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Do you know what it means when someone you loved is about to get killed? Have you ever experience that? How can you kill someone you love? Do you know how it is when in your very eyes you can see the love in his eyes. I wish our lifes were differrent. I wish that I could be with him and not worry about anything else. I could feel the sweat in my forehead and the shaking of my trembling legs. My whole body seem to quiver and I couldn't hold my grasp on the gun right. I wanted to yell!


To tell eveyone that I should've been killed instead. That all this is because of me. So why won't he shoot and kill me? Why doesn't he pull the trigger. Shoot!


The voices of mad people yelling " Kill her or Kill him." and screaming are heard around the outside.

How do you destroy something you love. How can you possible kill the one thing in your heart that means everything? Would you kill your love for the safety of others? Can you even dare to look at the person you love in the eye as you kill them.

Killing is not the answer.

It never was with me and he knows it. He knows me. As well as I know him and I know he doesn't want to shoot me but if it's the only choice he has then he will no matter how much he said he liked me...or love me. I also know that if I kill him now all my problems could be solve.

If I just pull the trigger everything will be over.

I raised my gun and point it at him.

His eyes reflect my own.

Pain crossing both our eyes.

" It's over," I whispered as I close my eyes and slowy get ready to pull the trigger. How can you kill the person you love? Someone you weren't suppose to fall in love with? Idiot! Why did you fall in love with me? Why did you make me fall in love with you? Why did we fall in love with eachother? Were both idiots we should of known better. But now it's too late. One of us has to die. Only one idiot can remain...




Do you know what it means when someone you love is about to get killed?...By you.

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