Second Verse, Same as the First

It had truly been awhile since I last shed tears sincerely.

The crying was of course justified, same as last time.

And just like last time, the memories returned to torture my freshly scarred soul.

"Are you joking?"

I choked on a sob.

"You've got to be kidding, right? I mean... you couldn't possibly..."

But I do! I always have!


I clenched my eyes shut, not wanting to hear what my mind ruthlessly made me remember.

"That's disgusting! You're like, way older than me!"

Age doesn't matter! I can... I can change! For you, I'd do anything... if you'd just give me a chance... one try, I swear...

"I can't even believe this! You raised me! You're like a father, a brother! The mere suggestion is just wrong!"

I re-opened my eyes, only to find my vision blurred by the never-ending flow of tears.

"You're a fag, I can't believe it! That's it, England. I am through with you."

My knees were shaking, the memories hurt more than the actual event- at least when he had said these things I was numb from shock, unable to process.

But now...

"I knew I should have killed you back then."

The words hurt me more than anything I've ever experienced in my centuries on Earth.

This pain, I knew, would never fade.

Just like last time.

I was powerless to protest. To prove to him I was sincere.

Though deep down, even if I did try, I knew any attempt would be fruitless...

...He'd exiled me from his life...

….Just like last time...

I watched his back as he retreated, succumbing to the weakness in my knees, sinking to the ground and just letting the sobs tear through my throat of their own accord. The words still rang clear through my head.

"Fag... disgusting... I should have killed you..."

Why can't you kill me now?

He kept up his strong stride away from my sniveling, pathetic form- onto a brighter future without me, leaving me behind once again.

It had truly been a very, very long time.

Time may heal all wounds, but it has no effect on scars.

...Neither do tears.

Yeah. Joey and I got divorced.

'Scuse the OOCness.

Also, this is extremely similar to the format of my DenNor. Only twenty times more depressing.

Oh, and the reason I was inspired is because Joey is America and I'm England. So yeah.

Don't worry though, Joey's not this much of a bitch.