As Frodo's wound gradually healed, his mind was trapped in a strange whirlwind of colors and shapes, most of them involving pale white figures reaching out to him and a hooded woman... Dreams from the past swam in and out of focus, followed by scenes that were almost unreal. Finally, as if walking out of a deep fog, he awoke.

The first thing Frodo thought when his eyes flickered open was that he had died. The room was so clean and neat, and the woman standing next to him couldn't possibly be real...

"Frodo?" The woman asked, bending over him slightly. She was an elf, but more human-like. Dark brown hair tumbled over her shoulders adorned by a small circlet of silver and light blue eyes accented her elegant face perfectly. The crimson dress she wore flowed over her body, and an elegant silver necklace twinkled from the hollow of her throat.

"Am I dreaming?" Frodo asked weakly. The elf woman laughed lightly.

"Hardly. My name is Rose, I am a friend of Gandalf's. I brought you here to Rivendell" So he hadn't been dreaming the hooded woman, she was real.

"I wasn't hallucinating those riders and the river?" Frodo asked. For a second, Rose's expression darkened.

"I'm afraid not, it was a very close chase"

Frodo leaned back against the pillows, racking his brains for other hidden snippets of the hellish ride. Then, a tall figure shuffled in the door, and all his worries were forgotten.

"Gandalf!" The gray wizard came in, a smile crinkling in the corners of his mouth.

"It's good to see you among the living, my boy"

As the days progressed, Frodo was allowed out of bed more and more. Rivendell was beautiful beyond imagining, and the elves welcomed them whole heartedly.

He spent most his time with Merry, Pippin and Sam or walking with his Uncle Bilbo, who happened to be visiting Rivendell at the same time.

Little was seen of Rose, Aragorn or Gandalf, and Frodo suspected that they were planning something with Lord Elrond, but he wasn't sure what. Obviously, it had to do with the Ring, because even he knew that it couldn't stay in Rivendell for long.

After around a week, many people started to come to Rivendell, and he was told that they were there for a secret council meeting regarding the ring.

The Dwarves came first; short little men with long, tangled hair and large axes or hammers. Then came a small delegation of men that he heard were from the large kingdom of Gondor, and finally, the Elves.

The Elves that came from mirkwood were quite unlike their Rivendell cousins. They came with bows and green clothing much like rangers instead of the rich velevets normally worn among Elrond's people.

Rose was in the library with Aragorn and Gandalf when she heard that the Mirkwood council had arrived. Pushing aside her notes and pulling her skirts into her hand so that she could run, she flew from the library like a small bird. Aragorn and Gandalf followed, smiling at each other.

Stopping at the steps leading into the courtyard, Rose searched the blonde heads for one elf in particular. When she caught sight of him, her face lit up.

"Muindor!" She cried, leaping down the steps as quickly as she could.

One elf halted his horse, searching for the call. His eyes fell on the running elf-woman, and he immediately dismounted, pulling Rose into his arms.

Frodo watched this scene from the balcony above, marveling at the obvious love shown between the two elves. Aragorn came to stand behind him, leaning on the railing.

"Aragorn, is that Rose's husband?" He asked, watching the couple below pull apart and speak quickly to each other in elvish.

To his surprise, Aragorn let out a snort of laughter.

"Hardly! that man you see her with is Prince Legolas of Mirkwood, Rose's half brother" Frodo's mouth dropped open in astonishment.

"They do seem as if they are deeply in love, but the bond between elven siblings is quite different than most relationships. Come, i'll introduce you" Aragorn finished, walking away to greet his elven friends.

Frodo trotted after him, curious to see Legolas up close. Aragorn led him to the stables, where Legolas was leading his snow-white horse into a stall. Rose was at the blonde elf's side, still talking in their native language.

"Legolas" Aragorn called. The prince smiled and embraced the ranger. It was obvious they had known each other for quite some time.

"Legolas, this is Frodo" Aragorn continued. Frodo's gaze wandered to Rose, who's lips had curved up into a small smile.

"I am Legolas, as you have heard" Legolas' blue eyes danced with a hidden mischief that was quite unlike a prince's behavior. Rose's eyes softened as she watched Frodo's mind process.

"Come Frodo, dine with us" She said, breaking the awkwardness that was beginning to set in.