The five Dragon Signers and one God Guardian

Chapter 1: 5000 Years Ago

5000 years ago, the world was a dark and cruel place. A portal from the Netherworld had opened allowing the fearsome creatures known as Earthbound Immortals and the terrible creatures known as The Sacred Beasts to take over the land. However, one gracious spirit, was not willing to let these beasts destroy the world. That spirit's name was none other than the Crimson Dragon. Gathering five other brave dragons and the powerful Egyptain Gods to help him with his fight the Crimson Dragon took on the forces of the Netherworld, and forced them to return from whence they came. However, what the Crimson Dragon didn't expect to happen were the loss of a noble dragon and the Egyptain Gods. The spider Immortal, Uru, captured Ancient Fairy Dragon in one of his webs and started to drag her down to the Underworld with them. Just then, Slifer the Sky Dragon wrap it's long tail around Ancient Fairy Dragon and try to pull it. Suddenly, Uria, Lord of Searing Flames blast a fire at Slifer, costing Slifer to let go and Ancient Fairy Dragon was sealed inside the Netherworld with Earthbound Immortals. Suddenly, the chains shoot out of the ground and tied on the Sacred Beasts and pull them down to the ground. The Chains tied to the Egyptain Gods as well and both The Egyptain Gods and The Sacred Beasts are on the ground. Suddenly a light shine on them and both Egyptain Gods and The Sacred Beasts are lock inside a glass like pyramids and fly separate ways.

"We won't forget your sacrifices Ancient Fairy Dragon and the Egyptain Gods." Crimson Dragon said.

The Crimson Dragon and remain dragons fly off.

(Well, what do you think? I know it was short, but on next Chapter, it will be a bit long.)