My Wife

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Chapter 1

All was well in the viking land of Berk. Though they were drawing near the beginning of the winter season, nature was holding up rather well and the leaves had only begun to turn. Time had flown by pretty quickly. No one even flinched if a dragon came flying at the island, in fact they would most likely smile and welcome them with open arms. Despite the years of raging war between the dragons and themselves, they had adjusted without much trouble.

"H-how much further, guys?" asked Fishlegs, gasping for air as they hiked over another hill. He was still the biggest out of their group, stronger than before, but still really slow.

"C'mon, you can't be tired already," teased Ruffnut, leaping over a fallen tree without much difficulty. Brave, fearless and without a suitor was the lifestyle Ruff took pride in. Most vikings won't approach her for fear of having something smashed into their head, no matter her beauty. Which is what she wanted of course. Only the strongest could claim her.

"Hey, where're we suppose to meet Astrid and Hiccup anyway?" asked Snotlout, adjusting his helmet. Years have passed, but he couldn't quite break the habbit of cleaning up for the she-viking. He had the attention of many women, yet he couldn't squash the want to impress her. Obviously she liked Hiccup and besides, competition was always healthy.

"Somewhere around hear I think," answered Tuffnut. He sighed. Just what did the two heroes want to discuss out in the middle of nowhere? They could very well talk to them in the village. Plus, he was hungry.

Snapping twigs and running feet could be heard and the blonde came to a stop. "Hey, I think they're coming," he called over his shoulder.

To his surprise, the running belonged to a girl who wasn't Astrid, or Hiccup for that matter. All he saw was long brown hair pinned in a low ponytail fly by and she headed down the hill.

"Who in Thor's name was that?" he asked, mostly to himself. The others were still chatting and did not notice. He glanced back them, then to the girl and back again. Well, Hiccup could wait a few more moments. He'd just lie and say they were lost or something.

It didn't take him too long to catch up to her, she was almost slow. He thoroughly ignored the voices of his friends as he approached her. She had finally come to a stop with her hands on her knees, catching her breath. Taking a breath, he stood up a little straighter and puffed out his chest as he took -two solid steps forward and tapped her shoulder.

She had reacted so fast, he wasn't quite sure if it had really happened. Then the burning pain on the side of his face registered to his brain, and he was positive that it had indeed occured.

"Ow! Ow! I'm hurt! I am definately hurt!"

She had hit him! The girl had struck him across the face with something wooden; he wasn't really sure, all he knew is that it hurt a lot. The fact was: she hit him!

"Oh, for the love of Odin! I am so sorry!" Tuffnut flinched when she gently touched his shoulder, kneeling so to be on his level, which was currently the ground, and her fingertips grazed his cheek.

"Gosh, I really didn't mean to hit you. I thought you were my brother," she explained while rummaging through her travel bag. It only took her a moment to find a cantine and a cloth which she quickly soaked with water. After wringing it out, she softly tapped her fingers back to his flaming cheek.

She was small, he noticed. To him, all of the village girls were short with muscle, but this girl was small boned as well as short. Her hair was wavy, short layers framing her face while the rest was tamed into a low ponytail as he saw before. Then the weapon that had struck him was a small wooden baton, tucked into the side of her boot, he noted.

"Who are you?" Well, there went the plan of his latest pickup line involving a fireback. Though it was odd that he had never seen her before. He knew everyone, the village knew everyone. She lifted her head up in surprise, not making eye contact with him.

"Oh, I'm Geo Grainson. And who are you?"

Really? She didn't know who he was? That was a first.

"Tuffnut Thorston." Her features seemed to light up with recognition. There it goes, his famous history.

"Right, you were apart of the group that rode the dragons first!" she recited proudly. He couldn't help but smirk in pride.

"Yeah, I helped with that," he said with a shrug. She smiled at him and he could feel his body temperature rise. By the name of Berk, she was cute. Time to work his charm.

"So, how come I've never seen you before?" he asked, leaning closer to her. She didn't move away, a good sign. She blinked once as her cheeks colored slightly. Another good sign.

"W-well...I don't usually go into the village." A playful pout made its way onto his face as he leaned on the heels of his hands, shifting over closer to her. Again she didn't pull away, but her eyes couldn't meet his. A shy one, huh?

"Aw, why not? If you came into town you could visit me." Her blush darkened and he flashed his best smile. She still wouldn't quiet look at him and he took this as his opportunity. No friends to rudely interrupt his catch and she didn't seem like the kind to shove away. Maybe more like the type to let a person down nicely.

Gently, his calloused hand touched her cheek, tilting her his way. Her off blue eyes locked with his and they both stilled. Her gaze flickered side to side, unsure. Still no signs of turning away.

"Wh...what are you doing?" she asked.

"Don't know," he shrugged, a little dazed himself. Honestly, he never dared to get nearly this close to the other village girls. But she wasn't moving away from him, that had to be a positive sign. She remained perfectly still and he could've sworn she leaned forward. One chaste kiss couldn't hurt, could it? He had never met her before, neither had his pals which made her completely unknown territory. Then maybe, just maybe...

"Geo!" She was halfway to her feet in a flash but a boot had already caught her stomach and sent her flying. Tuffnut was up as well, alarmed.

The taller boy picked Geo up by the back of her vest and pushed her again.

"Really? After all this, you still get distracted!" She whimpered as he shoved her, making her fall onto all fours. Tuff looked between the two, incredulous and confused.

"You're lucky I wasn't an enemy or a dragon for that matter!" A whimper pulled at a heartstring and the blonde stepped forward, shouldering the boy. The brunette turned his glare to the dragon rider, both stilling with the eye contact. They were both about equal in height, though Tuff was a bit broader while the boy was lean.

"What in Thor's name are you doing?" he demanded. The boy snorted and left the girl on the ground.

"Don't put your nose where it doesn't belong, Thorston," he snided.

His right eye gave a twitch and he clenched his fist. "Why you- " Before he could attempt to throw a punch, Geo was standing in front of the boy, defending him. Just out of his line of sight, his friends were nearing the sight, staying to the background. Hiccup and Astrid had met them halfway.

"I-I'm sorry, it's my fault," she stammered. Once more her eyes refused to make contact with his.

"Every time, Geo," the boy huffed, turning her so that she would face him. "We've had this routine for years and you still can't manage to get it right! What can I do to make you learn it?"

"I'm trying, Granite!" she cried. He snorted and rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, trying for three years doesn't cut it! Yesterday you tried to tell me that had seen something, now you're resorting to excuses!" Geo visably flinched at his words and Tuff could see tears build up and roll down her cheeks. Granite ran a hand through his tossled brown hair and huffed again, aggitated.

"At least try to defend yourself!" he exasperated. He groaned. "This is why you're not a viking! You don't have the guts for it, the stamina! You can't do anything right!" Blonde eyebrows furrowed and Tuffnut took half a step forward but froze when Granite said the ugliest thing he could think of.

"You can't be a viking, and you can't work because you can't see! No man is ever going to want you for a wife, not if he has to take care you his entire life! You're beyond useless!"

An angry silence filled the woods, the other vikings just up the hill watching with wide eyes. Geo's hand covered her mouth as she choked on a sob, pretty blue eyes fogged with tears. Sure, he and Ruff got into spats of their own, but never had he used such a sensative topic as a weapon against her. No brother should.

"No one will ever take you-" Before he could insult her any further, Tuffnut's fist collided with the brunette's jaw, sending him to the ground with a satisfying thud. Granite growled and glared.

"Stay out of this, Thorston!"

"No!" he shouted back, anger tangible. How could someone keep yelling at someone who wouldn't fight back? Did he not care about his sister? Geo remained silent, as if trying to accept her fate. Though she was half hiding her face, her tears were still obvious, making his blood boil further. His next words were not planned whatsoever.

"You stay out of it! I claim her as my wife!"

As a viking country, the man chose the wife. His word was final. With the witness of her brother, his sister, and the chief's son, and the fact that he was at the appropriate wedding age, his words were every bit as binding. Tuffnut Thornston and Geo Grainson were bound as husband and wife. And nothing could undo it.

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