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The Missing Trenchcoat


Castiel embarks on a heavenly mission to find the culprit that stole his trenchcoat.


Chapter One: Suspects

Castiel was frantic with worry. His beloved trench coat had gone missing and he had no clues as to where it would be hiding. He had searched high and low for it, but no luck. What on earth was he going to do? He couldn't party with the other angels if he wasn't dressed for the occasion. He would be the laughing stock of the garrison without it.

He glanced down at his bedside table and laid his eyes upon the mobile Dean had given him. A thought occurred to him; what if he called Dean? Dean would surely know where his trench coat had gone. Perhaps Sam might even know. Surely, their superior hunting skills weren't just for killing monsters? He shook his head. Calling Dean would not be a good idea. Dean was busy raising a family and Sam was... well, he didn't know what Sam was doing.

No, this was his mission; a heavenly mission to find the missing trench coat. A list of suspects formed in his mind: Uriel, Anna, Zachariah, Raphael, Gabriel, Lucifer and Michael. Uriel was least likely; he might be the funniest angel in the garrison, but he would never play practical jokes on his fellow angels. Besides, what would Uriel to do with his trench coat? It wasn't as if he could wear it.

Anna on the other hand would probably take his trench coat and blackmail him to get it back. She would call it something along the lines of 'disobedience'. He needn't worry though as Anna hadn't paid him a visit today, so it was unlikely she had taken it.

Zachariah was a possibility. He was the pettiest of the angels and was known to bully the other angels into saying 'yes'. He himself had been a target of Zachariah's bullying tendencies simply because he refused to give Zachariah his lollipop. He narrowed his eyes at the thought. Yes, Zachariah was certainly a possibility.

Raphael hated him. He wasn't sure why though, but the arch angel took great pleasure in beating him up whenever the opportunity surfaced. Unlike Zachariah, Raphael actually physically attacked his victims. Once he had sent Castiel flying out the window after Castiel had trapped him in a ring of holy fire for fun. After that incident, Castiel never trapped Raphael again.

Gabriel was also highly likely. He took great pleasure in playing pranks on his fellow angels and Castiel was one of his main victims. For some reason, all the angels enjoyed picking on him. He shook his head and sighed. Most likely it was because they were jealous of his amazing trench coat.

Finally, he reached the last two names on the suspects list: Lucifer and Michael. He and Lucifer had never been on the greatest of terms, but Lucifer didn't hate him. He just didn't understand why Castiel followed Michael around like a lost puppy dog. Lucifer even trapped him in a ring of holy fire when Castiel refused to choose him as his partner in tennis. If Lucifer had stolen his trench coat, he would have brought it up with Castiel and trapped him in a ring of holy fire until Castiel agreed to his conditions.

Michael on the other hand would never steal something that belonged to another angel. He always followed their Father's orders and one of those orders was: Thou Shalt Not Steal. Maybe he could talk to Michael about his situation? Surely, Michael would lend a helping hand. He nodded to himself, talking to Michael seemed like a good idea. With a smile on his face, he made his way towards the grand staircase leading up towards Michael's room.


Just something I came up with whilst on a study break. There will be seven more chapters of this story (one for each suspect) and one for the conclusion. Review please?