The five Dragon Signers and one God Guardian

Chapter 6: Psychic VS God

Tenzen and Bolt put their bags down at Leo and Luna's house.

"Now this is the place I wouldn't mind babysit." Bolt said.

"You're not babysitting. You here cause Yusei is worry about the Dark Signers." Luna said.

Yusei is back in Satellite and reunited with his friend, Crow Hogan. Then meet with Kalin Kessler who is now the Dark Signer. They had Shadow Turbo Duel and Yusei was hurt badly. Leo was a bit quiet, thinking about his Duel with controlled Angela.

"Speaking of Yusei, any word about him?" Leo asked.

Bolt took out the laptop from his bag and check.

"There's no e-mail from him." Bolt said.

"I hope Yusei is alright." Tenzen said.

"And why did our mark glow?" Leo asked.

"It's might be about my dream. I saw the dragons battle with Shadow Army." Luna said.

Leo look at his twin sister before he look through his deck until he got Egyptian God Cards.

"Luna, I know this is stupid question. But were the Egyptian God Cards in the battle?" Leo asked.

"Well, I did saw them with the dragons." Luna said.

"And, did you saw the enemy of Gods?" Leo asked.

"Well, there's three more with the Shadow Army, but I couldn't see it because it was too shadow to see. Why you asked?" Luna asked.

"Don't you remember? Angela was been control by someone or something. And I bet it was the enemy of the Gods." Leo said.

"You might have a point." Luna said.

"So, in that case, we might need all the Signers together, even means we need to see Akiza." Leo said.

"But, she in the Arcadia Movement, and they bad news." Bolt said.

"But what if Akiza need our help, or if something happen with Yusei is hurt and we might need her deck." Leo said.

"Well, I say we shall stay put until we hear from Yusei." Bolt said.

"But what if we don't hear from him? For all we know, he might need our help." Tenzen said.

"Yeah you right. If there still no E-Mails, something might have happen to him that need Signer backup." Bolt said.

Bolt check the Laptop and still no E-Mails from Yusei.

"Look like we pay Akiza a little visit after all." Bolt said.


At the Arcadia MovementĀ“s headquarters, Sayer is in his office, researching about Luna and Leo.

"So, Luna is a Signer and Leo is the Guardian of Gods. That why he play the Egyptian God Cards. I got to have them join the organization and then we'll be unstoppable." Sayer said.

Just then, Sayer's phone begins to ring. He pick it up.

"What is it? Can't you see that I'm busy?" Sayer asked through the phone.

"Very sorry to bother you, sir. But there some people want to talk to you and two of them is the twin, Leo and Luna that you want." a voice said through the phone.

'So, those two are here.' Sayer thought.

(Half an hour later)

Five well dressed figures sit at a table. Sayer is located at the head of the table, with Tenzen and Bolt on the side to his left and the twins across from them on Sayer's left. They explain about Signers and Dark Signers.

"I see, in that the case, we will love to help you." Sayer said.

"Really?" Leo asked.

"Sure. I'll go get Akiza." Sayer said.

Sayer got up and went off.

"Well, that was easy." Leo said.

"Too easy if you asked me." Bolt said.

Suddenly, gas leaks in through a vent, causing the four to feel drowsy and fall asleep. Kuribon appeared and try to wake Luna up. The Warriors of Gods appeared too.

"Young Guardian, wake up. This is a lie and a trap. You must get out of there now." Warrior of Slifer said.

None of the twin is waking up as Sayer and four uniformed members of the Movement, equipped with gas masks, enter the room.

'Excellent, I got them both. I think I should test Leo.' Sayer thought.

(45 minutes later)

The twin woke up to find that they chained by their ankles at the end of the Duel arena, wearing a strange helmet device.

"What's going on here?" Leo asked.

"This is a test." Sayer said from other side of the Duel arena.

"Test? For what?" Luna asked.

"For Leo to see if he has possessed some sort of powers." Sayer said.

"Then, why am I in this?" Luna asked.

"Cause, I want to see a tag team of Signer and Guardian." Sayer said.

"So, all you said about helping us, is a lie? What are you up to?" Leo asked.

"Oh, just colleting psychic duellists to make them a fine soldiers. Soon they have their revenge against the world." Sayer said.

"Is Akiza in this too?" Luna asked.

"Akiza is not yet aware. Speaking of Akiza, here she is." Sayer said as he point at the door where Akiza just entered and join Sayer.

"Now let the tag team Duel begain." Sayer said.

Sayer/Akiza: 8000

Leo/Luna: 8000

"I'll make the first move." Akiza said.

Akiza draw a card and look at it and her hand.

"I set this monster face-down then set one card face-down and that end my turn." Akiza said.

"My turn then." Luna said.

Luna draw a card and look at it and her hand.

"I summon Sunlight Unicorn in attack mode." Luna said.

Sunlight Unicorn

Level 4




A white unicorn with blue hair appeared.

"And now, I activate my Sunlight Unicorn's special ability. For one per turn, I look a top card of my deck and if it's a spell card, I can add it to my hand." Luna said.

Luna draw a card to see.

"It's the Horn of the Unicorn, so I add then use it on Sunlight Unicorn." Leo said.

(SU: 1800/1000-2500/1700)

"That end's my turn." Luna said.

"And bring it to me." Sayer said

Sayer draw a card and look at it along with his hand.

"I'll start with Krebons in attack mode." Sayer said.


Level 2




A joker like monster appeared.

"I'll then my turn with a face-down. Your move, Leo." Sayer said.

Leo draw a card and look at it along with his hand.

'I draw Warrior of Slifer on my first turn. Cool.' Leo thought.

"Now, I summon Warrior of Slifer in attack mode." Leo said.

Warrior of Slifer

Level 6




A woman wearing red Slifer like armor, appeared.

"You draw her on your first turn? That means you can summon Slifer on you very first turn?" Akiza said in almost fear.

"I see you done your homework. I turn her with Morphtronic Videon from my deck to Synchro Summon my Egyptian God card, Slifer the Sky Dragon." Leo said.

Warrior of Slifer then turn into a red orb and a lightning shoot out to Leo's deck and take Morphtronic Videon card and took it inside the orb. The orb then shoot up to the ceiling then made a stormy cloud.

'That it, summon one of Egyptian God Card.' Sayer said.

A red wings shape light appeared in the sky before it beam to the field. When the light clear, a long, winged, serpentine, red dragon with two mouths and a blue orb on its head appeared with a mighty roar.

Slifer the Sky Dragon

Level 10




"Stare to the eyes of defeat." Leo said.

Suddenly, Leo and Luna's mark glowing. Akiza's mark glow too.


Yusei is at Martha's house, recovering from the Duel with Kalin and his Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu. His mark glow.

"What the?" Yusei asked to himself.


Jack is at Carly's apartment. His mark glow.

"What now?" Jack asked.

(Back with Leo, Luna, Akiza and Sayer)

"I'm impressed." Sayer said.

"If you like that, then you're going to love this. Slifer's ATK and DEF increase by 1000 points for each card in my hand. So far I'm holding five cards, so Slifer get 5000." Leo said.

(StSD: 5000/5000)

"And now, Slifer attack Sayer's Krebons with Thunder Force Attack!" Leo called.

Slifer shoot a beam with lightning out of his mouth.

"I activate my Krebons' special ability." Sayer said.

Suddenly, a force field appeared over Krebons and Slifer's attack bounce upward and beam through the building and to the sky, making a thunderstorm. Everyone saw the thunderstorm.


"What was that?" Rex asked as he saw a thunderstorm made so fast.

(Back with Leo, Luna, Akiza and Sayer)

"What happen?" Leo asked.

"By paying 800 of my Life Points, I negate your attack. Nice try." Sayer said.

Sayer/Akiza: 8000-7200

"Nice trick, but I got a trick of my own. I set three cards face-down and then my turn." Leo said.

(StSD: 5000/5000-2000/2000)

"I draw." Akiza said.

Akiza draw a card and look at it.

"I reveal my face-down card, Ivy Shackles. Thanks to this Spell (Real: Trap Card.), it change all monsters on your side into Plant-Type monsters." Akiza said.

The vines wrap around Sunlight Unicorn.

"Next, I summon Copy Plant in attack mode." Akiza said.

Copy Plant

Level 1




A roots like monster appeared.

"Next, I flip summon my monster, Hedge Guard." Akiza said.

Hedge Guard

Level 3




A hedge with tubes like plants with biting teeth at the ends appeared.

"And now, I activate my Copy Plant's special ability. It can copy a Level Stars of Plant-Type monster. Thanks to Ivy Shackles, the girl's unicorn is a plant." Akiza said.

(CP: level 1-Level 4)

Copy Plant then turn into a plant like Sunlight Unicorn.

"And now, I tune my Copy with Hedge Guard to Synchro Summon my powerful Black Rose Dragon." Akiza said.

Black Rose Dragon

Level 7




Akiza's three monsters disappeared and a rose like dragon appeared.

"And now, I target at Slifer. Last time I checked, Leo is holding two cards, so Slifer's ATK points are 2000. So my dragon is stronger than yours." Akiza said.

"You forget about Slifer's special ability. Since you summoned a monster in attack mode, Slifer's second mouth takes away 2000 attack from it. Slifer, activate your special ability now!" Leo called.

The dragon's top mouth opening.

"Next time, you'll think twice about summoning a monster in Slifer's present." Leo said.

Then Slifer blast from his second mouth at the dragon.

"Now, what was that you saying about your dragon stronger then my Slifer? Let's have a look at your dragon." Leo said.

(BRD: 2400-400)

"Black Rose Dragon is now a weakling monster now." Leo said.

'Dam that dragon.' Akiza thought.

"I set one card face-down and that end my turn." Akiza said.

"My move." Luna said.

Luna draw a card and look at it.

"Sunlight Unicorn, attack the Black Rose Dragon." Luna called.

Sunlight Unicorn is about to attack.

"Hold it, I reveal my face-down card, Rose Blizzard. When my monster is select as attack target, I can change your attacking monster to defense mode." Akiza said.

Sunlight unicorn then went to defense mode.

"I then my turn." Luna said.

"And goes to me." Sayer said.

Sayer draw a card and look at it.

"I'll just set one monster face-down and end my turn." Sayer said.

Leo draw a card and look at it.

"Now I draw a card, Slifer's ATK rise up to 3000." Leo said.

(StSD: 2000/2000-3000/3000)

"Now, it time to end this." Leo said.

"Wait a minute, even if you attack my Black Rose Dragon, we still have some points left." Akiza said.

"That's what you think, I reveal my face-down cards, Jar of Greed, Pot of Greed and Reckless Greed." Leo said.

"Oh no, now Leo draw more cards to power up Slifer." Akiza said.

"That right. I draw one card by Jar of Greed plus two cards from Pot of Greed plus another two cards from Reckless Greed, but I have to skip my next two draw phases. Now I'm holding eight cards." Leo said.

(StSD: 3000/3000-8000/8000)

"But that means you two will win." Sayer said in pretend fear.

'Show me that attack, boy.' Sayer thought.

"Slifer, destroy Black Rose Dragon with Thunder Force Attack!" Leo called.

Slifer shoot a beam with lightning out of his mouth and destroy Black Rose Dragon.

Sayer/Akiza: 7200-0

That blast knock Akiza right to the wall and she's unconscious. Sayer then smile.

"Not bad Leo. Not bad at all." Sayer said.

Sayer suddenly took out his controller and push the button. The glass wall appear between Sayer and the twin. Gas leaks in through a vent.

"Not again." Leo said in drowsy

The twin then fall asleep.

"With the power of two Signers and one God master, we will rule the world and nothing can stop us." Sayer said.

Unknown to him, a shadow figure was watching then vanished.


The same figure that watch the duel reporting to three giant shadow creatures and five cloaked people.

"He's in Arcadia Movement right now, locked up by guess." Shadow figure said.

"Do you want me to go and get him?" a female cloaked with green lines asked.

"No. We'll get the boy later. In the mean time, Duel against the Signers." First shadow creature said.

"Right." a female cloaked with green lines said.

She went off.

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