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Chapter 31. Epilogue: True love is dangerous, but everlasting.

Code: O

" Oh dear, how long will he be out? He looks awfully tired,"


" Don't worry Mrs. Otani, he's fine,"…Nobu…?

I opened my eyes, seeing my Mom smile.

" Oh you're awake! After so long," she ruffled my hair.

I grimace. Everything ached.

" The doctors said it might be a while before you're well in shape. Apparently you had some serious hits in the head," Nakao says right next to Nobu.

He puts his hands around Nobu.

" I told you this spy stuff was crazy, but you never listen to your mother do you, speaking of which…-she's very beautiful! I can't believe you kept her a secret from me!" My mom gave me a stern look.

" She?" I croaked when it all came back to me. I sat up abruptly. " Koizumi! Where is she?" I asked.

Did she make it out alive? What happened after we both passed out on the ground?

" She's right across the hall," Nobu murmured.

" Is she okay?'' I asked.

" She didn't make it," Mimi, who was sitting by the chair spoke out. She had crutches on her side, but apparently still dressed like a model.

" What!" I practically yelled, ready to bolt up.

" Kidding, jeez. She's okay as she'll ever be," Mimi slightly smiled.

My muscle slowly begin to relax. She was okay. Good. It takes me a while to run over the things that happened in my head.

" How long have I been here?" I questioned.

" A week," Nobu tells me.

A week, that long? " So…what happened?" I brazed myself for the worst. I'm not even sure if the mission was complete or not. It only seem like a dream now.

" Rest," My mom suggested. " Everything is done. All you have to do now is relax so you can get your strength back. Your sister and father are highly worried about you. I'll go tell her the good news," My mom patted my hand before turning to everyone else in the room " Let's give him some privacy."

" Wait! I want to know what happened!" I protested

Everyone ignored me. They decided to listen to my mom and head out the hospital room.

" Hey!" I yelled, but they all left. Some friends they are.

I'm not sure how long I waited until I could move before I remove the sheets and walked out my room. Mimi said Koizumi's room was just across the hall. I make my way to room 417. As soon as I open the door I saw her. She was definitely in worse conditions. There were multiple scratches and cuts all over her body. I sigh running a hand through the back of my neck.

" She's been unconscious since that day," a voice came from behind.

" Boss," I realized, turning around.

" Don't worry she's doing better. It won't be long before she's awake," my boss attempted to smile, but is eyes were dark. That's exactly when the memory of Imachio returned. I glanced down.

" Everything will be okay Otani," My boss replied.

But how can everything be okay? Imachio died, most of the AOPS agents are hurt,. What will we do now? The door opened and Koizumi's dad approached, followed by her younger brother, and mother. I froze in place. I'm still not sure if they approved of me. Even after what's happened.

" You're Otani-kun?" Koizumi's mother approached me.

" Um. Yes," I awkwardly stand there. God her whole family was here. She comes in front of me, her hand flies to her mouth for a moment. She's probably thinking how short I am compared to Koizumi. Probably complaining about how I'm together with her. The next moment her arms go around me.

" Thank you," she says now pulling apart, tears in her eyes.

Thank you?

" Oh. Just some word of advice, you should really watch out for my sister. Everyone she knows are idiots, she might turn you into one," her brother murmured.

I start to smile " She's crazy, " I admit. " But I need her."

The moment I say that I regret it. Not because of the words, but because Nobu, Nakao, Chiharu, and Suzuki were looking from the window with smirks and smiles on their faces. I turned away from the glass pane. Idiots.

" NOT MY SUMMON MONSTERS TOO!" Koizumi suddenly shouts before closing her eyes again. The room fell silent for a while. Takato shook his head, while Mr. and Mrs. Koizumi let out a heavy sigh. I smile. Koizumi will never stop being Koizumi that's for sure.

Code: R

The moment I awoke I realize I was drooling because my pillow was wet in a certain area next to my mouth. I stretch my arms and yawned. I was having one of the best dreams of my life. I had finally defeated the last monster. Rubbing my eyes, I focused on my surroundings.

" About time you woke up," A voice startles me.

" Otani?" I automatically recognized. Everything then comes rushing back to me. I let out a gasp. Did we truly destroy SOJA or was it part of a fantasy?

" D-Did it really happened?" I turned to Otani.

" You mean that whole crazy shit, yeah that happened," Otani sat on the side of the hospital bed.

" No way. It seems…impossible," I replied still not believing it.

No matter how clear the memories are in my head. " So what happened to SOJA? I mean what's left of it," I questioned.

Otani shrugs. " Japan's Undercover Policemen are the ones taking care of the agents. As for the building it was completely destroyed. The only thing that's left are ashes. With the load of money left on the safe AOPS is remodeling the building"

" What for?"

" They want to make a technology school there, The pass building well they are letting the city take care of it,"

I glanced at my hands. My skin a pinkish color in parts. Then this means there's no SOJA anymore. Gosh I still can't believe it happened though.

" We didn't do so bad then. Maybe we're not that horrible at being agents," I say in all honesty proud of myself.

Take that whoever thought a comedy duo like us two couldn't survive out there. We might not be orthodox, but we surely have a way of accomplishing things. Miracles apparently do happen out there.

" We? I was always a good agent," Otani argued.

I give him a look. " Yeah right. Admit it we're on the same level."

" Don't level me down to your level. Remember that before you met me you were a lost chaos,"

" I took down a bunch of stores, plus the bank! I even stole the KMS before you got it," I protested.

" You dropped it and broke it. Besides if it wasn't for me you would've died trying to get it back!" Otani pointed out.

" Uh! So I helped you survive too!" I frowned.

" Who's the one that rescued you from being kidnapped by the Yakuza,"

" Who's the one who managed to complete the whole destroy SOJA HQ mission? Plus at least I didn't get deceived by the huge rack woman like Hitomi," I responded evenly back.

" That was different," Otani replied

At that moment I remembered everything that has happened so far. Was it really not too long ago that we barely met. I'm never going to complain about being bored again. Finally I feel like things are going for the best.

1 week later.

It was the afternoon. A very quiet afternoon. I let out a sigh before tying my hair in a tight bun.

" The car's outside," Takato informs

I nodded. My whole family was going to Imachio's funeral service. I hold on a yawn. Yesterday I kept dreaming about Imachio's death, along with Otani's uncle. Both deaths I wished I hadn't seen. Still I had to do this. Every SAOSD, AOPS, and Japan's Undercover Policemen were going. I had a bulletproof jacket underneath. Apparently funerals could also get pretty dicey.

" All right, let's go," I reply following Takato out.

Once We arrived at the funeral I see Otani. I didn't approach him though, he needed the space. As the funeral continued it was difficult to pay attention to the words so I glanced around at everyone that were here. was here, Mighty and Jody charmingly next to each other, with hands intertwined gracefully. The old love couple was back. Behind them was my own close lovey dovey couple Nakao and Nobu. Nobu gave me a hard time when I woke up at the hospital, saying that if I ever do that to her again she will kill me. Chiharu and Suzuki were right next to them. Chiharu couldn't contain her tears, but at least Suzuki was now there to comfort her ( I noticed him holding back tears himself) that is if he can comfort himself too. Across from them was Abe-san and Kohori-Kun. I smile. I really wish I had seen when they got together, they just make such a cute couple. It brings tears to my eyes. On the other side was old lady Miz M, followed by Mighty's American friend Jack. I didn't think much could change in a week, but it did. Now some of the AOPS agents talk to me while the other at least hold some sort of respect to me. It feels nice that they don't automatically hate me. The wounds I got are barely healing. Although I have trouble walking from the shot. After a few more weeks I should be better. Some of the agents are still hospitalized, I guess I'm very lucky to be well enough now. My eyes suddenly catch Minabe-san. I felt so bad for her losing a parent only when she finally got him back. I remembered Imachio's last request. I will watch over her, because I was and maybe am just like her in many ways. Everyone started leaving the funeral. Manabe was the first one to leave a rose at Imachio's grave. I walked over.

" I am so sorry," I tell her.

Stupid, why can't I say something more helpful. Manabe turned to me her eyes watery.

" I- I still ask myself…why him?" she sobbed. I awkwardly stand there. " It could've been anyone else," she hiccupped.

" But he's not just anyone. He's way more. Someone that will sacrifice themselves for another is like a martyr. He's forever an honorable men-your father just because he's gone doesn't mean he's gone forever you know. Keep him alive," I'm blabbering.

" How?" She asks.

" In the heart where else, for a long time I thought my dad was dead. It was painful, but now that I think back. I always kept his memories in my head and whenever I cried I remembered him. That's exactly how you keep a person alive even after they are gone."

" I have very few memories of him," she replied brokenly.

" Every memory counts," I try to encourage.

Manabe hesitated, then smiled. " Thank you..ahm..-"

" Call me Risa," I introduced.

" Risa then…hey Takato-kun always said you had multiple anime games. I love anime!"

" I have a ton of games! I can lend you some of mine! There's one-,"

" What are you doing? Don't corrupt that poor child," Nobu sighed.

" It's okay. I'll see you later Risa-chan," Manabe smiled briefly before she bowed in front of my tombstone.

" I will miss you," she whispered.

" Poor girl," Nobu murmured.

I nod.

"Darling! Chiharu, Suzuki, and I are heading over to Ikebe want to come?''

I shake my head. " I got other plans tonight sorry,"

" With Otani?" she raised an eyebrow suggestively.

" That is not what I meant!" I start but Nobu just laughs.

" Call me later okay," she waves before leaving.

Everyone starts leaving. I wait because Otani is still here. I come from behind him. I'm curious on how Otani feels after actually avenging his uncle. I've wanted to ask, but just couldn't.

" What you told Manabe-san was really deep Koizumi," Otani says.

I slightly jumped. I didn't know he knew I was right behind him.

" You heard me?" I inquired.

" Everyone heard you. You're not exactly very quiet," Otani murmured.

" Like your so quiet," I argue crossing my hands.

Otani turns back now, smiling. " You're right though, maybe that's what I should've done with my uncle," he turned back to the tombstone.

I can't help it anymore. " Otani…are you glad that you avenged your uncle?"

Otani hesitates.

" In part…I avenged both my uncle and Imachio," he finally says.

" So now what?" a question I also desperately needed to know.

" What will we do now that we accomplish our mission? Where do we go from here?

" What do you mean?" Otani frowns.

" Your purpose was to avenge your uncle, that's why you joined right? I was obligated to join so now that all that is settled. What will we do?"

" I haven't thought of that…," he says taken my surprise.

" I hope I can help with that," a voice startles us.

The AOPS boss approached. Both Otani and I stared at him confused.

" Your both well known so I really hope you don't quit, now with AOPS gone we can focus on more important issues for the world. Since both of you are still young I thought maybe short missions would suit both of you. That is still considering your choices," he smiled at us.

" But I'm not an agent of AOPS," I respond.

" Yes you are. The moment you did the mission remember. You officially became a member of AOPS,"

Oh right! Jeez I completely forgot about that.

" In any case I hope to see you for years, Mr. Nakano tells me you two are quite a comedy duo,"

" WE ARE NOT!" in sync we protest.

I let out a sigh. Forget it. People can think whatever they want. The boss grins.

" So what will it be? Are you still in?" he asked us.

I exchanged glances with Otani. Our decision was made. I can handle a couple more years of this, until I figure out what I want to be, this is the best shot I got.

" Yes," I agree.

" Me too. Although I'll take a bit of a break, I need to Study for the entrance exams. I think I figured it out now. We have to move on and heat the things that pains us. No matter how much it hurts us inside The overall great part is having the people you love help you through this. Months ago I was terrified about my life that I didn't know what to do. No I see it different, death is something extremely painful to hear, but the way you live life is also important. I guess I can relax now, life can never be taken for granted, but those moments alive are the best. I bend down at the tomb. Closing my eyes I let a prayer out.

" Thank you Imachio and Otani's uncle,"

" So….what do you want to do now?'' Otani asked enthusiastically." We can do another mission if you want. Might be fun," he suggest.

I never thought that a moment like this would happen. We're free now to do whatever we want, without worrying about the world and man does it feel good! I think about it for a moment. I had something else in my mind. I slid my hands between his, gripping tightly. As I said before, I'm glad all this happened because it brought me to him.

" Naw, let's just hang out, we haven't really had a proper date,'' I say in complete serenity.

Otani smiles back at me. " You're right," he replied his hands gripping mine.

" I heard they' still selling tickets to the Umibozu concert," Otani tells me.

My eyes sparkle.

" Are you kidding! Let's go buy tickets! NOW" and right now holding hands, my future never seemed so promising.

Dead, Alive, whatever- together we can conquer anything. Hate leads to guilt, greed, and horrible stuff. But love is everlasting. Maybe that's the true meaning of forever.

( 5 years later)

Code: O

I let out a groan the moment my phone begins ringing. I answer it in a muffle voice.

" Hello?"

" Otani, we need you at the HQ,"

" Now?" I glance at the clock, barely 6:30 A.M. Ugh.

" No later than 7:30 it's important,"

" Right boss," I yawn, my eyes drowsy.

" See you here-"

I hang up and slam my head back to the pillow, with one eye open I see the bunny stuff animal, staring at me. I stay staring at it for a while. Koizumi had left it in my house ever since the last time she was here. AOPS assigned her an important mission in another country. I haven't talked, touched her, or even seen her since 5 months. Her mission was strictly dangerous to have phone calls or any connection to me. I would've gone with her, but it came in between the last months of study for the University. Now, I regret not going. 5 months really makes a guy wonder. I get up from my bed. I really did miss that Amazon. I'm not even sure when she'll come back…if she comes back. The doorbell rings. Huh? I step out, rambling through my clothing. When I open the door, my mom shoves a bag in my arms.

" Happy Birthday! Jeez I can't believe the son of mine! Never calling! Never visiting! It's like he forgot about his mother," my mom steps in, followed by my sister.

But I'm so surprised by it all I just say. " What're you guys doing here?"

" That's the way you greet your mother?" my Mom frowns.

" We came to visit, since you never have time Mom and I decided to come," My sister smiled carrying the cake.

" Gee, thanks," al though who is crazy enough to stop at someone house at 6:30 in the morning to drop a cake.

" So what's new? Obviously not your height," my sister teased.

I glare at her. Okay so I only grew a quarter of an inch since I was 18, big deal. I can still have a growth spurt.

" Where's Risa-chan? You haven't scared her off have you?" my Mom asked looking for her.

I stop glaring now.

" Um. She's on an international mission," I tell her.

" Really, when will she be back?"

I shrug, wish I knew. " Don't know,"

" Oh well… tell her whenever she comes that she needs to visit me, I love when she visits so don't hog her all to yourself," my mom inform.

My mom really loves Koizumi. I guess she makes a BIG impression.

I ended up arriving at 7:55 because my mom kept on stalling. So when I burst through the doors of AOPS HQ everyone was watching me. I noticed Yoshi, Achekins, and Shiozaki on the corner.

" Boss wants you at the office," Yoshi says when I approach them.

" I know," I reply then decide to ask him " Have you heard any news from-"

" None," Yoshi quickly replies. " Last I heard she was in Switzerland," Yoshi gave me a sympathetic look.

" It's all right man," I sigh.

My eyes go to Achekins. " How's everything?"

" Not bad. 3 more months before I'm due, can't believe it though," Achekin informs with a smile.

I can just imagine what Yoshi is going through. Although Achekins is pregnant, she wanted to help at the agency to always be close to Yoshi. She's not going on missions, but she's taking charge of the technology room.

" Good morning Otani," a slur woman voice came behind me.

It was Jody a.k.a third in command at SAOSD agency.

" Haven't seen you in a while, youre's still so adorable," she gripped my chin and placed a kiss at the side.

" Naughty, Naughty what did I say about keeping your hands away from children?" Mighty winks over at her, while she laughed.

" We came to gives the latest report from SAOSD," Mighty informs.

Ever since the annihilation of SOJA, SAOSD and Japan's Undercover Policemen merged with AOPS, become our most closest allies.

" Nakano says it's not the same not having his comedy due at school," Jody giggles at that.

" Mr. Kong needs to grow up already," I mumble.

" Something you can't do," Shiozaki murmur behind me.

I ignore the comment.

" Is it true that today is your last day here Otani-kun?" Mighty asks.

" Um. Yeah. I start teaching in a week from now and I don't think I can do what can do," I say suddenly sounding as if I was really going to miss all this.

" Aww. We'll stay in contact! Or we'll hardly ever see you," Jody smiles before getting her jacket ready.

" Where are you guys going?" I realize how geared up they were.

" Got classified mission over by the capital," Jody informs with a wink.

" Until later then…Otani-kun," Mighty also grins at me.

I still found him rather creepy, but I don't hate him as much as I used to. I make my way towards the office.

" Late," the boss said right as I enter.

" Sorry boss," I apologize.

The boss grins. " Late even to your last day at the agency. Ah Otani, I'm seriously going to remember you," he sighs nostalgically . AOPS became a part of me whether I liked it or not.

" I'll visit, maybe, but I really need to focus on my life," I sat down on the chair.

" It took you five years to figure that? You will always be remembered here Otani, maybe for years,"

" I wish they would remember me for my missions rather than my height," I mutter.

" Here," the Boss passed me a paper.

" What's this?" I ask, looking at the file.

" A couple things from your uncle and your last mission," the boss informs.

" But I already quit?"

" This is your last mission, it's a special mission. You see that hard drive is important. Retrieve it, and bring it back," the boss explains.

I frown. I haven't gotten a mission like this for ages.

" That's it?" it was way too easy.

" That's it," the boss grins.

Something seemed odd about it.

" All right. I accept the mission. Thank you, for all the stuff," I say standing up.

" No. Otani. Thanks to you I realized that this agency needed a couple of changes. Go finish your mission and report back here,"

I nod, not good with serious conversation. I start to leave.

" Otani I hope you enjoy my gift," he says.

Huh? When I start to leave I contemplate whether to start now or later. I walk back home.

" Happy Birthday!" out of no where Nobu came, followed by Nakao, Chiharu, and Nakao. They were waiting outside my house.

" Wait ! You guys,"

" What? Thought we forgot about your birthday, well actually darling was the one that reminded me," Nobu shrugs.

" I brought over some dumplings from the shop," Nakao offers.

Nobu and Nakao stayed away from the agency after SOJA went down. Nobu constantly visiting her grandma, while Nakao works at the goody shop. Suzuki and Chiharu are married, both high successful. They also quit AOPS after what happened in SOJA.

" I also brought some gifts, for you and Risa-chan," Chiharu offered.

I sigh. " Thanks guys, but Koizumi's still not back,"

" What! But it's been 5 months. How much more time does she need?" Nobu gasp.

" If she doesn't come back soon I'm going to go drag her out,"

" Come on Nobu-chan, obviously she's not gone on purpose," Nakao patted her back.

" Hope she's okay,'' Chiharu says.

" I'm sure she is," Suzuki replies. I hope she is.

3:30 P.M

I climb out from the truck. My gun tucked at my side. 2 men patrolled the outside. Easy knock down. As soon as I was done with them I hurried to the next set of guys in the inside. I sneak into the security room. Where was the device? I see it, 3 doors down, one left, then straight. I try remembering that before going out. I decided to keep the lights off to not attract attention. The device should be right behind here. I place a bomb on the door and wait for the blow before going in. The hard drive on the middle. I walk to retrieve it when a shot is heard. Huh? I bend down behind the wall, trying to locate where the shot came from. When arms swung behind me.

What the-

I attempt to turn, but by then two guys are pointed at me. I frown, now what.

" Hands up, shorty, I win,"

Wait a minute…the person removes her mask, releasing a set of orange strands.

" Koizumi,"

Koizumi grins. " What's with that face? Have you gotten smaller Otani?" she frowns.

At the moment I'm too surprise at seeing her, that I don't reply.

" Your back?"

" Yeah, I came back yesterday night, but I sort of fell asleep for 12 hours later! Not to mention how many hours it took to get here on the airplane," Koizumi put her guns down.

She's actually here. I run a hand through my hair. She's back.

" I'm starving!" she complains.

" Aren't you always…you say I shrunk Amazon, but in reality you grew," I reply, the feeling of her returnin fills the space abandon.

" No way? Really? HOW CAN I KEEP GROWING? It's UNLAWFUL!" she groans, sitting down against the wall.

" What are you doing here though?" I ask confuse.

" Oh. I heard this was your last mission, the boss send me here as what you call a birthday present, speaking of which. I didn't get you anything!" she shamefully looks down. " I didn't have much time to shop or make you anything. Er..I know I'm a terrible girlfriend!" Koizumi bit her lip.

" You are," I say, but I'm joking.

Now I get why my boss planed this.

"What is that suppose to mean? So I didn't get you a person, I promise to get you one later," she gripped my hand

I let out a sigh it had been too long.

" You dope, who cares about that," I reply

" But it's your retirement day before you become a teacher and it's your 23rd birthday," Koizumi frowns.

" Actually the retirement party isn't until tomorrow,"

5 month without seeing her.5 months. Koizumi plans on quitting the agency once she becomes a stylist. She still can't kill but she can at least fire and hold two guns. Over the course of the 5 yearrs we've done mutiple missions together as a team. Though the mission only got crazier, I still can't compare them to when I first began. My life changed when I met this amazon. Now though who knows if I'll ever tell her all this, I can't live without her.

" Oh, Takato and Manabe-san have a mission down in Paris. I wonder if anything will happen there," Koizumi murmurs with a half grin, half something else.

" Huh?"

" Nothing, just remembering the days when we were young," Koizumi's face shifted into a really ugly look.

I grimace.

" If that's the face you pull our remembering, then don't remember at all"

" This is how I happen to look like….-are we going home?"

I nod. The moment we arrive home the house seemed more alive. I can report my mission to my boss later, tonight I had other plans. Forever I don't care what I become. If I had never met Koizumi, everything would've sucked. Since the moment I met her, I should've known that I would never have let her go. The moment she whispered those dangerous words, it was too late. I had already been in love with her.

" You some something Otani., it really isn't fun without you there," Koizumi sighs sitting on the couch. A tuck at my heartstrings.

" Koizumi," I call her attention and the moment she turns I lean in to kiss her. After she got over the surprise, she kissed back. Her lips having a power over mine. I really missed her. If I learn anything in the agency is that even when everything seems against you, there's still a way love can conquer. As cheesy as that sounds. I will believe it as long as she's with me.

Code: R

He deepened the kiss. By now I knew where this was heading and I craved it such as much. 5 months I hadn't seen him! I often cried because I couldn't even hear him. I thought he had replaced me, that he found someone new. Yet just right now, as he pushes me down I can see it in his eyes. He has also missed me. I am Agent Risa Koizumi, not the worst agent, but not the best, agent of AOPS, 5,8 and ½ ( -_-). I live the most absurd life, but I survived. Thanks to this midget , my fiancé, soul mate, and friend. Together we are inseparable, apart we are missing one another. It takes a strong brave heart to survive over the years. As our bodies moved in a rhythm, our breathing in sync, and a fire a burning flower blossoming. I knew that we will always be together in an eternal snare of love.

Code: K

" And so the comedy duo lived happily ever after, the end," I finish saying the story to my class.

" Aww. That's not fair what about the action!," a boy protest.

" They retired," I say.

" So what do they do now? Is it based on real people?"

" Who knows," I reply.

Was I a match-maker or what?

" Really romantic and all, but completely unbelievable! It's impossible to say if Koizumi or Otani did all those stuff.

" That's for the reader to decide- Oh! I have to run! Class errand, There's no HW tonight: I informed stepping out of my classroom with a cap on. It's time for another mission.

Ending Song: Bon Bon by Hey Say 7

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T. : Not gonna get us

Mans Zelmerlow: Cara Mia

Halestorm: Love/Hate Heartbreak

Hinder: Better than me

Adele: Rolling in the Deep

Kesha: Blow

My Chemical Romance: Bulletproof Heart

Within Temptation: Shot in the Dark

Nickelback: Never gonna be alone

Hey Say 7: Bon Bon