My Wife

Chapter 3

Geo gingerly stepped around the room, fingertips spread and reaching, tapping about for any nearby surface. She walked from the doorway and sidestepped a chair that was stationed on her left a solid step and a half into the room. She was well aware of it's presence since she tripped over it the last three times. Taking deep breaths so to keep calm and focused, she took a few more measured steps. Her goal was to reach the bed. She knew it was at the back, dead center, accessible by either side or even by the foot of the bed if one would hop over the slightly raised wooden framework

So far, her quest had been interrupted thrice by a stubborn chair, two times stubbed her toe on the bed's edge, successfully face planted thanks to a rouge boot and slipped onto her bum because of a carelessly tossed shirt. In short, she was determined to beat the room, Odin help her.

To Geo, her vision was as if she was lost in a dense fog. Thick gray surrounded her on all sides but lately, it was almost as if it was thining. Every now and again she would catch a glimpse of a figure or an item that was very close to her, appearing as a different shade of gray, darker though not very distinct. Still, it was an improvement she was very excited about. It had been so long since she had seen her family, colors or even her own reflection. She prayed to the gods that it would continue to improve.

Her fingertips itched for the bedding's material, for the soft blanket that would mean that she reached her goal. She felt close, but not quite close enough.


Tuffnut's sudden, and rather loud in general, voice cut through her concentration like a hot knife through butter. With a startled yelp, she spun to face him as he was behind her, half stepping on her heel which caused her to flail and fall backwards, she bounced against the side of the bed, close like she had guessed, and slumped onto her backside.

"Ah gods! Sorry, Geo, didn't mean to scare you," apologized Tuff. She could hear him approach her and feel his body lean in close to her. Of course, she couldn't tell how close he was exactly, but she could feel his warmth and vaguely smell his scent, so he was within intimate distance.

She wasn't sure if he knew. About her blindness. The uncertainity was gnawing away at her. He acted like he did around everyone else, he wasn't treating her with special attention or the awful pity that most confused with sympathy. It was a nice change of pace, normalcy.

"Geo?" he called again. Her face heated up, caught daydreaming.

"S-sorry! Yes, I'm fine, thank you," she rambled. His hand stayed wrapped around her arm, other lightly at her waist, helping her to take a seat on the bed. Then there were moments like this when he would be very helpful and she couldn't tell if was because he knew, or because he was simply being very nice to her. She shifted further back onto the bed, securing her position. The bed dipped graciously as Tuffnut took a seat as well, she could feel her leg against his, shoulders brushing. It was common, natural contact but she was overly aware of simple gestures, especially physical ones. She was told it was because her senses would instinctively increase in order to make up for the lack of the sight sense. She was told a lot of things.

He gave a sigh, a loud puff of air leaving his mouth. She inclined her head toward him, brow furrowing.

"Is something wrong?" she asked. She could hear him move, the swish of his hair as he most likely shoved it away.

"I'm sorry I dragged you into this," he apologized. "That I got us both into trouble."

She held her silence, hand slowly moving from her lap towards him. She found his forearm and slid her hand into his, giving a squeeze. His hand swallowed hers, she could feel the width of his palm encompass hers and she could feel the callouses from hard work as a viking.

"It's all right," she answered. "I'm not upset. Not upset with you or anything." She brought her other hand close, holding his one with her two. Her hands shook slightly but she kept her grip steady.

"Thank you...for standing up for me..." she whispered. "It had nothing to do with you and everything to do with me...I just...want you to know that I appreciate it...I-it means a lot to me..."

Silence bubbled over and Geo didn't know what to do. She remained frozen, keeping her hands locked around his, unable to remember how to pull away. Did she pull away or should she wait for him to?

Tuffnut looked down her slender hands holding his own rough one. Emotions were swelling within him, coiling tight like a spring. He wanted to say so much but he couldn't find the right words or what order to put them in. He returned the squeeze, her hands soft against his skin. He was so confused by what he was feeling. Was he suppose to feel this way? What was he suppose to feel?

"Geo," he managed. She turned toward him, toward the angle of his voice. Blue eyes were looking up at him, looking for him. He knew she was blind. Ruff had filled him in earlier.

"You know, right?" asked his sister. Tuff ran a hand through his hair before looking down at his twin.

"Know what?" he asked, drained. She grabbed him by the sleeve, tugging him away from the room where their parents and Geo sat.

"You know that she's blind, Tuff!" she exasperated. "She's blind!"

"What?" he asked, fully facing her. "What do you mean she's blind?" Ruffnut sighed loudly, stealing a look over her shoulder to make sure that no one else was listening.

"About five years ago, their house caught fire during one of the dragon raids and Geo was trapped in the fire. Since then she's been blind. I can't believe you didn't know that!" She gave a swift punch to his arm in her frustration.

That was why she didn't recognize him. That was why she wouldn't look him in the eye. Not because she was shy, or embarressed. Because she couldn't see him. Because she was blind.

"Dear Odin help me..."

His free hand gently brushed her fair cheek, settling at the curvature so to angle her towards him. Her blue eyes rounded and cheeks glowed pink at the conact and his heart fluttered. Was he suppose to feel like this? Like he wanted to spill everything to her, like she was his only confidant? Did his dad feel that way with his mom?

"Geo," he started again. "I know my big mouth got us into this, but..." His thumb brushed her cheek again as he leaned in closer, noses almost touching.

"I promise you...that I will do my best to protect you," he half whispered, voice failing. She lifted her chin, making their contact nose to nose, closing her eyes. He could feel her hands shaking so he tightened his grip.

"Okay," she whispered back. "I trust you."

Tuffnut caved to his enotions and closeed his eyes, leaning into his wife, lips pressing together in their first kiss. When he felt Geo gently return the gesture, his confidance spiked, hands slipping behind her neck so to pull her closer. She gasped aloud by the action and he quickly released her, eyes wide, worried that he startled her.

Her chest was lifting with quick, uneven breaths while she kept her eyes closed to compose herself. Tuffnut found himself flustered, trying to stammer an excuse.

"I-I'm, um, sorry, I-shouldn't have-or, I mean-"

"It's okay," quieted Geo, smiling kindly at him. He could feel his own face grow warm and she continued to hold her hand. "Maybe we should go to bed now? It's getting late."

He nodded before remembering that she couldn't see. "Oh, um, yeah, we should. Gotta go look for land tomorrow." She nodded as well, wavy hair moving over her shoulder.

"That's right."

They moved so that they were both horizontal on the bed. Tuffnut found his pillow easily, dropping down and slipping under the heavy covers. He turned his blue eyes toward his wife, observing her. Geo carefully pulled her legs onto the bed, scooting back slowly to find the end of the blanket, hands sliding and tapping before gripping the material. Cautious again, she slipped beneath the layers, hand tapping back to make sure she knew where the pillow was so she wouldn't hit her head on the backboard.

She was so careful, each move had a specific purpose or function. Overly cautious. It made his stomach flip, realizing how defenseless she was, even there in the safety of his room. Finally, she was laying down with the covers pulled high, body turned toward the viking.

"Good night, Tuffnut," she whispered softly, eyes closed. His arm reached out and looped around her waist, stilling when she flinched but when she didn't reject him, he simply left it there, not wanting to push her.

"Good night Geo," he whispered back. Good night...

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