The five Dragon Signers and one God Guardian

Chapter 7: Carly's destiny part 1

At Carly's apartment, Carly sits at her desk, face buried in her arms and devoid of any hope. Her phone is ringing over times until it goes to answering machine, her chief leaves a hologram of himself.

"Carly, if you don't get that big story you telling me about. You're fire.' Carly's hologram boss said.

Carly just ignored and lets out a sigh. Why you asked? Well, Let take a peep into a flashback, shall we?


Just outside of Carly's apartment, Jack, Mina and Carly are by the Mina's car.

"Carly, you should stay here." Jack said.

"What?" Carly asked.

"I got bad guys to deal with." Jack said.

"And I have to get my story." Carly said as she took out her camera.

Jack took her camera and snapped the film.

"Stop going down this path, Carly." Jack said.

Carly just look at Jack.

"It's deeper and darker than you could possibly know. And it's going to get real dangerous." Jack said.

"But... I need this scoop. My all future depend on it." Carly said.

Jack turned to depart.

"Look, when this is over, I'll tell you everything. But for now, just stay out of it." Jack said before went to Mina's car.

"But..." Carly said.

Jack stopped in his tracks.

"Don't you want me around?" Carly asked.

"The paparazzi? No thanks." Jack said before he got in the car with Mina.

"Carly slowly started to cry as the car drive off.

"That was cold." Carly whispered.

(End of Flashback)

"There's no way I can tell him that it's not about story anymore." Carly said to herself.

Carly vision Jack in the kitchen. She look away only to see more vision of Jack everywhere. She arising and running across the room to the sofa. She kneel in front of it, face buried in her one arm while banging the sofa with other as she crying.

"I want all back! I want the money I spend for your disguises and I want the time I spend try to cheer you up and... and... and I want my heart back. I want it not to be so broken." Carly said in crying voice.

Carly stops crying.

'You don't need him. The only to do is make a big story about the Crimson Dragon.' Carly thought.


Kalin enters the candlelit room, where the Dark Signers gather with three giant shadow creatures.

"Did you have fun?" Red eye shadow creature asked.

"I'm sure did. You should see the look on his face when I summon my Earthbound Immortal." Kalin said.

"Good." Blue eye shadow creature said.

Just then, the red eye shadow creature sense something.

'What do we have here?' Red eye shadow creature thought.

"We got something." Red eye shadow creature said.

A fire appeared, acting like a crystal ball, showing crying and heart breaking Carly.

"A new one." A cloaked man with red lines said.

"Indeed, Roman. Misty!" Yellow eye shadow creature called.

A cloaked woman with green lines enter the room.

"Yes master, I just on my way to get Signer." Misty said.

"Change of plan. I believe you already know her." Red eye shadow creature said while showing Carly.

"Yes, that's Carly Carmine. She's a reporter." Misty said.

"That means she need to find out about Crimson Dragon. Go make sure that she duel against Sayer." Yellow eye creature said.

"Yes, Master." Misty said before she left.


At the Arcadia Movement, Sayer was in a lab with some psychic scientists, researching about Leo and his mark. He discover something.

"A powerful energy. How powerful is it?" Sayer asked.

"Unknown. All it reads it that is more powerful an anything in the world." One Psychic scientist said.

"Interesting. With that much power, we can rule the world so easily." Sayer said.


Bolt and Tenzen are in their cell.

"We are careless. We should never trust the Arcadia Movement." Bolt said.

"What do you think they want?" Tenzen asked.

"My best guess is that they want Singers and Leo with his God Cards. We need to find a way out of here." Bolt said.


Leo and Luna sit in the bed of the room they lock up in.

"This is my fault. If I didn't say about going to Arcadia Movement, we wouldn't be there." Leo said.

"But, you said Akiza might need our help and you are right. Sayer is using her." Luna said.

Just then, Akiza unlock the door and enter the room with tray.

"I thought you two might be hungry so I brought you some food." Akiza said.

"Akiza, you got to listen to us." Luna said.

"Yeah, Sayer is using you." Leo said.

Akiza didn't believe them.

"I know you two are afraid, but here, you'll be safe from the world." Akiza said.

Akiza then, walk out. Leo is in deep thought.

'Slifer, Obelisk, Ra, if you guys can hear us, we need help.' Leo thought.

At the Spirit World, there are three giant stones with the God Cards sealed in. Slifer's stone glow and it's spirit appeared.

"Leo..." Slifer said.

Luna and Leo suddenly end up in the Spirit World with Slifer's spirit.

"Slifer, can you help us?" Leo said.

"I'm afraid not. Our powers are sealed inside these stones." Slifer said.

"Is there any way?" Luna asked.

"There is a way, right now Ancient Fairy Dragon's servant, Regulus is fighting with the darkness and our servants are splitting up. You two must find them and join forces with them to free us in these stones." Slifer said.

Suddenly Leo and Luna are back in the room.

"Slifer wait! Who is Regulus and who are your servants?" Leo asked but got no answer.

Luna and Leo look at each other and smile.

"Look like we have to wait." Leo said.

Luna just nodded.


Carly at the reception, arguing with the receptionist, Kate.

"Look, I just need to see Misty." Carly said.

"I'm sorry, but no one is allowed to see her. Especially a reporter like you." Kate said.

"You don't understand, we meet at the party... once." Carly said.

"Oh, you meet at the party... once. Why didn't you say so?" Kate asked/joke.

"It's fine, Kate." A voice said behind Carly.

Carly turn around and Misty Tredwell, the fashion model.

"Hi, remember me, Misty? I want to ask you a few questions but your guard dog won't let me in." Carly said.

Kate just glares at Carly for the nickname.

"Sorry Carly, Kate take her job very seriously. Come on, let go somewhere a little more private so, we can talk." Misty said.

Misty and Carly walk off.

(A few minutes later.)

Carly enters a well furbished room, whose windows overlook the city and are lined with holographic projections of Misty modeling various products.

"I'll get us some tea." Misty said as she walk off to the kitchen.

A few minutes later, they sit down having some tea.

"This place is great." Carly said.

"It's not bad, I guess. It gets a little lonely sometimes." Misty said.

"Really?" Carly asked.

"You can surround yourself with anything, but if you not surround with people you love, it all feel empty. Do you know what I mean?" Misty asked.

Carly know what it's like.

"Yes, I know what you mean." Carly said.

"Spoken like a girl in love." Misty said.

"I-I'm not in love. Who told you that?" Carly asked as she blushed.

"Your face tells me everything." Misty said.

Carly then, remember that Misty can read faces.

"Anyway, what is it you want to ask?" Misty asked.

Carly then begin to explains that she's investigating the Crimson Dragon.


Jack was testing his repaired Duel Runner, Phoenix Whirlwind.

"Once it's ready, I'll head back to Satellite and face against the Dark Singers." Jack said.


Carly disguised as a cleaner, sneak around the long corridors of the Arcadia Movement building.


"All I know is that my brother went to that building and went missing." Misty said.

Carly couldn't believe it.

"All I'll say is this, don't trust them. They're lying." Misty said.

(End Flashback)

"I really shouldn't be here, but this is a path I got. I must follow it to the end." Carly whisper to herself.

The double door that Carly pass by opening and Sayer and Akiza walk out. Sayer saw Carly.

"Have I seen you before?" Sayer asked.

"Yes... I'm... the person who fills in when the fill ins are ill." Carly lied.

"Oh, then carry on." Sayer said.

Sayer and Akiza then walk off.

'That was close. This must be Sayer's office.' Carly thought.

After she enter the office and remove her cleaner disguise, Carly looks through some books on a nearby shelf.

"There's has to be something about marks and those God Cards." Carly said as she look thought books.

Pulling one of them opens a secret chamber.

"A secret chamber." Carly said.

She then starting looking through books in this hidden chamber.

"Well." A voice said.

Carly look at the enter of hidden chamber and saw Sayer.

"You are very smart mouse. But I can't let you leave." Sayer said.

Carly slowly walk out of the chamber and move backward to the window. Sayer then took out the Duel Disk.

"As a good sport, I'm giving you a small fighting chance." Sayer said.

Sayer then throw a Duel Disk to Carly.

"You want to Duel?" Carly asked.

"I'm giving you one last chance. You can run if you want or you Duel me. What's going to be, or should I lock you up forever?" Sayer asked.

'I can do this. I learn a lot about Duelling when I Duel with Jack. This could be good. I can stop being reporter and become the world first Duel Married Couple with Jack.' Carly thought.

Carly then visions herself standing next to Jack holding their baby in front of a "Married Couple Duelist" sign. (Cute, isn't it.)

"Bring it on." Cary said as she put the Duel Disk on and add her deck to it.

"You should have tried to run." Sayer said.

Carly: 4000

Sayer: 4000

"The first one is mine." Sayer said.

Sayer draw a card and look at it along with his hand.

"I summon Psychic Snail in attack mode." Sayer said.

Psychic Snail

Level 4




A humanoid snail appeared.

"I can't attack you 'cause it's my first turn, so you up little mouse. This maybe your last turn so make it count." Sayer said.

Carly draw a card and look at it and her hand.

'Fortune Fairy Chee. I'm doom? That make sense, I facing against Psychic Duelist which make the damage I take real. No, I got to do something.' Carly thought.

"I summon Fortune Fairy En in attack mode." Carly said.

Fortune Fairy En

Level 2




A small pink hair fairy appeared.

"Next I activate Unacceptable Result, this let me summon another Fortune Fairy from my hand so, I summon Fortune Fairy Chee in attack mode." Carly said.

Fortune Fairy Chee

Level 6




A small brown hair fairy appeared.

"Next I activate Luck Loan, this let me summon another Fortune Fairy as long as it's not too powerful. I summon Fortune Fairy Hu in attack mode." Carly said.

Fortune Fairy Hu

Level 3




A small green fairy appeared.

"Those monsters don't have any ATK points. I was hoping for a real Duel.

"Oh yeah, I activate Miracle Stone, for each Fortune Fairy on my field, they get 1000 ATK points." Carly said.

(FFE: 0-3000)

(FFC: 0-3000)

(FFH: 0-3000)

"They can't attack on the turn they are summoned so, I end my turn." Cary said.

"Little mouse has some surprises, but I got surprises of my own." Sayer said.

Sayer draw a card and look at it.

"I summon Telekinetic Shocker in attack mode." Sayer said.

Telekinetic Shocker

Level 4




A spaceman like monster appeared.

"I activate Emergency Teleport, this let me summon Psychic type monster from my hand or my deck so, I summon Krebons in attack mode." Sayer said.


Level 2




A joker like monster appeared.

'Not all of his monsters are stronger than my Fortune Fairy.' Carly thought.

"Next I activate Psychokinesis, by losing 1000 of my Life Points, I can destroy one card on the field. I think I'll destroy your Miracle Stone." Sayer said.

Sayer: 4000-3000

The Miracle Stone is destroyed and all Fortune Fairy's ATK are back to 0.

"Now Psychic Snail, attack." Sayer called.

Psychic Snail send a lightning attack at Fortune Fairy Hu. Carly's glasses fall off and break as she's thrown back onto the window as she takes damage.

Cary: 4000-2100

"That hurt, what was that?" Carly asked.

"That Psychic Duel. Telekinetic Shocker attack." Sayer called.

Telekinetic Shocker charge at Fortune Fairy En, causing Carly to suffer shocks and more of the window to crack.

Carly: 2100-400

"Krebons attack the last fairy." Sayer called.

Krebons attack Fortune Fairy Chee, taking out Carly's remaining Life Points and shattering the window.

Carly: 400-0

Carly falls many stories, passing a holographic ad of Misty.

"Misty, Help me!" Carly called.

Cary falls into purple fog, rather than to the ground. Through the fog is red, blue and yellow eyes and you can hear a growing from the fog.

(To be continued)

(How was that? What will happen to Carly? Who are those three giant shadow creatures? Just wait and see.)