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"Why are we here again?" Shikamaru asked lazily.

Temari cocked an eyebrow at the boy sitting next to her. "I'm here because Hinata heard that Naruto was coming and needed some moral support. I don't know why you're here. Isn't Kiba your friend or something?"

He shrugged slightly, looking up at the ceiling.

"Baka," Ino hissed from his other side. "We're here because Kiba said he had something to show us. A surprise!"

"Do you really want a surprise from Kiba?" Shikamaru pointed out. "He's really perverted."

"True, but it has to be something really good for him to gather all of us at his house," Ino retorted.

Shikamaru sighed. Ino and her need to know everything.

But she was right. Kiba had gathered all of the Rookie Nine plus Team Gai into his living room. They all sat on the floor in a big circle. Choji sat on Ino's other side, munching on chips. Shino quietly sat in between him and Sai, who smiled creepily at Lee, who was once again babbling about youth. Sakura, who had found herself sitting next to Lee and Naruto, was yelling at Naruto for some reason, while he sheepishly sat next to Tenten. Tenten was showing a new shuriken to Neji, who seemed to only be sort of listening, as he watched Hintata, on his other side, look visibly nervous. Kiba had even invited Temari, who had happened to be in Konoha. She sat next to Hinata, smiling reassuringly at her.

"Kiba!" Naruto yelled. "Are you going to tell us why we're here? I'm missing my late-night Ichiraku run!"

"Idiot, you just ate there an hour ago!" Sakura snapped.

"Yeah," Naruto responded incredulously. "That was my evening run. I still need my late-night run!"

Temari shook her head. "Is he always like that?" she asked Hinata, who was silently swooning. She blushed in answer.

"That would be a yes," Shikamaru drawled.

Temari shook her head again, this time wondering at her friend's sanity. What does she see in him?

Kiba, the only one standing, grinned, showing all of his canines. "Yeah, I'll tell you why I brought you here."

Everyone quieted at that, curious.

"You all know how my team got back from a mission today," he started. "Well, along with paying us, the lady gave us this."

He brought his hands from behind his back, revealing a shiny blue orb, the size of an orange, in his palms.

Everyone looked on confusedly.

"...That's it?" Naruto yelled. "I'm missing Ichiraku's for this?"

"It's pretty, Kiba," Ino commented uncertainly. "It's a little big, but I'm sure it'll make a nice necklace or something."

"No!" Kiba huffed, annoyed. "This, my friends, will allow us to see into the future!"

Silence. Then, Tenten snorted. "What are you on today, Kiba?"

He glared at her. "Nothing! I'm telling you, this thing shows the future! If a person fuels chakra into it, a moment from their future will be projected for them to see!"

Temari glanced over at Hinata. "Did you know about this?"

Hinata blushed. "H-hai."

That explained things. Hinata was afraid of what she might see, so she asked Temari, along with all the Leaf kunoichi, to come along.

"How far into the future is this supposed to be?" Choji mumbled around his chips.

"I don't know—it can be different for all of us. The lady said that it's random," Kiba answered, absently petting Akamaru, who sat behind him.

"So it can essentially show us five minutes from now," Neji deadpanned.

"La-ame," Ino singsonged.

"Technically yes!" Kiba ground out. "But it only works once per person and—Jesus, do you guys want to try it or not?"

"I do!" Lee replied enthusiastically. "Seeing the future can only remind us of our YOUTH!"

"Oooh, oooh, I want to see too!" Naruto yelled.

Kiba smirked. "Okay then. But there is one catch."

Sakura narrowed her eyes, waiting for the other perverted shoe to drop.

"Everyone has to touch this. Whatever is shown will be shown to everyone, so it's only fair that everyone has something shown. Can you all agree to that?"

It was silent again. Then, Shikamaru uncharacteristically spoke up. "Technically, once we see the future, can't we just prevent it from happening?"

"No," Neji interrupted, "because it is fate. Whatever will be will be."

Tenten rolled her eyes at Neji's fate talk, turning to Kiba. "I'm game."

"Me too!" Naruto yelled, followed by Lee. Shino nodded once, as did Neji, and one by one they all began to agree, until only Temari, Hinata, and Shikamaru remained.

"Why not," Temari sighed, looking to her right. "What about you, Hinata? Are you in?"

Hinata suddenly looked skeptical as all eyes were on her. "A-ano…"

"Come on, Hinata!" Naruto begged, pouting. "Don't you want to know your future?"

Hinata's face flushed from the sudden attention Naruto was giving her, and she looked like she might faint. She nodded violently.

"Well then, that just leaves you, Shikamaru," Choji commented.

All eyes turned to him expectantly. Shikamaru sighed. "I don't think this is a good idea."

Kiba growled, and Ino rolled her eyes, annoyed.

"What's the matter, Nara?" Temari prompted. "Is the crybaby scared?"

"Troublesome woman, that was one time!" he retorted. "And I'm not scared, I just don't think this is a good idea. Someone is going to end up upset or embarrassed."

Temari didn't reply, just smirked at him. Sighing again, he lifted his eyes towards the ceiling. "Okay. But let it be known that I warned you."

"Wi-cccchhha," Kiba said, flicking an imaginary whip at Shikamaru.

The shadow user glared back as many people laughed, especially Ino, who had found that hilarious. "Ino," he said, annoyed.

Ino stifled a giggle. "What? I'm sorry, but Temari does kind of have you wrapped around her finger."

"That may be so, but it isn't because we're dating like everyone seems to think," Temari cut in. "It's because he's too lazy to fight me."

"Again with the not dating," Tenten sighed.

Temari rolled her eyes in response. She didn't know where these Konohans got their information, but Nara and herself were friends at the most. Their relationship was strictly platonic and mostly entailed business.

"Enough with the sexual tension!" Kiba declared, putting the group's attention on him once again. "Who wants to go first?"

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