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The Missing Trenchcoat


Castiel embarks on a heavenly mission to find the culprit that stole his trenchcoat.

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Chapter Seven: Suspect Number Seven, Michael

It was time for war.

Castiel was determined to do whatever it took to win back his treasured lucky trenchcoat no matter what the sacrifice would be. If he had to remain as the heaven's punching bag he would if it meant getting back his beloved clothing item. Uriel and Anna flanked his sides, while Raphael and Gabriel stood behind. Naturally, Lucifer stood at the front of the group. He was looking forward to beating Michael.

"So, how do we take down Michael anyway?" Uriel asked.

"We are going to use the Winchesters!" Lucifer declared.

Castiel frowned. "Not yet. First we must ask Michael nicely. If he doesn't play nice, we'll beat him up!" His eyes lit up for a second, then dimmed just as quickly. "Well, you can beat him up. He's too strong for me." Gosh, he felt useless. So much for angel equality.

The angels all fell silent as they headed towards their doom. Castiel randomly decided to start singing the infamous song of doom which went like this:


And the song would repeat until someone hit the one singing those brutal words. Castiel managed to get to the fifth cycle when Lucifer brought the group to a halt. He glanced over his shoulder and shot Castiel a withering look. "Shut up, Castiel. You'll let him know we are coming."

Castiel hung his head in shame. The silence was scary. Sung words kept him entertained. "Oh, let him sing, Lucifer. If we're lucky, it might just drive Michael insane and he'll simply give us the trenchcoat back," Anna said, coming to Castiel's defence. For a moment, Castiel thought Anna was on his side. Was she starting to like him now? Was it possible? He glanced in her direction with round hopeful eyes. "Don't even think about it Castiel," Anna said, shooting down hopes of a friendship immediately.

Uriel patted Castiel on the shoulder. "You should give up, Castiel. She's not in your league."

Castiel wasn't ready to give up hope just yet. If he got his trenchcoat back... "There he is!" he said, almost squealing.

"Where?" Lucifer demanded.

Gabriel squinted. "I see him too. He's wearing... Castiel's trenchcoat?"

How odd.

Castiel was feeling mad now. Angels didn't really feel such emotion, but Castiel was a special one who spent way too much time hanging out with weird humans. How dare Michael wear his article of clothing? "We must stop him at once."

Lucifer stroked his chin, a thoughtful expression on his face. "Gabriel, I want you to use one of those magic tricks I taught you on Michael. Keep him distracted. Raphael, help Gabriel. Give him a good lightning show. Anna, just... flip your hair over your shoulder and bat your eyelashes at him." The two angels nodded, rubbing their hands together vigorously.

"What about me?" said Uriel.

"Uh... act as Castiel's bodyguard?"

"And what should I do, Lucifer?" Castiel asked.

Lucifer thought hard. "Sing the doom song. Anna's plan might just work. I will launch my mighty attack when Michael falls into a vulnerable state."

"How will we know when Michael is in a vulnerable state?" Uriel said, giving Lucifer an 'I can't decide if you are over confident or just plain crazy' look.

"His wings will fold," Lucifer said. "That is when I shall strike!"

"What will you do?" Castiel said.

"I will send him to hell! Only for a few hours though otherwise Father will get mad." He visibly shuddered at the thought. Hell was one frightening place. It changed all the time depending on the punishment. Sometimes there were evil showerheads. "Attack!" He pointed a finger to the sky. Gabriel and Raphael exchanged glances, then charged forward. Gabriel used one of his trippy shape shifting tricks while Raphael caused a lightning storm.

While the two annoying angels did their work, Uriel, Castiel and Anna walked forward. Anna started to do her infamous modelling routine which surprisingly caught Michael's attention. The most powerful arch angel seemed intrigued by Anna's modelling that Uriel and Castiel were able to sneak up behind him. Castiel reached out towards the trenchcoat then started to sing the DOOM song as loud as he could.

The lyrics did their damage.

Lucifer was shocked. Castiel had more power than he had thought.

Michael did not move. His wings folded, his mouth frozen in shock. It was time to strike! Using the rings to his cage, Lucifer threw them onto the ground and muttered the words to open the gate. A hole in the floor opened. "Take your coat then push him in!" Lucifer shouted. "I can't keep the gate open forever."

Uriel and Castiel looked at each other, then nodded. Together, they grabbed the trenchcoat and yanked it off Michael. As soon as the coat was pulled off, Michael snapped out of his trance. Everything stopped. "Please don't hurt me!" he whined.

"Give me back my trenchcoat otherwise we will be forced to!" Castiel snapped. He was really upset.

"I just borrowed your trenchcoat because I thought it would make me look cool because no one seems to like me very much," Michael whimpered, his wings folded. The other angels weren't really sure what to make of this. Who knew Michael, the strongest of all angels, was a complete utter wimp? The angels were left speechless by his confession. This really wasn't the reaction they were expecting. It certainly was no joke either – Michael didn't have a sense of humour at all. "Father forgive me." He took the trench coat off and handed it to Castiel.

"You should've asked," Castiel said, taking back his beloved possession.

Michael looked guilty. "I... thought you wouldn't realize."

"Were you ever going to give it back?" Castiel demanded, feeling quite confident now with his trench coat back in his hands.

"Uh... eventually?"

Lucifer kicked the floor. He was really hoping for a fight so he could show Michael he was so much better. Perhaps another day. But for now, there would be no fight. Damn. "We shall fight again some other day," he concluded, ignoring the whines of Raphael and Gabriel. Oh well, he could go back to plotting world domination... on Minecraft! He walked away cackling to himself, ignoring the worried looks from the other angels.

Castiel hugged Michael. "I forgive you."

Michael smiled. "That is good to hear."

"We can go shopping for your trenchcoat. You need to find one that matches your style. I'm sure Dean Winchester would like to help."

"That would be lovely."

The two angels smiled. Anna rushed up between them. "Can I come?"

"Sure, why not?" said Castiel. There was still a chance he could impress her. Uriel walked away from the madness – bunch of lunatics, the whole lot of them. "We'll go tomorrow!" he chirped. And that's how Castiel's mission ended. On a positive note. He was with his trenchcoat again and all was good in the world.


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