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As I walked inside I was stopped by the faces of Hikaru and Kaoru. They looked betrayed.

"Hikaru..." I said, walking up to him.

He shook his head and ran upstairs.

"Kaoru?" I asked, reaching for him.

He followed his brother and ran upstairs as well.

I walked up to my room, dragging my feet, as I closed the door behind me, I slide down, buried my face into my hands, and I cried.

Chapter 14: Those last few months

The days seemed to go by slowly, since no one really talked to me. Neither person in either host club said so much as a word to me. The middle school host club felt betrayed, and Daiki didn't even look at me. Tamaki, Honey-senpai and Mori-senpai didn't talk to me in their support of Hikaru and Kaoru. Kyoya-senpai didn't speak to me because ever since the fight, income had gone down since the atmosphere was always tense. Haruhi simply nodded hello, but never spoke. She to felt betrayed I guess.

The days slowly immersed them weeks, then months. The fight had happened in January. It was now June and school would be ending in a week. It had been five month since anyone had spoken to me. I figured that since they weren't speaking to me before I left, they wouldn't speak to me when I got back. I couldn't suffer through a year of not having anyone to talk to other then my parents.

I approached my Mom and Dad after dinner one night.

"Mom? Dad? Can I ask you a question?" I asked, sitting down.

"Sure sweetie. What do you want?" Mom asked, sitting down beside me.

"So, you know how I'm going to America for summer break right?" I asked.


"I would like to go for part of the school year as well."

There was a beat of silence, then "Are you sure that is what you want?" Mom asked, eying me carefully.

"Yes, it's for the best." I whispered.

"OK then. We will call the program and you can stay in America till December, then I want you home for good." Mom said, hugging me tightly.

"Daddy?" I asked, looking up at him.

He nodded, OK with my decision. I ran and gave him a hug.

"When are you going to tell your brothers?" He asked, ruffling my hair.

"When they wake up and find me gone." I whispered, pulling away from him.

"Alright dear. Go start packing. Leave an extra suitcase though. I'm going to be giving you some new clothes for America. Oh! You could wear a sky blue sundress with..." Mom's voice just kept coming with ideas till her voice was no more, signaling she was in her workroom.

I laughed and looked at my Dad.

"I better start packing." I walked upstairs to my room and pulled out my suitcases.




The last day of school had finally ended, and with it, the torturous months of silence as well. I had ridden in a separate limo then my brother for the last five months and this was the last time I would ride in a limo for six months.

While doing some last minute packing, I saw a photo of Hikaru, Kaoru and I shortly after I first came home. We were smiling and laughing. I smiled a teary smile, before placing it on my bed. Then I slowly sat at my desk, and began to write a letter to them.

"The last of the bags are loaded Miss Hitachiin." The driver said, walking into my room as I sealed the letter with Hikaru and Kaoru's names on it.

"Would you like to stop at the academy to sat good-bye to your brothers?" He asked, as I climbed into the limo.

"No thank you. Please proceed to the airport." I said.

At the airport, I climbed out, checked in my bags, and walked to the terminal.

"Flight 36 to America is now boarding. Flight 36 to America is now boarding." That was my que.

As I settled into the chair, I leaned out the window. I could've sworn I saw Hikaru and Kaoru standing outside the plane, but it was probably my eyes playing tricks on me. I laid back and closed my eyes, while drifting into a calm sleep.




"Miss? We have arrived in America." I opened my eyes and saw the flight attendant beside me,

"Thank you." I replied stepping off the plane.

After gathering my bags, I looked for my exchange student family.

"Haruko!" I heard a voice call out.

I saw Poppy, my exchange sister waving with her mother, father, and brother Carson.

"Poppy!" I ran up to them and gave them all huge hugs.

"I hope you remember the rules of a "commoner" lifestyle. I still remember the first thing you said when you walked into our house for the first time. "Where is the butler?" As I recall." Mark, the father, joked.

"How are your brothers?" Poppy asked as we exited the airport.

I almost froze, but kept up the happy facade for Poppy.

"Great, they're great." I said, smiling a forced smile.

"That's awesome. I'm so happy you are staying for half the year. I have so many things planned..."

In Japan:

Kaoru's POV:

"Kaoru, do you think it's a little much to have been ignoring her for this long? No one has talked to her for five months." Hikaru said, as we got into our limo.

"I agree. When we get home, we should apologize." I said, walking into the house.



Hikaru and I called out for Haruko, but there was no answer.

"Haruko?" We asked, opening the door to her bedroom.

We both gave loud gasps, as we saw her room was completely emptied except for two items on her bed, which had no sheets on it either.

Hikaru ran out of the bedroom to see if he could find Haruko anywhere else in the house.

"Hikaru?" I called, as I went to see what was on the bed.

Sitting on the bed, was a photo taken a couple days after Haruko had gotten home. Next to it, was a letter written to Hikaru and I.

"Hikaru!" I called out my voice wavering.

"HIKARU!" I called out running through out the house to find him.

"Kaoru?" I could hear Hikaru running towards me.

"Kaoru, she's not in the house!" Hikaru ran up to me panting.

"Hikaru..." I whispered, showing her the letter.

"Have you opened it?" He asked, as we ran back to Haruko's room.

"No..." my voice trailed off.

He sighed and took the letter from me opening it.

"Dear Hikaru and Kaoru," he began.

I'm sorry I never told you I was leaving. I didn't know how to say it, considering I had made so many good friends. I had missed you for the three years I was gone, and didn't know if I could survive summer break. But then everyone stopped talking to me. Tamaki, Haruhi, Honey-senpai, Mori-senpai, Kyoya-senpai, you, Daiki, and everyone else didn't speak to me for five months. Eventually I got tired of feeling the pain and decided enough was enough. I went to Mom and Dad. I will be staying in America till December. I'm very sorry for the pain I caused you and hope you will forgive me. I understand things will never be the same.

Love your Sister,

Haruko Hitachiin

"What have we done?" I whispered, falling to my knees.

"Kaoru..." Hikaru said, pulling his arms around me.

"We have to stop her!" I yelled, running for the front door.

"Kaoru!" Hikaru called, running after me.

"Has Haruko's plane left?" I ran up to the driver.

"No, it doesn't leave for another 30 mins." He said.

"Take us there." We demanded in unison.

We raced towards the airport, running inside.

"Has Flight 36 to America left yet?" We asked in unison.

"No. It will in five minutes." The desk worker said, pulling up the flight on her computer.

"Thank you." We ran back outside. "Take us to the plane!"

We arrived just as the plane took off. I saw Haruko looking out the window.

"Haruko! Haruko!" Hikaru and I called out.

She just looked away and shut her eyes. Then, the plane took off.

"Good-bye... Haruko..." I whispered. I could hear a slight sobbing noise.


"It's all our fault..." He whispered. "We made to big a deal about her she's gone for six months...and thinks we all hate her..."

We drove back to the school, praying none of the hosts or hostesses had left yet. Apparently our prayers were answered because when we barged in, everyone was there, sitting at the round table.

"Hey. We called you house to apologize to Haruko and no one picked up. Where have you been?" Tamaki asked.

"She's gone. We are to late." Hikaru and I said, falling to our knees.

"What do you mean she's gone?" Daiki asked, walking over.

"She's already left for America. We never even got to say good-bye." Hikaru whispered.

The room was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

"Well...she's coming back in 10 weeks right?" Daiki said nervously.

"No, she's not coming back till December." I whispered.

All was silent, then "Haruko-chan!" Honey-senpai cried, hugging Mori-senpai. Tamaki was crying a little as well. Everyone else was still with shock.

"What will happen when she comes back?" Emi asked.

"I don't know..." I said.

"Haruko..." Daiki ran from the room, crying.

"Daiki!" Aya ran after him.

"I'm sorry, Haruko."

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