborn but kind, very wise, and mostly caught in your own world. Your brother had pale blonde hair like you father, bright amber eyes, and is a bit hotheaded and competitive. Your father had pale blonde hair, golden eyes, and I can't say what he was like for I never met him. Is that good enough." Tears develop a little bit but Diz didn't see. I rose up and said "Thank you." "I didn't say I was finished." He stated. I sat back down in the chair wondering what he wanted. He reached into his pocket and pulled something out it. He rose from the chair showed me what was in his pocket. It was a silver heart locket with my name and roses encrypted on it. He handed it to me. I examined it giving Diz a questioning look. "What this?" I asked. "Open it." He said. I shrugged my shoulders and open the small trinket. It revealed two pictures. One was a picture of a group of 4 children one boy and three girls and the other was the boy and a girl who looked like me. The boy had spiky pale blonde hair and amber eyes. One girl had long reddish brown hair and green. Another had ashy blonde hair and violet eyes. The last girl looked like me only younger. Tears began to fall down my face again. "What is this?" I chocked. "It's what you think it is. It's your locket." I sighed and said. "I know that but who are the people in the pictures." "I don't know the two of the people but the other two are you and your brother Damien. I thought this would help you on your search for your brother." I rose up from the chair and asked. "Where did you get this?" "I was visiting your mother while you and your brother with your friends. She showed me it and said she was going to give it to you that day but the heartless began to invade our home Radiant Garden. Your mother left in hurry to find you both but left the locket with me without even thinking about it. So I kept it with me all the years hoping to either give it to you or your brother." He answered. I sighed and looked at picture of me and Damien. We had one arm each around each other necks and smiled goofy smiles while doing bunny ears to each other. I giggled at the photo and smiled with new found hope. I closed the locket and placed it around my neck. I stood up and smiled again at Diz. "Thanks." He bowed his head a me and said. "Your welcome Sophie. Now if you'll excuse me I have some work to attend to." I nodded my head and exited to the door leaving it open for him when he came out.

I opened the door and walked outside into the foyer. Where Riku was waiting for me. "Hey." I smiled at him.

His hood was over his face so I couldn't tell if he was smiling or not, but from our history together I'd figured he was too. "Did you get you're answers you wanted?" He asked in his normal, sexy voice. "Yes and no." I sighed then looked at Diz as he was walking out of the room and walking towards the basement. "He still knows something that I'm not gonna get out of him, but oh well that means I get the fun of being a detective. Not to mention I have to find my brother." Riku gave me a confused look and asked "You have a brother?" I sighed again and answered "Yep, I just found out. I'm surprised too but he disappeared ten years ago and no one seen him so it could be possible he could be dead." Riku gave a sympathetic look. "Well I'm sure you'll find him, but anyways I need to show you to ourroom." I quirked my eyebrow at him confused with what he just said. "Our room?" I asked. He chuckled as he opened a sliding glass door that led to the greenhouse room. He motioned me to follow. I quickly did. We walked through the green room into another glass door. "Well there's no room in Namine's bedroom and I'm not about to let you stay in Diz's room so you'll just have to sleep in my room." He explained as he opened the door to the master bedroom. It was a huge. There was your average things you who see in a master bedroom. A king sized bed, a dresser, and two bed side tables with a lamp on each one. Then there was a loveseat couch that turned into a bed which was something I hardly see anymore. The walls in the room were painted a dark blue except for the wall that had the sliding glass door that lead to the garden. That wall was one giant window. "Rich bastard." I mumbled as I looked at the room. "What's wrong love do you not like it?" Riku asked breaking my thoughts. "No, I like it. Its just it's really huge." He smiled genuinely at me and wrapped his arms around me. "It's big enough for two." He said. I buried my face into his chest taking in his island scent. I yawned trying to fight the urge of sleep. Riku took notice of this and swept me off my feet. He carried me bridal style in one hand and pulled out the covers with the other. "Riku stop I'm not…tired." I tried to say but failed miserably. I was so tired from my lack of sleep and all the training I've done in the past 11 months. Riku shook his head at me and kissed my forehead. "You look exhausted." He whispered. "Don't worry I'll be here when you wake up. Goodnight, love." "Goodnight, Riku." I yawned again this time not fighting the urge to sleep. As my eyes closed I could see Riku back to his old self.

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